Since there’s nothing of interest going on sports-wise around Boston, the continued efforts by some of the on-air media “personalities” to stir things up and make themselves the story makes sense. Right?

The sad fact is, good old media on media crime gets people’s attention. It gets them talking about the outlets, about the personalities, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Except for the consumer, perhaps.

The last week has seen plenty of media fights, some more compelling than others.

If you missed it, (how could you?) here’s what’s been happening:

Kirk Minihane vs CSNNE (and Fred Toucher, Tony Massarotti and Dan Shaughnessy.)

Minihane said that Fred Toucher and Tony Massarotti went to the powers to be at Comcast SportsNet and asked them to keep Minihane off the air.

He also stated that Dan Shaughnessy has actively been trying to screw him over and cause him to lose work. Mostly because Minihane calls him Shank. Bart Hubbuch also factors into this, after he took the clip of Minihane saying that Roger Goodell should be “murdered” and put it on Twitter, leaving out the part where Minihane said he was joking.

Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan did an expletive-filled podcast on the topic where Kirk let loose on his enemies and what he feels they’ve done to him.

Dennis touches on his long-standing hate-feud with Gene Lavanchy as well.

Mike Adams vs Mike Mutnansky

This one is harder to judge. Whereas it’s clear that Minihane is legitimately pissed off, the episode with the evening duo on WEEI is somewhat less clear. Perhaps that’s due to Adams past – the stunt where he “locked himself in the studio” to get the evening job – comes to mind.

Last Friday night, as the show opened, Mutnansky griped about Adams going to management complaining about Mut’s performance. He jumped on Adams for not talking to him face-to-face before going the bosses. Adams acted hesitant to engage, but when he did, he unloaded, saying that Mut had been moping around ever since he was demoted from the mid-day show, and resents having to be on the evening show, which has Adam’s name on it. He said he didn’t have the heart to go to Mut because he just has his head hung all the time. Mut attacked back saying he has a family to support and that Adams should’ve been a man and talked to him about it before going to management.

After the initial storm, and when Adams had put him back in his place, Mut said he expected to be fired and “will probably be selling insurance in New Hampshire by next week” He also told a caller twenty minutes after the segment that he handled it poorly.

Adams was pretty brutal on him and obviously angry for about the first hour. He called Mut unprofessional several times, adding that it was the most unprofessional thing he’s heard in twenty years of broadcasting. Told Mut to go home numerous times and take the night off. When Mut refused, Adams threatened to go home himself.

Then it was over.

Adams calling out someone else for being unprofessional is pretty ironic. While he’s been steady since getting the evening job on WEEI, it was pretty much his last shot after blowing numerous gigs in the late 90’s-early 2000’s. (Anyone remember Mike Adams in the morning on 1510 the Zone?)

It’s hard to tell – I have to imagine Mut is probably unhappy with his current predicament, but this episode seemed a bit contrived.

Mike Reiss vs Mailbaggers

This one isn’t on the level of the two above, but Reiss announced that you won’t be seeing the mailbag each Tuesday anymore.

As he mentions, the landscape has certainly changed in the 10 years that Reiss has been doing reader mailbags. Twitter among other things, allows for interactive exchanges between the media and fans. But I wonder if there is more here. Is this Reiss stepping back a bit from the ESPN machine? Is he tired of the sports-radio fueled questions he has to answer every week? Is it because it is the same people every week? (How many times can you answer the same type of questions from “Jake in Vancouver?”)

ESPN vs Patriots

Oh yes, ESPN is still at it. In an article entitled Why the Carolina Panthers can win Super Bowl 50  by David Newton, he starts out this way:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The last time the Carolina Panthers started a season with five straight wins, they made it to the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

They lost 32-29 in February 2004, although some that were with the Panthers’ organization then still believe the Patriots gained an advantage by illegally taping Carolina practices prior to the title game in Houston.

It’s funny. ESPN goes after Mike Reiss and gives his piece a “tighter edit” when he is simply pointing out erroneous information on another ESPN article, but this sort of thing is allowed to stand.

What’s puzzling is that the above statement has absolutely noting to do with the premise of the article.

Also, if you haven’t heard:

Tom Brady vs the Media

Brady has acknowledged that he’s scaling back his media appearances. He’s declined both times the Patriots were on NBC this season to appear after the game – a fact that NBC has made certain to point out to anyone who will listen – and his midweek sessions and postgame sessions have been noticeably shorter.

On Dennis and Callahan Tuesday morning, Brady explained why he’s lightening his media load.

Boston Herald vs their Readers

So how did this work? They have a meeting to plan the relaunch of their website – Hey guys, let’s make it look exactly like!

Though I’ll say this, it’s can’t really be worse, performance wise, than their last site, which inevitably froze up any computer I accessed it on.

Boston Herald Sports. 

173 thoughts on “Midweek Thoughts, Media on Media Crime Edition

  1. Why did WEEI ditch Jon Ryder? Mut has and always will suck on the radio. I was a Mikey / Ryder FANATIC and stopped listening to that show the second they got rid of Ryder.


    1. Ryder got royally screwed. He worked all kinds of hours, did last-minute fill-ins, etc. and all he got for his trouble was the pink slip. I think Adams’s irritation with how that was handled has certainly contributed to his awkward relationship with Mutt.


    2. Ryder was let go because Mutt is still under contract from his midday gig and is now the highest paid fill-in in sports radio.


  2. I heard the Mutt/Adams thing live and my impression was that it was real. Adams seemed genuinely surprised and angry and I don’t think he’s a good enough actor to fake that. Mutt’s motives are a little more complicated. I mentioned in another thread that “just the facts” guys like Mutt are poison in today’s sports radio market and this may have been an attempt by Mutt to raise his profile and seem more “edgy” at the same time.


    1. What tells me it’s real (I did not hear it, for the record) is this sentence in the writeup:

      “Then it was over.”

      If this was a work (wrestling terminology seems highly appropriate here), it wouldn’t be one-and-done. The fact that it was never mentioned again, and not used as a tentpole for “action” that would lead listeners to make sure that they tuned in for whatever #hottake fireworks erupted next, tells me that it was probably not planned and not fake.


      1. I did hear it. It was one of maybe 5 times I have listened to more than 10 minutes of the Planet Mikey show ever. I was picking a daughter up at an after school event and was searching stating when Adam Jones was on a commercial break. It did not appear to me to be a work (yes Dave wrestling terminology is perfect here) but the shoot did not end at the first commercial break…it went on a few segments and then it ended…abruptly. Adams seemed annoyed. As if he was the victim. I am thinking that when he went to management to discuss the situation he was told its his show deal with it. It was uncomfortable radio…which is odd for a show that gives off the tripping on mushrooms vibe that it generally gives off. It is difficult to hear people try to entertain you while they are discussing their livelihood.

        I also heard Minihane’s rant about it the following morning. After hearing that I thought it was a work because I could not figure out why he would be so animated about something that happened on the night show.


  3. Something’s gotta be up with Mike Reiss. The only time Mike gets wistful/melancholy is when a change is gonna come, or when he feels wronged.

    Maybe Simmons will throw money at him to go cover football for his HBO project. We could hope (for his sake)…..


  4. I enjoy the media on media crime as much as sports controversy. Kind of a male real housewives. I guess we all do if we’re here. Am i a bad person?


    1. I do not know if you are bad…did you see Mike Adams on the side of the road and then did you stop and kick him? If you did…you are not bad. If you din’t…welll….


      1. I have this picture of Mikey Adams as the guy who is still driving an ’84 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme, muffler drags on the ground, with the backseats completely filled with McDonalds wrappers and decades-old copies of the Boston Herald, and the ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts, and a naked lady air freshner hanging off the rear view.


        1. I picture him like Buttermaker from the original Bad News Bears. Except with a lot more weed. Same car though.


          1. Buttermaker is much cooler than Adams. I’m guessing Adams sold himself a mid-size sedan when he worked at the dealership.


  5. I find myself switching away from D & C more and more often. Kirk’s act is getting so predictable and stale: as soon as I can tell he’s going to start yelling I change stations. The show has become too much of his vanity project to air grievances, whether real or not.


    1. Here is what you will hear on every D&C show.
      *bashing liberals
      *Hampton’s Howie
      *Kirk settling scores
      Rinse and repeat


  6. One thought on Reiss, maybe the quality/quantity of questions isn’t there anymore due to locals avoiding anything that has to do with ESPN. I know I don’t read his stuff anymore. Which is a real shame too because I really like reading/following Mike, but I can’t bring myself to give ESPN clicks so they can sell ad space.
    I completely avoid ESPN unless it’s a live game that I can’t watch anywhere else.


  7. It is recognized by all that you become a ‘sports media hack’ when you’ve got no other redeeming skills whatsoever. There isn’t a profession out there that requires a low level of intelligence combined with a high level of rage. Happily, web sites like this exist because if there’s one thing sports media hacks do is they waddle over here to see what’s being said about them.


  8. Bruce, I’m going to give ESPN a pass on that Carolina Panthers article, because it’s John Freakin’ Tomase’s fault that this idea of the Patriots “filming practices” ever became part of the media/public conventional wisdom. Yes, ESPN has an obligation to point out that Tomase’s story was completely debunked, and that he and his employer apologized (which we all know ESPN is loathe to do, unless it’s at 12:30 a.m. when no one is watching); however, Tomase’s b.s. article in February 2008 remains the sports media equivalent of the Book of Genesis when it comes to the Patriots and their alleged “filming practices” chicanery. Remind me, again, how that dipsh*t continues to have a job in journalism, and in the Boston market as well? The mind boggles.
    By the way, someone on the Patriots forum posted that ESPN article, and then pointed out that the 2003 Panthers had SIX players found to be using PEDs, including during that Super Bowl game against the Pats. I had totally forgotten about that. SIX players. Not one, not two, but a half-dozen guys. Does anyone ever mention that when they talk about “cheating” in Super Bowl 38? Nah….it wasn’t the Pats caught using PEDs, so it basically never happened as far as the media is concerned.


    1. What’s baffling is that the anti-Patriots crowd will say things “I don’t tolerate cheating in any form.” When you mention the widespread PED use on that Panthers team, you’ll be accused of changing the subject, rationalizing the Patriots transgressions*, and supporting cheating. And that will be it. They never actually voice any disapproval about the rules violations by the Panthers. They go right back to ranting about the Patriots and ignoring “cheating” by every other team.

      *Even though, regarding possible spying on the Panthers SB practices, there is absolutely no evidence that occurred or even an account of suspicious activity from anyone. There’s just an unsupported accusation, lobbed out blindly more than a decade after the game. Somehow, that’s viewed as credible.


      1. Yup… need only to look at Marl Schlereth, who nearly had a baby on live TV back in 2008 when the Matt Walsh tapes were made public (tapes which showed nothing we didn’t already know). When Pats fans confronted him on his website about his Broncos cheating on the salary cap during their two Super Bowl seasons in the late 90s, he first downplayed it and claimed Denver “would have found a way” to pay Elway and Davis within the cap. When Pats fans pushed back, he defaulted to “Belichick ignored TWO memos about this….this is worse,” and blah, blah, blah. I think the complete white washing of that Broncos/salary cap story in the wake of all the hysteria over the Patriots is what has bothered me the most over the last 8 years since that fateful Sunday in the Meadowlands. That salary cap thing was a major, major rules violation and clearly provided Denver with an enormous competitive advantage during their two championship seasons. And yet, it’s like it never happened, and even if some people acknowledge it, they still try to claim that the Patriots’ “cheating” is a lot worse. It’s completely insane. It’s Bizarro World.


  9. Re Mike Reiss/ESPN.
    Interesting timing, I was going to post something about this. He’s had to endure being mixed in with serial
    murder articles for a long time now, and lately the thread had gotten worse
    with all sorts of other national slant articles.

    Then, his posts are edited without his knowledge.

    Lately, slight changes like the Sunday quick hits are not
    called that any more, instead they take the headline from one of the 10 items,
    usually #1. So it became harder to pick
    exactly what articles to click on, especially when you are on your phone. It was only the Sunday column either, Tuesday
    mailbag wasn’t called that lately.

    There was also a longer delay lately in the reaction to
    inactive list and the rapid reaction after the game.

    All of this, and the fact that Mike is stuck at ES**, has
    sadly, had me reading a lot less of his articles in favor or Price/EEI
    lately. I’ve noticed Price’s Sunday
    thoughts (which are not there every Sunday) are usually more in depth. Not that Mike cannot do that, he has in the
    past, but perhaps again that’s from corporate.

    How does Mike feel working for ES** who shits all over the
    Pats (just like much of the local media) when he’s spent a career building
    relationships and mutual respect with Brady, BB, etc. Mike should be at the pinnacle of NFL
    reporters, and instead his wings are being clipped by a bunch of Pats haters in

    I hope he’ll be able to leverage the relationships he has
    built and land a great gig covering the Pats.
    Perhaps the Pat’s will just flat out offer him a nice gig and still
    allow him to remain independent enough to remain objective.

    He’s a real gem and stays above the media fray most of the
    time. That’s something we’ve been lucky
    to have in a town with the likes of tomase, Shaughnessy, and the plagerizer. Would hate to see him go because of BS


  10. On the topic of ESPN trolling the Patriots, Jerry Thornton had a Thornography post on 10/20 with another example. This gist of it was an Indianapolis cake specialist made a cake in the shape of a deflated football with a dress wearing Tom Brady figure standing on top of it.

    That’s harmless by itself, but in the Instagram picture of the cake the woman posted, there’s the following post from ESPNAssignDesk: “ESPN would like permission to use your photo. Are we ok to use with credit to you?” What story could this picture fit into, other than another negative Patriots story?


    1. Fox25 showed that picture earlier this week and Sara Underwood told Lavanchy that she would like get that for her husband – that he would love it. Can’t say I’m surprised. Her husband is Felger in case anyone reading this didn’t know.


  11. More backtracking, this time from Troy Vincent’s buddy. I wonder what changed after his rants against TB12 this summer?


    1. A lot of national guys still have absolutely no clue what the trial meant. I haven’t seen much from him but when guys still talk about it, they’re absolutely clueless on what happened in court and what it means. By meant, I mean what was being challenged, why and what the decision means. Your LCD-network-news scroll is “Brady no suspension”, and people go back to assuming their biases, not having to care or not caring.


    1. They played some snippets on D/C/M this morning. Vomit doesn’t even do it justice. ESPN hits rock bottom and just keeps on digging and digging.


      1. Anyone in PR or some exec should have declined that whole thing. I don’t even know how it got to him doing an ‘official’ interview that gets run on their flagship program.

        “Ray, that’s great you’ve got a book but we won’t be formally promoting it across our platforms. You’re free to do speaking/engagement/signings on your off-time.”

        Almost too easy.


        1. Nobody at ESPN has the onions to do that. They’re too busy taking shots at the Patriots and Brady via articles and social media to realize or care they employ and FEATURE Ray Lewis and Cris Carter on their programming.


    2. At least they haven’t put a statue of him out in front of their offices in Bristol. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the Suggs and Rice statues go up, sort of a domestic abusers/violent criminals Hall of Fame. But, you know, the Ravens are the “good” guys — just another victim of the Cheating Cheatriots and their evil ways.


      1. Well, let’s be fair. The Pats did have a TE on their team that killed one person for sure and two other allegedly.


        1. Who got cut right after formally charged.

          There’s bad guys in every sport. There’s bad guys on our teams here. That’s the reality.

          It’s how the team/sport deals with it, no?


          1. Exactly. In fact, I’m not even sure they waited that long. I seem to remember them cutting him before he was taken into custody, because they’d had a private pow-wow with the police and were told the case against AH was pretty rock solid. In any event….no statues in front of Gillette, that’s for sure. Drafting him was a mistake, obviously, and BB’s buddy Urban Meyer probably sold him a flawed bill of goods there. Don’t forget, also, that even though it was during a different “era” in the Kraft ownership, Myra K. basically forced her hubby to vacate the draft pick that Parcells (and Grier, presumably) spent on Christian Peter back in 1996, because Peter had been either accused of or charged with sexual assault while at Nebraska (not sure whether he was formally charged). Parcells was PISSED about that, if I recall correctly, because he was already steaming about being overruled on the Terry Glenn selection in Round 1, as he’d wanted to draft a defensive lineman early. For him, I think that was the final straw which made his exit the following year inevitable.


        2. The Patriots cut Hernandez IMMEDIATELY. The Ravens made Lewis the face of their franchise and built a statue of him outside the stadium. Where do we need to be “fair” in the comparison?


    1. I liked “NFL Matchups” ESPN did way back when. Wish there was more than this, but I guess it’s too nerdy for most. It is even better when you hear the guy running your own team talk about it, though.


      1. Whoops, thought I posted both tweets from Ben.

        He had a tweet where he believed that Yelp was suing Comedy Central for something said on South Park. It was proven false.


  12. Listening to OMF podcast right now re: the Ray Lewis interview and I honestly have NO idea what Ordway is arguing about on ESPN’s behalf. He’s confusing the hell out of Lou and Fauria too. It seems like he’s carrying the water for ESPN “journalism.” Or maybe not. I have no idea…lol


  13. Is there anybody dumber on air than Jim Murray? No shtick, no forced act, just a genuine….moron. Like Ben Volin stupid. Mazz is the only one who engages him. Every time Felger responds to him you can almost hear him thinking “what just came out of your mouth, and why?”

    Although Mazz had an all-timer today too – “He was pouting last year about the Mankins trade, Mike! He grew a beard to support his guy!” Pause…..Felger says, calmly and with a hint of WTF “He has a beard NOW, Mazz….” “Yeah, but!!”

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it seems like between Murray and Mazz, Felger not only comes off as less of a DB (oh, he still has his moments) but he almost seems more irritated by the two of them and their level of stupid and nonsensical commentary.


    1. If you ever catch him on the weekends, he’s worse w/o them. I don’t know how he was before the show, but he got bit by the F+M #HOTTAKEZ bug a long time ago.


    2. Joe Murray is worse than Jim Murray. I don’t think Jim Murray is that bad. I think sometimes they want or even push him to take positions he does not want to take…and when he does he comes off sounding unpolished. Honestly of all the problems 98.5 has developed recently I don’t think Jim Murray is one of them. I think his weekend show is not that bad either. He is measured, calm and for the most part pretty good with callers. I am not sure where you idea that he is dumb is coming from. Like I said Joe Murray…now he is a moron. While we are at it…I like Sarge too.


      1. Joe Murray is by far the worst of the worst on 98.5. The opening music for his show with the jeopardy sounds is cringeworthy.


    3. All Jim does is pretty much repeat Felger’s takes. Felger didn’t like Gostowski’s deal-Jim doesn’t like it.
      Felger says cap is crap-Jim says cap is crap.
      Felger says they can’t win SB without Revis-Jim says they can’t win it without Revis.
      Felger says you don’t need to run the ball- Jim says you don’t need to run the ball,ect,ect…
      My question is this.
      Is Felger a pre-sports Hub version of Ordway,just weilding his power around like a child who found his fathers gun?
      Or is it simply the grunts trying to curry favor with the new overlord of Boston sports media?
      Is the fact that Felger had Thornton fired from his pre-game show as retaliation for jumping ship to his competition in the back of their minds?


      1. Another note on Felger/ Thornton. What a mistake it was for Felger to get Thornton kicked off his pre-game and post game show. They’ve been thorugh what two other guys to do the “homer” part on that show? No one is as good at that than Thornton. It’s just big fail with anyone else doing it.


        1. He was pissed Thorton was “whoring” himself out to WEEI, even though his experience didn’t have a non-compete clause. His decision and he was big enough then (still is) power-wise to get that done.

          However, I’d argue that out of every single person who does the most media, Thorton is as close as you can get to the “pulse” of people like us who are fans.

          Sometimes–like, uh, Deflategate?–you kinda need this. Mix it well and it works. However, I don’t think anyone in media would work here if they’re nothing but pom-pom waiving homers 24/7/365.


          1. Thornton works right now because he’s the minority in a sea of Boston broadcasters who are falling over themselves to not be viewed as a “homer”. Going so far in the opposite direction that it was embarrassing and in my opinion was at times slanderous.


      2. Another pet peeve of mine with the F+M Jim Murray trio is how every time Felger throws it to Jim for a stat or piece of information he NEVER has it off the top of his head. It’s always a stammer and “I’ll get back to you.” This an area where Bertrand nailed it when he used to be on their show. It’s been a colossal downgrade since Bertrand moved to the midday (where he’s been less enjoyable to listen to).


        1. There was no need to bring him in from Atlanta. The better option was Rich Keefe. He would’ve been their go to basketball guy also.


  14. We know why Brady is giving the press the air- It ain’t cause he wants to share the limelight. The same guys and organizations that were calling Brady a shady cheater now want him to play nice and talk about the game? No, the game has changed, and Brady ain’t playin’ it.



    Via our pal Mike Rosenberg,

    If you wonder why Roger Goodell has kept his job as commissioner, the
    answer will be in your hands on Sunday morning. That’s when Yahoo! will
    stream the Bills-Jaguars game from London. And the good news is: You don’t have to watch that game to appreciate its impact.

    Gary Tanguay could be the Commissioner of the NFL and get AOL to pony up a billion to stream games for the year.

    But the reality is that Goodell is awful at parts of his job.
    His record on player discipline is terrible—not because he is too harsh
    or soft, but because he is haphazard. A penalty today does not match up
    with a penalty from last year. This was a fundamental reason why his
    suspension of Tom Brady was overturned. It did not line up with any previous infractions for manipulating equipment. The league tried to equate Brady’s actions with steroid use, and U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman didn’t buy it.

    Missed a few there, but alright. Editor can’t devote the chapters needed for these since the article isn’t about that.

    Goodell realizes that when a product is in demand, there are advantages to making sure it remains in demand.

    I think the various 10-13 year old kids on my block, who each summer sell lemonade and water, also ‘realize’ that–and, they’ve probably had no exposure to economics or capitalism in school yet.

    It’s not poorly written but more of a talking points PR release turned into article.


  16. Some end of the week random thoughts…in no particular order.

    – There is something goofy going on at WEEI. For years no one talked about the issues Dale had with Eddie. Heck they did not mention Eddie’s name on the air. In the last 3 days it has come up several times with one of those times being Jerry Thornton directly saying to Dale…it must have been hell working with Andelman but you guys worked it out for on air. Really. This is what WEEI wants to become…all inside radio and airing of dirty laundry?

    – To pile on that point…there was the whole Minihane defense of Muttansky which was in a very similar vein just louder and longer. Heck they released an uncensored podcast not he subject. Then there has been the morning shows “whack a mole” on going bid where they expose other people in the media’s anti patriot bias. Then there is the whole Fred Toucher/Kirk Minihane CSSNE thing which seems completely one sided. However WEEI keeps playing Fred sound bites. As if that is interesting radio. It just seems really weird to me.

    – Its clear to me that ESPN needs new management. They go wall to wall anti Tom Brady…trying to make him into public enemy number 1 over less than 1PSI of air but then they give Ray Lewis a job, a featured role and then they want to sell his book for him. What am I missing. The guy accused the Baltimore police of being racist after he obstructed justice in a killing he was alleged to have been part of. And people wonder why we New Englanders are paranoid.

    – I have no idea how things arguing to turn out in NY with the Jets but so far I am impressed with Todd Bowles. He has the team quiet, focused and playing hard. I have to go back to Parcells for the last time I can remember a coach having control over the Jets locker room. Its actually making rivalry week more pleasant. I still think the Pats win by 10-12 points in a game that is closer than the final score. But from the media perspective…I am liking this Jets incarnation far better than any under Rex, Richie C, Herm, Pete Carroll or Al Groh.

    – If there is a dumber story than speculating how many more years Brady will play then I would like to hear it. Honestly…the guy is 38. He will take it one year at a time until he wakes up and he is Peyton Manning. Then he will hang them up.

    – Lastly, is it me or is Ordway struggling in the midday without a voice like Pete Shepherds?


    1. It’s Fauria. I don’t think he meshes well with them. They’d be better off if its’ just him and Lou.


      1. I agree Fauria doesn’t mesh well, but I honestly don’t enjoy listening to Merloni either. Ideally, I’d like to see both Merloni and Fauria given their walking papers when their contracts are up and partner Ordway with someone new. Who? I don’t know, but even scraping the bottom of the barrel you have to figure there is a voice out that that could replace the MF in OMF.


    2. Really. This is what WEEI wants to become…all inside radio and airing of dirty laundry?

      I wonder if PZ/KG put the edict down to engage in more of this?

      We love it here, right? But, does the casual listener like it? I don’t know.

      ESPN needs new management.

      I think ESPN has bigger problems than their journalistic standards. The cord cutting revolution is palpable and only growing. We’ve had this discussion a bit, and I wind up discussing it with others in the industry. Sports Leagues vs. Networks vs. Cable providers. Someone or something has to budge. I think it’s the people in the middle. Networks won’t be able to pay for the sports rights, and will also not get as much from the cable providers with reduced #’s. They’ll be the first to crumble. Sports, while the most valuable property, without getting the $ they do from carriage fees and advertisers, will not be able to survive.

      We can discuss the need for an ombudsman Ad infinitum. I doubt it’s happening. Bigger problems and they don’t care. The Ray Lewis thing, in the bigger picture, is nothing. They don’t care nor need to.

      Ordway struggling

      I had to drive to Concord today, so I caught a bit of the show there and back. From listening to him on BSUNF and remembering the old show, I think this is one of the changes he’ll push for down the line. Fauria has his CBS stuff and can always find work as the ex-jock. Merloni will go to P-b-P or something on the radio side, so he’ll have full control here. I speculated before but think that once the change w/Lou happens, they’ll give him carte blanche to rearrange 10-2 how he sees fit.


      1. But only up to a point. A few weeks ago Ordway made a veiled reference to broadcasters who burn bridges when they leave a job and how it’s always a bad idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s already sounded out management about bringing Sheppard back and has been told to forget it.


        1. We still have never had the tape of his rant surface when he quit on-air. WEEI made sure not to post it. However, that was a previous regime that it seems like they knew was a bad and dark time. I have no clue if both would agree to that and clean the slate.

          Plus, Pete has a stable job with ESPNNH 3-6. I know he hates ESPN but that’s better than doing the ‘startup’ thing or in some precarious position.


  17. classic BB

    Q: The forecast is potentially calling for rain. I know you’re not a weather person – we’ve been down that road before.

    BB: Right, and we’re not going down it again, either.

    Q: Do you even mention it?

    BB: No.

    Q: Is it more of a game day thing?

    BB: I’ll leave that to you. I’ll leave that to you. We’ve been in everything. Whatever we get, we’ll deal with it. There isn’t anything we haven’t practiced in. I mean, no snow this year, but we’ve done it in the past, too, so whatever it is it is.


  18. Some Patriots porn:

    AOL’s 2-point lead made this video about the 24 hours Bill Belichick was
    head coach of the New York Jets, before he resigned on a napkin. This
    was a pretty crazy time in NFL history, and it was remembered by
    interview subjects which included Mike Greenberg, Wayne Chrebet, and a
    guy whose room was filled with Jets memorabilia.


  19. Joe Buck’s call after the last out of the ALCS: “The Blue Jays win the pennant!”

    …or if one is being charitable, it was “mmnfrhfaays win the pennant! ” Either way, there was no “Royals” or “Kansas City” in that sentence.


    1. Apparently, he also has recently made some references to Boston fans and suicide (Tweet possibly deleted since), and also joked about the Marathon bombing, but that may have not been recently, not sure. Someone, in response, posted that Hubbach is 56-years old. 56? Really? He comes off like a teenage girl (no offense to teenage girls, they have an excuse….being teenagers and all). Twitter was a bad invention, IMO. It seems to bring out whatever awful instincts and personality disorders some people have that even the “regular” internet failed to unearth.


      1. And, I should just ignore him but it’s fun to point out the depths that someone like him is going.

        There’s some good and some bad.

        Good is how you can customize it (I don’t tweet) for your own news feed. I have specific interests, can delete if someone gets into politics, and also is instant when it comes to news.

        Bad, yup. Twitter mafia, people acting tough because they’re behind a keyboard. But aren’t these just extensions of themselves? Even if not here, it’s on places like Reddit and Facebook.


        1. I ran a digital safety talk with the kids in my school. One thing I focused on was a study done of 13 year olds and how the finding was “teenagers have an ‘online self’ and an ‘offline self’.”

          I then said to the room full of 12-14 year olds, “there are plenty of adults who do the same thing, it’s not just you.” The world focuses on how bad social media can be for teens, but adults are far from immune.


          1. Its not that complicated. A lot of people…whether they be adults or children have an incredibly difficult time separating people from their ideas. Your digital safety talk is a really good step helping kids do that. Once someone gets to high school or college and they start HATING people because they disagree on sports or politics or a crit lit theory rather than realizing people have more nuance and should not be defined by the team they root for, the political candidate they vote for, or music they listen to it is already too late.

            I had a teacher in High School who taught a history class. On the first day of class he took a survey. How many people like Pizza? We all raised our hands. How many people like the TV show Taxi (I am old)..all but 2 of us raised our hands. How many people like Bruce Springsteen. All of us raised our hand. He then asked how many of you think you might vote democrat when you get older. Half the kids raised their hand. He then said…this year you all are going to find things to disagree about…but remember this survey because there are plenty of things you do agree on. Don’t define someone because you disagree with them on only one issue. It makes you shallow. Its 30 years later (this year was my 30th reunion…god I am old) and I remember that day and class more clearly than almost all others.


        1. Wow, quite a liberal use of the word “douche, with a STFU sprinkled in for good measure.” Again….he’s 56 years old and a “professional journalist.” Scary.


      1. That Rexy runs a really tight ship wherever he goes, doesn’t he? I wonder what his expiration date in Buffalo might be? The Jets stuck with him for two years longer than they should have. I saw some of his post-game presser last night, and he was up there crying about how many injuries the Bills have right now. Can you imagine what the media would say if BB did that?


          1. I agree. He caught lightening in a bottle his first two years with the NYJ — the Patriots were rebuilding on the fly and the AFC, in general, was relatively weak. People forget that his first team in New York, in 2009, would not have made the playoffs had the Colts (14-0 at the time) not decided to begin resting their starters for the post-season at halftime of a Week 16 game against the Jets at Indy. If Indy leaves Manning, et al, in that game, the Jets probably lose and finish 8-8 and out of the playoffs. The 2010 team was legit, but they also had a lot of luck to finish 11-5 that season, and then caught a “young-ish” Patriots team totally off guard in the divisional round. (And that game still could have turned out differently were it not for two or three egregious unforced errors the Pats made in the first half.) Eventually, however, hitching your future to Mark Sanchez’s wagon is hardly a winning formula. Since 2010 he’s been a below-average coach and has really become a caricature of himself (much like his father did after his initial success as a head coach in Philly; Buddy’s flame-out in Arizona was epic). One and done in Buffalo? We’ll see. That’s a lot of money for ownership to eat, and I’m sure the fans love his blowhard act because at least it makes the Bills a team that the national media will talk about — having Rex as their head coach puts them on the NFL media’s radar. The effect on the fans will wear off, eventually, but management probably will give him one more year to see if he can turn things around.


          2. Not if they keep looking like they are completely unprepared. His act is going to wear thin real quickly. I am honestly surprised with the lack of preparation his team has shown…they are going to be lucky to win 6 games. With the amount of money they spent on the defense they should win 8 just by showing up.


          3. Rex is simply not that good a coach. He’s an entertaining personality and perfect in the eyes of the media elite, but that doesn’t translate to success on the football world. He and the team deserve credit for that 2010 team especially their win over the Pats. Can’t take that away from them. But that 2009 team only made the playoffs through the most fluky circumstances, being lucky enough to play a 14-0 Colts team that was always obsessed with resting their starters to a ridiculous extent at the end of the season. For all intents and purposes the Colts threw that game (much like they’d throw games to get Luck a couple of years later). Heck, the Jets win that game, simply against a team with a weaker record they don’t even make the playoffs. Then you’ve got Rex with 1 season making the playoffs out of 7? He’s simply not that good.


          4. They definitely deserve credit for that 2010 win in Foxboro. They had a great game plan and executed it to perfection. In hindsight, however, even though the Pats went 14-2 that year, they were still in rebuilding mode and basically overachieved during the regular season. Gronk, McCourty and AH were all rookies that year, Moss was traded in Week 4, and they were slowly adding new pieces on defense, but it wasn’t until 2013 that most of the new defensive pieces were in place and the “D” began to turn the corner. 2010 was all about Brady’s brilliance, in retrospect. He was unanimous MVP and threw 4 interceptions during the regular season, while tossing 36 TDs. Incredible. They were due for a bad game, and unfortunately, that divisional round game was it. Two or three huge unforced errors in the first half put them behind the 8-ball early, gave the Jets the confidence they needed, and pretty much sealed the Pats’ fate (I can still see Alge Crumpler dropping an early TD pass on third down, an Chung’s ill-advised fake punt call right before halftime, which led to the TD that put the Jets up 14-3….bad).


          5. To nitpick – The 2009 Colts didn’t just want to rest starters for the playoffs when they were 14-0 and facing the Jets. They intended to lose that game so they didn’t have the “pressure” of going undefeated. They pulled Manning and other starters/key players at halftime (with a lead) and let the backups lose the game.

            (Regarding the Jets, not only did they have that win handed to them, the next week they were playing the Bengals, who were locked into their playoff seeding. The Bengals rested their starters because a win or loss didn’t affect them, while the Jets had to win to make the playoffs.)

            Interestingly, in terms of resting people, the next week, the Colts were at Buffalo. Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark all played in poor weather conditions in the first half of that game so they could lock up some statistical achievements for the season. They could have done the same thing the week before, in front of their home crowd, and won, but they opted to tank that game instead.

            I have rabbit ears about this stuff, but it still amazes me that things like the length of Belichick’s handshakes gets scrutinized, while Polian and Manning intentionally squandering a shot at a perfect season is largely forgotten.


          6. Good info. I didn’t remember all the details, obviously. You know what was really hilarious — or pathetic, depending on how you view things? One of the excuses Polian used in defending the tanking at the end of the 2009 regular season was “we have already passed New England for the most (regular season) wins during the last decade.” I definitely remember that he said something like that and that he specifically mentioned the Patriots. Yeah, OK — I’m sure that’s the kind of “goal” that Belichick strives to achieve every year, too. Is there any doubt that Polian was the “ex-GM” that ESPN quoted in their hit piece about the Patriots “serial cheating” that ran after Berman’s ruling? He’s been obsessed with the Pats for more than a decade now. I also remember Bruschi, who had just started to work for ESPN at the time, saying “I hope the Colts don’t win the Super Bowl, because if they do, those players will always wonder if they could have gone 19-0 along the way, but the team’s management denied them the chance to do it.” Fortunately, the Saints spared us the agony of having to watch Irsay, Polian and Gomer hoisting a second Lombardi. They’ll have to settle for the one tainted Lombardi they “won”, with a huge assist from the AFC Title Game’s zebras, despite all the help and advantages the league’s power apparatus had given them over their years together (Manning could still win another with Denver, but as a troika in Indianapolis, the multiple-Lombardi ship sailed long ago).


          7. Good points about Polian. On the topic of that Van Atta/Wickersham hit piece, they mentioned that the Polian-led competition committee started looking for evidence of cheating by the Patriots in 2001. Couple that with the rules changes that limited CB play and opened up the passing game and you wonder how this happened with people barely shrugging their shoulders. If, for example, the GM of the Dallas Mavericks had a similar position of authority and was passing rules that would limit Lebron, that wouldn’t pass unchallenged.


  20. So I am amazed at the both Post Game show’s decided commentary after the Pats/Jets game. On 98.5 Bertrand and DeOzzie talked about how the Jet’s made this a close game and that they thought the Jets could take positives away from the game. On WEEI Fred and maybe the Mayor (I did not listen long) were talking about how the Jets dominated the time of possession and that the Pats were challenged by the Jets defense.

    At no point did I hear any of the following story lines from the crack press commenting on or covering the team:

    – Undermanned Patriots (only dressed 18 offensive players) hold Jets to only 23 points. Further they drop 30 points on the #1 defense in the league.

    – Without Sheard they hold Chris Ivory to 41 yards on 15 carries. Ivory who came into he game with back to back 140 yard rushing efforts and was leading the league with 110 yards per game.

    – With a practice squad player at Right Tackle and a Right tackle playing left tackle… the Pats OL did let up 3 sacks but Brady had plenty of time to pass 54 times (the Pats only ran 5 running plays) and drop 355 yards and 2 TD’s on the #1 defense in the league.

    – Did I mention that the game was over with 5 minutes to go when the Jets refused to cover Gronk?

    – There is going to be talk about how “poorly” Butler players. Decker had 6 catches for 94 yards. Can we put that in context. he was targets 12 times. He has 5 inches and 20 lbs on Butler. Butler was definitely competitive.

    – There will be a lot of talk about the offensive drops…and there should be. However the real story to me is the 5 missed interceptions on tipped balls. Ninkovitch single handily disrupted Fitzpatrick’s passing lanes. Had the Pats intercepted any the tipped balls they put this game away in the first quarter. Instead the Jets are able to own TOP in the first quarter because the Pats gave them too many extra chances.

    – Lastly…quietly Aaron Dobson had 2 nice catches when JoJo LaFell dropped 5 balls. That is going to make things a little difficult as I thought Dobson would be gone this week.


    1. Late. Very good job on your part. To bad you weren’t on radio I would have listened. .. Now who of the media hacks is gong to steal your talking points tomorrow


    2. You should check out some of the message boards around town. Some guys are ready to hang themselves over the “terrible” game Butler had and the struggles on third down defensively. But, I agree with you. I thought Butler competed. Decker is a tough cover. He always has been — that’s why he got a big FA contract. Butler got beaten mainly on crossing routes, which are tough enough to cover without all the pick plays the Jets were running — not complaining about the officiating; I know the Pats get away with “picking” a lot, too. I did think the NYJ offensive line got away with a few blatant holds, which could have reversed some of the damage done on third down, but I digress. Your point about the dropped INT’s early in the game is quite valid. The Pats had their hands on three or four balls that could have been corralled, but weren’t, and that let the Jets’ offense off the hook and allowed them to find a rhythm. Alas, it seems that “style points” are back en vogue (maybe they never fell out of vogue to begin with). If they don’t win by 30 and don’t hold the opponents to 17 points or less, then the win “feels like a loss.” (Actually, holding teams to 17 points isn’t good enough, either, because “they still gave up 400 total yards and just stiffened in the Red Zone; they won’t get away with that all year!!!!”).


      1. I cannot read the message boards…I would have to kill someone. I have no idea what people’s expectations were. From my perspective an understaffed Pats team beat the team with the best defense almost exactly at the Vegas line…I think the game went off Pats +8. They dressed 6 offensive linemen against arguably the best DL in football and Brady was able to throw 54 passes for 355 yards. He hit 8 receivers. Sure he got sacked but with the way the Jets bring pressure it was only 3 times (the strip sack was bad but they got lucky the ball bounced back into Brady’s hands). They were without Dion Lewis who would have given the Jets linebackers fits. They dropped 11 passes. If half of them are caught that is 5 more first downs and probably a completely different TOP game. Even with just a pedestrian effort they beat a pretty good Jets team. They are not as good as the hype but Todd Bowles is showing to be an excellent coach (I loved the way he handled the post game presser…it was like listening to Bill Belichick).

        I am not sure what style points people want. They were up 10 points with 2 minutes to go. The defense held the Jets to a field goal. The Jets recover a flukey insides kick…it happens. Then the Jets become the SOJ. To me the game was over when the Pats went up 3 before the Gronk TD.

        Specifically regarding Butler…I don’t know what people expect from this kid. Coming into the game the Jets had the #3 scoring offense in the league. Marshall and Decker are as good a tandem as there is out there. The Pats controlled them with Butler and Logan Ryan. Did the Jets make plays…sure. Were their glaring mistakes like when the Jets left Gronk uncovered for a TD…no. The story of the game should be how the Pats held Ivory to 41 yards and how they forced to Jets to throw to other players not named Decker and Marshall…something they had not done all season. The pick plays are killing me…those rules either need to change or be enforced.

        It seemed to me the Jets are a good team…and yet they are not close to the Pats yet. If the Jets were going to beat the Pats this was the game. By December the Pats will be back to better health and the Jets will be the Jets.


        1. Plain and simple: people expect Butler to be Revis, and he’s not. Some guy was screaming on one of the boards last night that “He’s a #2 CB at best! They need to trade for a #1 at the deadline! He’s nowhere near being a shutdown corner!!” If I were a message board participant rather than just a bemused lurker, I would have responded to that guy by pointing out what Tom Curran pointed out in some of the post-game banter last night: YESTERDAY WAS BUTLER’S SIXTH NFL START!! The guy was their #4 or #5 corner last season, and he’s now being asked to be their #1 in his second season in the NFL. Even Revis wasn’t Revis, yet, during his rookie season (the Jets sucked in 2007 and Revis Island was still an uncharted wasteland that no one had ever heard of). As for the “shutdown corner” business, I don’t think Butler is ever going to be a shutdown corner, because there have been precious few of those in the entire history of the NFL — guys so good that QBs won’t even look in their direction. However, you can be a #1 corner without being a “shutdown” type. The Pats have had a couple of those during the BB era (Law, Samuel, etc.). Butler has the potential to be those guys, anyway. But, again, yesterday was his SIXTH NFL start. His sixth. The fans around here are so spoiled that it’s enough to drive level-headed guys like me insane sometimes. I do think it has something to do with the relentlessly negative media coverage of the team, though.


          1. I always lose my mind over those types of comments. #1 CBs are a very limited commodity. So what team is going to just trade one away if they have one? You’re way more likely to get somebody to compliment him. You’re not getting a #1 but they could get a solid #2 or #2 (Better than what we have now) to play on the other side. I know they had Courtland Finnegan in for a workout this week.


          2. I know. The problem is that sometimes a deal like the Talib trade comes from out of nowhere, it works out incredibly well (except for his being unable to stay on the field in the two AFC title games….), and so certain elements of the fan base think it’s an easy move to replicate. Besides, as I said before, there’s a big difference between a “shutdown” corner, which have been extremely rare throughout the league’s history, and #1 corners — the latter being guys who QBs will challenge, who will get beat on occasion, but who will also make as many plays as they give up (think Everson Walls, who everyone agreed was a Pro Bowl, #1-type corner during his time in Dallas; he had a lot of INTs in his career because QBs weren’t afraid to throw his way, but he usually made them pay if they did it once too often during a game). The Revis, Sherman and Deion Sanders types are very, very rare, and only 2 or 3 of them play in the NFL at any one time during any one era. Butler will NOT be a shutdown corner, but he’s definitely got Everson Walls potential IMO (Walls was a UDFA, too, in fact.)


          3. Agree wtih your point on the rarity of shutdown corners, which is why i think it’s fair to believe they should have overpaid for Revis.


          4. It’s a legitimate argument, but to be honest, I think they never had a chance once the Jets were allowed by their biggest fan, Rodger Dodger, to telegraph their intent to match any other offer Revis would get, without facing any real disciplinary action (A $100K fine? Seriously?). They could have offered him $30 mil. per year and Woody would have countered with $31 mil. The Jets had a ton of cap room after last season and could have kept the bidding going ad infinitum.


          5. I don’t remember all the details, but didn’t the Pats have an option on him that they declined to pick up? Not saying they should or shouldn’t, just that it’s a legit argument either way


          6. Yes, but it came with a $25 million cap hit for 2015. They structured the contract that way so that they could fit Revis under their 2014 cap and still pay him the kind of money he was accustomed to making last season. I don’t think either side, the Pats or Revis, ever thought the team would pick-up that 2015 option. Jonathan Kraft referred to it as a “placeholder” that the team thought would allow them to negotiate a deal that both sides would be happy with. Unfortunately, once the Jets telegraphed their interest in “doing whatever it takes” to bring Revis back (that is, once they blatantly tampered with him), his side had no interest in negotiating an extension with the Pats prior to the deadline for picking up the $25M cap hit contract for 2015. It may sound like sour grapes, but the Jets’ publicly tampering with Revis about two whole months before free agency was a big factor in how the thing played out. And that wasn’t the first time the Jets had tampered, or been warned about tampering. But, you know, it wasn’t the Patriots being the “repeat violator” in that case, and so the Jets got a $100K slap on the wrist while the Pats, eight years after Spygate, got two draft picks and a million bucks stolen from them based on zero credible evidence that they did anything wrong in last year’s AFC title game. But no, I’m not bitter about how Roger the Jet and his band of ex-Jets’ employees and (still) Jets fans run the league office.


          7. They had Finnegan in and thought he was done otherwise they sign him. Here I will be a heretic. The Pats secondary has been pretty good. They are asked to do something different than last years group. Last years group was asked to cover for 5-7 seconds. This year they are being asked to be sure tacklers and cover 3-5 seconds while the front 7 gets after the QB. I have yet to see a receiver running free like Gronkowski did last night against the Jets. I have yet to see Butler bite on a double move…ditto Logan Ryan. I think Coleman looks like he might be a pretty decent player. The Pats made the decision to put more resources into the front 7, get younger, tougher and faster, (sure looks like Vince is done in but I will let more of the season unfold before making that an official position) while having good rangy safeties that can close fast. Their corners are then asked to be competitive. It has gotten the Pats to 6-0. They have beaten good teams (Jets, Pitt, Cowboys) and beaten good QB’s (Luck). What more do people want. Let’s say the Pats had paid Revis $20 mill. They still would have let Browner go. So now you have Revis and Butler as your corners. Where are opposing QB’s going to go with the ball? Butler is going to get the same baptism of fire. Maybe he has a little more help but with he way the Pats play defense they effectively role 2 safeties so he has help now.

            If I had to identify problems on this team right now I would say O-Line depth is top of the list. It scares me that they were one hit away from a TE playing tackle. Suh comes to town Thursday night…I am hoping Cannon will be back…I am not holding my breath. Next up would be outside receiver. I thought when LaFell came back all would be good…he did not look rusty as the announcers kept saying…he looked scared to get hit. 6 drops because his head was on a swivel. I am hoping he comes back and redeems himself Thursday night and then all is good. I thought Dobson looked better than I have seen him when he got in at the end of the game to replace LaFell. But history tells us he will be injured in two weeks. Third on my list would be DB because they need more in terms of numbers. I don’t think Ryan has played poorly. I think Coleman might be a player. But they really need another body. Preferably someone with a little length. I am nitpicking…they are 6-0 and have beaten both good and bad teams. Do I think they go 16-0…no…I think that is incredibly difficult. Do I think they COULD go 16-0…sure…they will be favored in every game they play this year mostly because they are better than everything else.






    3. I see you read Hector Longo today. Such scorching hot takes as:

      “Please note that Malcolm Butler is not a lead corner, has not been a lead corner and will never be a lead corner. Old man Eric Decker and a handful of underachievers out there treated Butler like he was invisible. Most of the night he was, invisible in coverage that is.”

      Chandler Jones – Where are you in the pass rush? The sack was the cheapest of cheap, swatting the ball out of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hands early. He’s just way too inconsistent. And it’s still only October.


  21. The whole “if Brandon Marshall catches that pass” argument is going to make my brain explode. If Edleman catches his TD it’s 34-20 when Marshall catches/drops his, so NO! they wouldn’t have won the f**king game! Christ….


    1. If Ninkovitch catches any of the 3 balls he had his hands on…this is a 21 point game. If LaFell catches any of the 6 he drops the out come is different. There was plenty of sloppy to go around.


      1. Marshall also committed a major push-off on Ryan on that play. If the refs had any interest at all in calling penalties yesterday, that was a classic case of OPI.


    2. Along similar lines we had Fred Toucher “playing the devil’s advocate” on Monday, repeatedly mentioning the appearance of injury for Chris Ivory.

      The Patriots of course, were playing with their FULL complement of players and NONE of them have suffered any injuries during this season or, for that matter, at any time during their careers.


  22. Ben Volin’s book on how to report without researching should be a terrific read…

    Read up from the bottom.


    1. His work ethic reminds me of Joe Haggerty.

      Took a month off in the summer covering the team. Not that training camp is all too important or anyone who cares would read anything in the LOLBe for Patriots coverage, but there’s a reason many take off right after the Superbowl.


  23. Want to vomit your Fruit Loops up? Or, just laugh a bit?

    McCann breaks down what the NFL did Monday:

    In striking contrast, the NFL’s brief on Monday asserts that Brady
    should have received a six-game suspension because a six-game suspension
    is assigned to a player who uses masking agents—a deceptive act which
    the NFL claims is akin to Brady trying to “cover up the underlying
    violation” through “destruction” of his cell phone.


    Greg Hardy is a leader of men, too.


    1. So in other words, in the appeals process the NFL has decided to double-down on lying, because their brazen dishonesty and chicanery worked so well for them at the lower court level. I know Brady doesn’t want the headache or the distraction, but man, how much more of this can a person take before they just say “eff it; I’m suing these bastards for defamation and I’m hiring the most aggressive, ruthless S.O.B. in the world to represent me.” The league has become a complete joke. The scary part is how Goodell, through his incompetence, unfairness and dishonesty, has managed to make Paul Tagliabue look like Winston Churchill by comparison — and Tagliabue was no Churchill.


  24. So is Ordway in the hospital? I heard a couple of passing mentions of it on the radio. Anyone know if that’s true or not?


    1. Per the Herald, he collapsed at his tailgate and was taken to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. If that is what he had, he probably had surgery and would still be in the hospital. Get well, Glenn, so we can get back to making fun of you…


          1. Am I the only one who is irrationally infuriated that the ad switches between “lazy” and “lackadaisical” in the same ad? Like, I know I’m being nitpitcky. And it doesn’t help that the advertisement is horrendous besides the weird switch in terms.


          2. Yeah, I’ve heard that commercial enough where it’s getting up there with DFS and Cars4Kidz. Not sure who the hell did the production but, uhm, yeah.. same questions.

            Also, is that “findmassmoney” (is that the ad?) one of those neat government trojan horses where they track down all the guys who owe the state money, have outstanding warrants or are late on child support payments?

            I never looked but it reminds me of such.


    1. He’s getting DESTROYED on his twitter feed. He tried responding to a few but seems to have given up.

      EDIT: Nevermind…he doubled down and wrote a second article, this time comparing Brady to Dez Bryant.


      1. Should have just admitted it was a bad initial comparison..

        Jerry Jones weighed in (my friends who are Cowboy fans are feeling in too-involved-owner purgatory):

        Chatham wrote an article but summed it up best:


        1. There are military demolition experts who only wish they were able to undermine something in the way Jones is undermining his coach…..


          1. Friend of mine who does robots for the government tells me they’ve now got mobile units that shoot ordinances with 100k psi of water–basically, shorting and destroying the electronics before they can activate.

            That sounds like the undermining you’re referring to.


  25. Random thought here I got from this article explaining ESPN’s woes.

    Apparently ESPN may have overpaid for Monday night football by as much as $800 million. Most people know that Bob Kraft is an influential member of the television committee. Does this anti-Patriots agenda that ESPN has been on for a while now have anything to do with the higher ups at ESPN feeling like they got taken for more money than they had to pay by Kraft? Do they correctly/incorrectly blame him for the layoffs that the company has had to make? And so in turn they take every opportunity they can to take swipes at his crown jewel.

    That combined with the fact that outside New England people hate the Pats so it’s good for business.


    1. Well. If you listen to the media all the credit for the TV deal goes to Roger Goodell, even though the NFL has a broadcast committee that Kraft and four others are a part of. The other thing Goodell is given credit for is the money given back to the owners in the new CBA. I am stumped as to why a guy who “stormed” out of the CBA negotiations is given the credit for that while everyone acknowledges that Bob Kraft saved the day when he stepped in for Goodell.


    2. I can’t see this being the case at all. If they’re pissed, it’d be at all owners–and, they should also look at what they had to pay for the NBA. (As a sidebar: look at what Turner had to do at CNN to afford the rights, and that’s not done.)

      They had to overpay because as they continued to grow over the past 6-7 years, they added more-and-more shows. In addition to each SportsCenter and each show, the ability to play clips and highlights is huge (I don’t know if this makes or breaks viewership).

      In addition, they knew that they couldn’t lose the one game a week, along with the digital ability to play clips.

      These layoffs were coming regardless. Look at the money, even with the gigantic subsidy they got from CT, to build their “DC2.”

      Networks like this are going to be the first to really feel the shift in viewing going on (cord cutting), in part due to the absurd $ they give to the leagues for rights, but then the reduction in subs (carriage fees) along with reduction in audience meaning less ad dollars.

      Sports being the biggest part of your cable bill, with 90% of people not regularly watching and your bill being 20-45% due to sports means the networks most invested here are going to be hit the hardest.

      I’m sure quotes are out there but part of the decision to overpay was an underplay on cord-cutting (most execs are so clueless) along with an assumption that they’d be able to pick this right back up once digital gets bigger (long here). However, I think they also underplay that younger folks, even with the monster numbers, just don’t watch TV, including sports, as much. And if/when they do, it’s completely a la carte.


      1. There is something else going on at ESPN. They laid off 350 people. That made virtually no dent in their expense expenditures. if they are having cash issues then they would need to cut many more than 350 people.


          1. I think it is not that. I think it is a PR move designed to boost end of the year shareholder value. 3M announced a layoff of 1500 people…they have 105,000 worldwide…the effect was a 4% bump in the stock price. In Disney’s case…they “layoff” 350 people…I bet half of those were going to and took a retirement package. The rest were probably seasonal or redundant workers who could not be reassigned where they need help (for example they have too many grips and not enough graphic artists…so they announce a layoff of the grips without saying they hired an equal number of artists…it happens all the time). If there were real problems at ESPN because of cord cutting or something…you would see them looking to get out of or renegotiate certain rights fees…maybe not the NFL but definitely the NBA, soccer, and MLB. You would also see more poker and mma/boxing and less women’s softball or WNBA. If they were in real trouble they would look at closing down ESPNnews and folding that product all back into the mothership. They would streamline their web streaming. They might even reorganize/eliminate ESPN 2. Cutting 350 people is nothing to a $100 bill company like Disney. It is just for PR purposes.


          2. you would see them looking to get out of or renegotiate certain rights fees

            I have to imagine the language here is nothing you can get out of w/o them declaring bankruptcy.

            Nobody knows because the actual figures aren’t broken down. When this has come up in the past, I’ve linked to a few guesses from people who understand the numbers, but you can’t do anything accurate w/o the breakdowns. Out of all, none looked good. Some painting a bleaker picture than normal, which I think is the case because of how big sports are on the cable bill.

            NFL but definitely the NBA

            They also just re-upped there for 2.66b/yr.

            ESPNnews and folding that product all back into the mothership

            You’re still forced to get this chan with many extended cable/sports packages. That won’t go away until a la carte is more on the horizon.

            It is just for PR purposes.

            While the common denominator among the talent (contracts) was they all trashed Goodell, they’ve also let many others go. I don’t think that was by coincidence.


    3. I think it has more to do with the animus felt in Foxboro towards ESPN going back to Tom Jackson’s “they hate their coach” quip in 2003. BB “F-bombed” him after the Super Bowl that year when Jackson was trying to set up an interview, and I’m sure that didn’t sit well with the powers-that-be in Bristol. After that, their Spygate coverage was brazenly over-the-top and far more drama-queen-like than other media coverage of it (which is really saying something). Their online offshoot NEVER let the damn story go all season long, with Gregggggggggg Easterbrook and Mike Fish, Investigative Reporter, asking all kinds of questions (for which they never found answers, since there was no “there, there” anyway), and floating all kinds if kooky conspiracy stuff. When the Matt Walsh tapes were released in May 2008, Trey Wingo and Mark Schlereth spent that entire afternoon trying to best one another for “most outraged reaction” to video tapes that contained absolutely nothing that the public hadn’t already seen on the Jay Glazer tape shown by Fox NFL Sunday the previous September (the tape that started the whole ridiculous affair in the first place). The old “NE Insider” poster on the old ESPN Patriots message board (rumor it was Jonathan K., but never confirmed) said at the time, and I quote: “ESPN is persona-non-grata in Foxboro now.” So, I think it’s more a case of the Patriots saying “eff you” to ESPN, and ESPN saying back, “Oh yeah, well eff you, too” — but both sides are still obligated to work with one another because of the NFL’s contractual relationship with Bristol.


  26. Ha

    Regardless, the 15.2 million number that was pushed by the NFL doesn’t equate to the numbers publicized by the networks that televise NFL games. The real apples-to-apples comparison is that 1.64 million viewers tuned in for the game.

    It’s not bad, but it’s not nearly as great as the NFL and Yahoo would have everyone believe.

    Meanwhile, Patriots fans are wearing their shocked faces.



    1. I’ll cut him a little slack for this. Gronk missed practically his entire senior season after back surgery, and these media guys, in 2010, weren’t going to study film on a player who hadn’t played full-time at the collegiate level since 2008. And, I’ll be honest, I’m probably a bigger college football fan than most people who reside in this part of the country, and even I wasn’t really all that aware of Gronk coming out of college — I wasn’t staying up until 2 a.m. on a Saturday night watching Arizona Wildcats games on the Pac-12 Network, that’s for sure. Now, Aaron Hernandez? Yeah, I knew who he was….the Gators were on national TV practically every week, and I simply couldn’t believe the Pats were able to draft him in Round 4. Sadly, it turns out there was a very, very good reason why he was available that late in the draft. The draft is a complete crapshoot (e.g. — Reading the “expert” pre-draft scouting reports on Brady now, 15 years later, is a laugh riot)


  27. At this time of the week, we check-in with our good friend Ben Trollin. This segment is sponsored by penis enlargement pills, cars4kids and other annoying sponsors.

    Still a dumbass. (A+ on the follow-up.)

    As you were, men.


  28. I don’t think McCann follows the media too closely. Peter King? Ben Trolling? Seth WickerSHAM? I don’t know if he cares, either, on true credibility. Sadly, you are “assumed” it when you work for relics of the past that are jokes now like the LOLbe and SI.



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