It sure feels that way, doesn’t it?

School’s not out yet, but Red Sox done – Scott Lauber has the team out of contention before they can even launch their “Calling all kids” campaign in earnest.

It’s time for the Red Sox to call for a changeup – Chris Gasper says “We’re officially in Bobby Valentine, avert-your-eyes territory, people.

Red Sox’ chosen path has proven to be wrong one – Rob Bradford says the Red Sox have lost their way.

Boston Red Sox’s 2015 season to date is worse than the 2012 Bobby V debacle; has the team hit rock bottom? – Christopher Smith with another reference to the Bobby V experience.

Four is enough of those. I think we get the point. The Red Sox are bad. Really bad. If they’re not going to fire the Manager and GM, what are they going to do?

Maybe this can make us all feel better:

Not bad, not bad.

At the end of last week (I was away) the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) put out a report on the Wells Report. – Deflating Deflategate

Their conclusions are that the Patriots did not tamper with the footballs and that the Wells Report was deeply flawed.

A bit later Boston Globe NFL writer Ben Volin sent out the following Tweet: (since deleted)

Ben Volin ‏@BenVolin
Kraft Foundation is a corporate supporter of the American Enterprise Institute, author of latest #Deflategate report

In his eagerness to perhaps get something to discredit the report or nail the Krafts and Patriots on, he failed, epically, in his job. Later:

Nice job. Any repercussions for having to apologize to an entity that you cover as part of your job? Apparently not.


What he’d give to have heard this conversation … –  Mark Farinella would’ve loved to have listened in on the conversation between Bill Belichick and Brandon Spikes following the car incident last week. He also gives details of a time when he and other reporters were able to listen in on Bill Belichick’s private conversation. The media version of Spygate.

Sports Writers Hall has home at Fenway – The home of the Red Sox will today become the home of PEN New England’s new Sports Writers Hall of Fame. The inaugural class will be Grantland Rice, Red Smith, Ring Lardner and W.C. Heinz.

I would have just assumed that Dan Shaughnessy would’ve been included in that class.


49 thoughts on “June 15th, And The Red Sox Season Is Over

  1. The season ended during the 9 run inning on Friday night. That was the single worst loss in YEARS.

    Luchino and Cherington should be fired. Farrell is Cherington’s guy, but I don’t blame him for this debacle, but obviously if the hammer is dropped on Ben C., a new GM will want to pick their own manager. But again, the MAIN POINT, is that Luchino has got to go. He may not be in charge of Baseball OPs, but we know that he has a say, whatever percentage it may be, in the free agent decisions.

    It’s time for John Henry to CLEAN HOUSE.

    My fear is that John Henry views Lucchino as some kind of untouchable, that Cherington will be fired and simply be replaced by the Don Sweeney of the Red Sox, whomever that may be. This team needs a new direction. I’m not one of the anti-stats, anti-Bill James people, so I don’t want to see Ruben Amaro as the next GM. However, something has got to give. They have not drafted particularly well (there isn’t a SINGLE power bat on their A, AA or AAA teams) and there have been way too many free agent busts – and this goes back to the end of the Theo days. I never liked the Carl Crawford signing, I never liked the Hanley signing (I thought Sandoval would work out better than this – has he quit trying with the HUGE contract?). I was willing to be patient with the Porcello extension, but it’s not looking good. Rusney Castillo looks like a major bust. We can only hope and pray that Moncada turns into a superstar.


    1. Lucchino is more focused on moving the PawSox to Providence than he is on the BoSox. He was even going to be on the Boston 2024 Olympic committee.

      They do have a power bat in their system. They just drafted him this year so it will be a while before he gets to the big club.


    2. Sean McAdam said it best on “The Baseball Show” last night, which is that the team’s “philosophy” changes based on the level of success they have on the field during a given year. They’re all about Bill James/Sabermetrics analysis and internal player development….until they miss the playoffs and they fear ticket sales and TV ratings are going to go down. So then they go out and have an offseason like 2011 after missing the playoffs in 2010 (Gonzalez and Crawford, each signed to 7-year mega deals); and follow-up 2014’s disaster by throwing huge deals at H. Ramirez and Sandoval….and later Porcello). You can’t run an organization like that. Pick a way of doing business and stick with it for 4 or 5 years to see how it works. If you’re going to be the Yankees and spend a ton of cash on “stars,” then take it all the way; if you’re going to be the Rays and focus on player development, then take THAT all the way. But pick one and stick with it. This sticking their fingers into the air to judge which way the winds of fandom are blowing is not recipe for long-term success.


  2. I have disdain for Shaughnessy and Felger, even Mazz, but I think I legitimately hate Ben Volin. What a complete and total ass this guy is.


    1. Kapler’s been working in the Dodgers’ front office for 7 months. Let’s not get carried away.


  3. Ha. You guys are cute. The gm and manager need to go? Not Dustin “that’s not how we do things around here” pedroia? Or David “they took my hit away, wtf, do something terry, f this press conference” Ortiz? Every player on this teams needs to go, top to bottom. The culture is rancid. I don’t care about the young future stars either. They’ve been exposed to the atmosphere and are infected. Everyone must go.


    1. Those Oritz and Pedroia references are really current. One was only like 10 years and two managers ago. Ortiz has been a big part of the rancid culture that lead to three WS titles, Pedroia for two. BUT EVERYONE MUST GO!!!!!


    2. Pedroia gets to me as well, to be honest. He is portrayed as a leader but I think he’s more of a guy that goes with the flow. If times are good, he’s good. If times suck, he’s not there to provide much of anything.

      Ortiz on the other hand, as far as I’m concerned can say whatever he wants. He is, imo, the biggest factor in the Sox’ continued success. Greatest post season player we’ve ever seen.


  4. Yes! Get rid of everyone! The way to fix a team with a -60 run differential is to get rid of all the actual talent! Dammit, if I could put Sandy Leon in every spot in the lineup I would because that would definitely be better than this team! A 30 win season is not just a dream, people! It’s totally achievable! Let’s take Alexander de Aja out into the middle of the field in batting practice and put six bullets in his brain! That’ll light a fire under this team! CONSEQUENCES!!!!! ACCOUNTIBILITY!!!!

    (I’m sorry, I came here looking for BSMW. Apparently I accidentally tuned into a Yankee-topic’d WFAN show from 1989. My bad.)


    1. Merloni and McAdam had some pretty good analyses on “The Baseball Show” last night. They both agreed that if the Sox are going to make any major moves personnel wise, they have to get a long-term guy (like Hamels, who has three years left on his deal) in return. In other words, no rentals. Second, they seemed to agree that canning the GM, the manager, or both is not really logical at this point, because what viable replacement options are available at mid-season? The best time to “clean house” is in the offseason when a lengthy search process can be conducted. Finally, McAdam, in particular, was very rational about what Sox fans’ expectations should be of the “trade value” of some of the guys likely to be dangled out there. Napoli doesn’t have much. Buchholz has some because any team acquiring him is obligated to pay him only for the remainder of 2015, but they also have two option years available if they wish to exercise them. Ortiz is a 10/5 guy and likely wouldn’t waive his 10/5 rights because he wants to finish his career here (though he probably could be convinced to waive them if he were being traded to a contender in the AL). Uehara has value but McAdam said his 2016 guarantees could be an obstacle. In other words, there are things they can do, but a dramatic overhaul at mid-season, or a replication of last July’s deadline fire sale are both unlikely. From my point of view, I’m with Merloni: get some of the younger guys up, like Jackie Bradley, get them into the lineup and see what they can do with a couple hundred at bats in the big leagues, playing every day. Meanwhile, deal off whatever assets you can, revisit the Cole Hamels talks (he’d have a pressure-free half season of non-playoff contention to familiarize himself with the AL and with playing in Boston), and start thinking about 2016. Firing Cherington or Farrell, at this point, wouldn’t accomplish much. Those moves, if they’re going to happen, should be pushed off until after the regular season ends.


  5. Bruce… the season does not feel over. It is over. I think Felger and Mazz were exactly right when they pinpointed Henry’s lack of action 2 weeks ago as the tipping point. Its clear these players are not playing for this guy. He was a failure in Toronto and for the most part he has been a failure here. The WS was the outlier at this point. Farrell needed to go two weeks ago. He needs to go today. Sorry Dave, but there are three parts to the story…play on the field, clubhouse off the field and marketing to the fans. Regardless of play on the field and how Kumbaya the clubhouse is…every day that Farrell stays in charge leads more and more fans to say…its just not worth it. If ownership does not care…why should I.

    As for getting rid of players…the Sox have some of the worst contracts in baseball…how that is possible after the Nick Punto trade is beyond me. Getting out from the Beckett and Crawford deals was amazing. Getting into the Sandoval, Ramirez, Ortiz, and the other 8 digit contracts on this team is mind boggling. I think Cherington has to go as well. The problem is I think John Henry has to go as owner. I know, I know he brought the sox 3 WS in 13, he brought them the first championship in 83 years. He deserves some appreciation. NOPE! What has he done for me lately. He splits his time with Liverpool. He did not fire Remy. Either he pushed for or he okayed the Porcello, Ramirez, Sandoval, and Ortiz contracts. He allowed his GM to go into the season with a 39 year old closer. He will have presided over 3 of the 4 worst teams in Sox history when this year finishes. He needs to go. Either that or he needs to hire a president of Baseball operations and then move out of the way completely.

    In any event the Sox season is over and I do not know too many people who care. It is like we live in a bizarro world now.


      1. Thanks…I have no idea what I was thinking when I typed 83 years. Ugh! No more late night posting…until tomorrow.


    1. Never been a baseball guy, so feel free to lump me into the people who can’t say it bothers me much. I’m just waiting for the NFL to start back up again. Excited for the NBA offseason too and what Danny has up his sleeve.


  6. Yesterday on the drive home:

    Felger: “Did you know that AEI is a right-wing think tank?! Deflategate is now political! Brady didn’t go to Obama’s White house but went three time to Bush’s”



    1. And none of what Felger says there, not surprisingly, bothers to address the fact that AEI’s study utterly destroys the Wells report, regardless of AEI’s politics. Wells, it should be noted, has been linked to several prominent conservative or at least Republican clients….so why did Felger take HIS word for it but now wants to dismiss AEI’s study based on their politics? Oh, that’s right: the Wells report helps Felger push his agenda; the AEI study doesn’t.


      1. My bigger complaint is F&M’s out right dismissal of the science. They still believe that something fishy was going on in Foxboro. Had the NFL officials had any clue to how science works then when they checked the balls at half time they would have noticed that there was nothing unusual. Mike Kensil does not tell someone on the Pats equipment team that “We have you and you are in big trouble”, the Pats don’t lose 2 draft picks nor $1 mill and Brady does not get a 4 game suspension.

        So dismissing the science is ignorance masquerading as legitimacy. The fall back argument “Well explain the texts and why Brady would not give up his phone?” is spacious also. The texts happened months before this incident. They may have been discussing deflating balls at games or they may have been discussing dieting. It is irrelevant because they were not discussing deflating anything at the AFC championship game. So out of context it looks, feels, fishy. In context the texts said nothing, implicated no one and only supply noise for someone looking to justify spending $5 mill of someone else’s money to achieve an end. When coupled with the science and the fact that nothing unusual happened then the text messages become irrelevant.

        As for Brady not giving up his phone to a fishing expedition, the NFL had already to be shown full of leaks. Brady’s people knew no good could come of turning over his phone. When the investigation asked for printouts of his conversations relating to this…he said no for one of three reasons. 1) They had all of his messages with McNally from McNally’s phone so there was nothing to see there. 2) He had no other text messages to anyone regarding deflating footballs because there was no conspiracy. 3) Brady’s people to this day think the NFL was on a witch hunt and they were not going to cooperate any more than the 5 hour interview they did because they did not see Wells as being fair or impartial.

        The fact that F&M cannot see this and continue to push a line of reasoning that thinks Brady should be suspended because he did something, and that they disregard every fact that comes out that disproves their theories tells me that Kraft should be looking long and hard at his relationship with CBSBoston and their being the flagship station for the Pats. It is one thing to be correctly critical, it is another to be intentionally harmful,


        1. Good points. The phone thing is ridiculous. I mean, seriously, forget the fact that Brady was well within his rights to not hand over his phone, and just focus on the fact that he’s Tom Freakin’ Brady, and his wife is Gisele Freakin’ Bundchen. These are internationally famous people who are well acquainted with several other internationally famous people. Can anyone say with any degree of certainty that TMZ wouldn’t be publishing several “juicy” text messages between Brady and some other celebrities within days of Brady handing over his phone to Wells, especially given how the league office (perhaps through Wells at times) leaked like a sieve during this entire dog and pony show? I, for one, would almost have expected some “juicy” stuff that was not at all relevant to the investigation to end up in the hands of the celebrity tabloid media had Brady handed over his phone. And yes, the science disproves just about every accusation against the Pats and Brady. It’s clear that the NFL offices are run by morons, led by the biggest, most incompetent moron of them all: the $44 million man. Moreover, since I don’t listen to F&M, I wonder if they’ve ever addressed McNally’s “deflate and give someone that jkt” text which was proven to have occurred during the Green Bay game in November, when McNally was home in NH and Jastrzemski was in Green Bay wearing a very thick jacket. That text, to me, proves that during at least one occasion, if not all of them, McNally was, in fact, referring to “deflation” as weight reduction. F&M don’t care, however; they’re just having a grand old time milking this for everything it’s worth.


          1. Oh Felger said something about that yesterday I switched over late but heard half of it and can’t find what he talking about online maybe someone else can confirm.

            He was saying something that there video of Jastzemski hold a jacket on tv during the Green Bay game, and Mcnally saw him. And as Felger says Mcnally was telling him to put down the jacket and deflate some footballs to help Tom , or to that effect.


          2. What a disingenuous POS he is. There is no freakin’ way that McNally was talking about footballs in that text the day of the Green Bay game. No way. Felger probably knows it, too, but he just doesn’t care. Trolling Patriots fans is all he cares about. Oh, and did he really say the Patriots were “wrong” during the Mona Lisa Vito press conference? What’s he basing that on? BB laid out some general terms, if I recall correctly, based on the best information they had available at the time and within the parameters of the tests they conducted that week on their own. They weren’t “wrong,” they were merely pointing out that science likely was the reason why the balls were below 12.5 PSI, which clearly is the case despite what the Wells hit job says.


        2. Dunno why you have such a high opinion on Felger. For the most part I find he comes across as a ignorant media hack, he knows his audience, knows his business (radio and some sports hockey and football), has good social knowledge awareness, obviously knows his hair products and proper grooming/fashion but beyond that he Shallow as a kiddies pool. He dosen’t want to devote time to anything, heaven forbid a game goes longer than 2 hours. He can’t be bothered with learning computers/technology, science , statistics. Wants to be a neanderthal in a technology day.

          One thing is he kinda good at is presenting what seems to be a logical reasoned augment but often it falls apart. By resorting to beating up on straw men or inventing logical fallacies. Such as paraphasing ‘hey you can’t say he a fantastic coach that knows everything and then go say he doesn’t know about deflating footballs’ though half of that is him trolling.

          But like yesterday he got hot about the Mona Lisa Vita press conference saying ‘what happened to that augment they were wrong about that’, when Felger leaves out the fact at the time the patriots and Belichick operating from thinking they were 2 psi down from the legal limit and not 1 as it turned out to be that the patriots didn’t learn till months after the superbowl. And the wells report even admits that the rubbing did add nearly .8 psi though concludes that by time the balls were handed in and when tested were long enough for them to stabilize (though still kinda surprised that only takes ~15 minutes for it to stabilize), but Belichick has no clue when the refs test the balls. All he knows is what he learned from his equipment people. But this also leads right into the AEI Conclusion that the Colts balls can’t be a good control since they were clearly tested near the end of half time where the patriots balls were tested first, that they were too high in pressure for Ideal gas law to fit them and of course Felger doesn’t understand science or be bother with that so he won’t go down that far detail and leave it to the patriots are just throwing shyte against a wall and seeing what sticks and abandoning stuff that doesn’t work.

          This whole ordeal with felger reminds me of aftermath of the Boston Bombing d tuning in at one point where there was news about pieces of circuit board found and quite literally Felger asks Mazz and Bertrand, “What is that, what dose that mean?” they try to explain what a circuit board is and what it means then goes off on a rant “SO these bozos were messing with circuits board or something and no one saw or stopped them”. I apologized for some of the paraphrasing with the quotes.

          Now to those Saying why bother with Felger, issue is he become so big, if you go talk to sports to someone around here. More than half may sprout something they heard on Felger and Mazz.

          Personally I would rather listen to Ordway too bad he been off the air for 2 months now. He at least in my opinion seems to put in more work in he figure out how to use technology, he spend time to least know more about the science or statistics, just comes across as more knowledgeable than the BU Grad. Though understand why people say he fence sitter, he pragmatic.


          1. I have a high opinion of Felger (not Mazz at least not Mazz on the F&M show) for several reasons however not one of them is for his opinion on football.

            Felger was able to unseat Ordway for three reasons:
            – He challenged the BBWAA
            – He talked Hockey
            – He did both of the above with the right mix of self deprecation, humor and knowledge all while creating a show that dethrowned Ordway.

            For as much as I hate his takes on the Patriots and believe me he drives me nuts in his attempt to find every little negative and turn that into a conversation, I can’t remember the last time I disagreed with anything he has said about the Red Sox. For years I have read the Globe, Projo and Herald protect Sox management, owners and players from the type of negativism the Patriots continue to receive. That is not to say the Sox did not have critics…they did… but the criticisms all came within the context that there were rules and that sacred cows were to be protected. As bad as Chicken and Beer seemed, it was only broken by a national writer outside the market. Manny’s PED use was ignored. Ortiz’s PED use has been ignored. Nomar’s PED was ignored. The inability to spend money properly, the inability to draft and develop talent…all have been glossed over. Jerry Remy still has a job again because the press circled the wagons and protected him. Felger has not had any fear treading in those waters. Taking on Mazz, McAdam and even Gammons. I respect that.

            As much as I hate hockey talk…and I hate it…I hear it and change channel usually….Felger was way out in front on the covering the Bruins as a legitimate sports radio topic and as the Bruins have gone backwards this year he has been asking very honest and pointed questions about Claude, Neely and Chiraelli. He even is asking about and probing Don Sweeney’s agenda and potential. Hockey fans in town have been dying for someone to make this effort.

            I understand how people don’t like him. They see him as a one trick pony. He takes the contrarian point and beats it into the ground; they say. I don’t see it that way. I see a guy who is paid to have opinions, who is actually honest about a lot of what he sees. The issue as I see it is that what he sees, at least when it comes to football…is myopic because he is trying to live up to this tough guy person he all of a sudden has been developed, whereas what he sees with other topics (Football and Hockey…not so much Basketball) is more honest…I believe that Felger enjoys talking baseball and hockey…whereas I see him believing football and basketball talk is a job.


          2. You make some good points. When the local team isn’t doing well, Felger is the perfect guy to listen to. He’s entertaining, he goes after sacred cows that others refuse to do so, and he pays attention to sports that other members of the media elite ignored for years. I think he’s usually on point with the Sox and Bruins. At times on the Celtics (it is obvious he hates talking about the sport). He is horrible 95% of the time on the Patriots because his “everything sucks” schtick doesn’t play well for a team that’s in the final 4 every year, the exact thing Felger has said many times in the past automatically makes the season a success regardless of what happens after.

            That said, Ordway also fell due to the extreme amount of arrogance he and the station had, and Felger has also shown many of the same flaws. It will be his undoing eventually, although we’ll probably have to wait a while for that, much like we had to wait quite a while for Ordway’s fall.


          3. Felger’s whole strategy from the beginning of his career was to get attention by being contrarian and/or picking a position that would get him attention. That worked well, especially in the Brady-Bledsoe debate. Felger realized that the old guard (Borges, Cafardo) would stick with Bledsoe for personal reasons, but the fans and, more importantly, Belichick wanted Brady. So he made a name for himself by being the most visible Brady backer in the media – and he clearly made the right call.
            Problem is, when you take this approach you are going to be wrong more than right, and the act grows thin. It’s not like Shaughnessy who is just negative all the time. Felger spouts these bizarre and illogical theories and, because he makes them sound plausible and no one is allowed to challenge him, he gets away with it. I have no doubt that Felger wouldn’t say have the absurd stuff he does if there were someone else in the booth to call out his BS. But that’s not going to happen unless ratings take a dive.


    2. One of the blog posts when Bruce did the links hit at some of the similar things here. I forget which one but they attacked much more than this. Obviously, not being in the NYT or from someone “bigger”, it didn’t go viral. AEI’s report is very clear and easy to read, almost as if they want it as a piece of evidence (which I think is their motivation in this).


  7. So the St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for hacking the Astros? How long into F&M until we hear this:

    “Tony, you know who one of Bill Belichick’s best friends is, right?”
    “Tony Larussa…”
    “Yes, and where did LaRussa spend the majority of the last 20 years? St. Louis. Now, I’m not saying the Patriots have hacked anyone but if Bill wanted to, he could find the people to do it pretty easily through his buddy.”
    “You are absolutely right Mike. I think he probably has done this. That’s why he focused on the car stereo thing in the Football Life episode. It’s all a sham. He knows what he’s doing. He can understand the NFL rulebook better than anyone but can’t program his car’s clock? What does he think we are, FOOLS?”
    “Yeah, Tony. It all kind of makes sense now doesn’t it? Makes you wonder.”


    1. I wondered why you’d want to hack the Astros..

      It’d be like some NFL team hacking the Raiders.. why? So you can steal all their state-of-the-art ideas on how to suck?


    2. That’s hilarious….but sadly, the scenario you spell out is not all that far-fetched. I’m sure Gregggggggg Easterbrook and Mike Fish, Investigative Reporter, are working that case right now, in fact.


    3. “I’m not saying he had anything to do with it. I’m just asking the question.”


  8. I only listened to F&M today before D&H went to the Sox game and I’m not a baseball fan. Literally, within a minute, this is what I heard.

    “There’s another cheating scandal in Fox… I mean, St. Louis! That’s next!”

    Welp, PFW podcast it is.

    To be honest, I strongly dislike listening to these guys and I get terribly annoyed when I come here or anywhere else and they’re all saying the same thing about how they hate the show, yet they listen anyway. I mean why? It’s your own fault if you listen to these clowns. Unfortunately, I took the plunge and regretted it immediately.


    1. I don’t know what the straw that broke the camel’s back was for me. Might have been the constant running down of the Celtics and their fans (because god forbid fans be optimistic or hopeful for the future?) but I haven’t gone back since. Not for deflated footballs. Not for the awful Red Sox. I won’t be back for the Bs and they don’t cover the Cs.

      They are not fun. They are not funny. And I was sick of being made angry/miserable by a gee dee radio show I can tune out of. So that’s what I did and I haven’t looked back. Podcasts have been great and I don’t feel upset by sports anymore.


  9. Unfortunately, we live in an era of mega, guaranteed contracts. If you dump the guy because no other team is willing to take on his deal, then YOU are on the hook for the rest of that money while the guy you just dumped continues to play for another team. Pedroia certainly has trade value, but with six years left on his latest contract, how many teams would be willing to commit to him for that long? The Sox, certainly, would have to eat at least one-quarter of that deal in order to trade him. Ortiz has limited value because in the NL he’d have to put a glove on his hand, which limits his trade market to just AL teams. And, again, if they simply release him, they’re on the hook for the rest of his contract. And then there are the three new, huge long-term deals they just doled out to Sandoval, Porcello and Ramirez. Ultimately, Henry, Werner, et al, are still businessmen, first and foremost. They’re not going to eat $75M worth of salaries, especially when a few of those guys are still young enough to go and produce on the field whichever team(s) pick them up. That means one thing: the manager and the GM get sacrificed, because under the current rules, you can’t “fire” the players (at least not the ones making large coin and under contract for the next several years). As for my two cents, I HATED what Pedroia said when Bobby V. called out Youkilis three years ago (“we don’t do things like that around here”…or whatever the comment was); with that said, the guy is a competitor and plays his butt off every night, plays hurt (to a fault), and plays great defense. I really don’t think he’s the problem. Also, while you’re right about the pampered, “entitlement mentality” that a lot of guys in that clubhouse have, that’s a problem seen throughout baseball in the modern era. The MLBPA has been running the game since at least the mid 1980s. A guy like Dick Williams or Billy Martin could never last more than a year in a big league clubhouse nowadays. It’s not just the Red Sox….there are divas everywhere, and “player’s managers” who can “communicate” are the norm, not the exception. It is what it is, as BB would say. I don’t necessarily like it, but at this point I don’t think there’s any turning back.


  10. Baseball players are not my heroes. I’m not 10. But it sounds like your heroes have let you down for not being Dirty Doggy enough. I hope you can get over it.

    And when did I ever call for Farrell’s head?


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