With the obvious disclaimer that it’s just the first week of May, things aren’t looking so great for the Boston Red Sox at the moment.

The biggest problem continues to be starting pitching, which has been worse than likely even the most pessimistic observer had feared. Seemingly every night they’re getting lit up, and while the offense has generally been OK, last night saw their best hitter thus far, Hanley Ramirez exit the game with a shoulder injury.

Real bad, real quick: Hanley Ramirez injury punctuates Red Sox problems – Rob Bradford looks at how just about everything has gone wrong thus far.

Red Sox-Yankees series a tale of two bullpens – As Alex Speier tells us, the bullpen hasn’t been great, either.

Weak pitching, light hitting land Sox in cellar – Scott Lauber has the scuffling Sox trying to figure things out.

Sox season could hinge on length of Ramirez’s absence – Sean McAdam says that the rest of the season might be in jeopardy if Ramirez is out for a while.

For Hanley Ramirez, health has always been easy come, easy go – Gordon Edes is pessimistic on Ramirez returning anytime soon.

If you want some memories of better times with the Red Sox, may I recommend:


It’s out today. Enjoy.

Speaking of books being released, we should expect the Wells Report sometime this week, right? While @SharksofVegas has been adamant from the beginning that the investigation was not focused on the Patriots, the comments of Roger Goodell recently have me thinking that he’s going to whack the team no matter what. He also misses the point completely by saying he’s not going to apologize for the investigation, because the investigation itself was never the issue. The issue was the slanted leaks from the NFL offices which made the Patriots look guilty, even if Goodell continues to insist that no judgments were made.

I know nothing about Alcohol rehab, so I should probably stop here, but does it strike anyone else as strange that John Dennis has been Tweeting from rehab? And that he’s claiming to be in the “homestretch” after only two weeks?

Welcome To The 2015 Sports Radio Draft – The website SportsRadioPD had 32 sports radio program directors across the country select who they would wish to start their station with.

A few interesting notes:

WEEI Program Director (and NY Sports fan) Kevin Graham picked Mike Francesa at #8

Former WEEI afternoon host Mike Salk, selected 98.5’s Fred Toucher at #13

Bruce Gilbert at Cumulus/Westwood One-Dallas picked Rich Shertenlieb at #32.

No other locals were involved.

Finally, NESN interviewing “Darth Vader” while the Red Sox were getting destroyed last night might well be a low point in the network’s history.


23 thoughts on “Another Non-Starter For Red Sox

  1. Brock Huard, who carried Mike Salk to his WEEI contract, should be ranked in the top 10, as should Russillo. Surprised no one took Mad Dog.


  2. The Darth interview was ridiculous, but come the heck on: it was 4-1 at the time. The Sox weren’t getting “destroyed”. This isn’t hockey.


  3. I found this mornings WEEI interview with Chris Russo fascinating and potentially a real problem for John Dennis. In case you missed it, after Kirk Minihane had an on air meltdown over technical aspects of how the show should run (itself a pretty amusing segment unless you were the poor employee who was the recipient of the unprofessional outburst) Callahan, Ordway and Minihane interviewed Chris Russo…the idea being to talk about his reflections on the Mayweather/Pacqiao fight. If you listened closely you would have heard Ordway at his singular best. All three of the WEEI hosts were continuing their assault on the press and media folks who bought into the hype, did not talk about Mayweather’s criminal past, and who pushed this as event TV worthy of $100 a household. Ordway was masterful in the way he approached Russo (the two have known each other years and have a good relationship clearly as Ordway fills in for Russo occasionally. From an inside radio perspective the way Russo was forced to admit (never mind defend) his lack of critical coverage of the fight, coupled with his explaining his rant at TBS for letting Barkely and Miller go to the fight rather than cover game 7 of the Spus/Clippers series was compelling radio. I highly recommend you go back and listen to it.

    I think it is segments like that one that put Bruce’s comment about JD tweeting from rehab that he is in the homestretch. WEEI suits have to be sitting up and taking notice at how good/professional/entertaining Ordway/Callahan and Minihane are together. Further they have to see that even though they are still talking a little politics, the flow of the show and the sports part of the show are significantly more entertaining. JD if he is listening must understand this. Although he and Ordway get along I am sure there is some professional rivalry there. This cannot be helping his recovery.


    1. I noticed the JD tweets and have to wonder how many are him listening to the show and wondering what Winter or other Entercom brass are thinking.. I always thought BSUNF would be the inevitable Ordway reunion to WEEI but maybe this is it?

      Link to the interview you mention. Yes, it’s worth a listen:


      I’ve railed on the politics but I forget who said it on one of the “after show podcasts” they did. They talk about what the fans (listeners) of the show talk about. Clearly, it works. They might not beat T&R 1:1 but they are the only show competitive with their competition. So, while it’s not for me, it’s working for them. They’re not going to change, I don’t think.


      1. Thanks for the link. To be honest I have never had an issue with the politics, although I think headlines is the worst segment they do, I think as you say the politics fits into the chat, similar to how T&R use sophomoric humor to break up the sports…its style….works for some.

        As for Ordway replacing JD. I did not see that coming. Its clear that his presence is infinitely better than Tanguay’s…I would be shocked if we have to suffer through him again. More importantly, I think it is subtle but Ordways really does bring out a better side of Callahan and he manipulates Minihane in a way that makes him tolerable. The show moves well and it is interesting. I know some of the younger posters on the board will not like him but for us older guys or people who do not like T&R he is a far better alternative than JD.

        I suggested a few weeks ago and I wonder if WEEI is looking at it the same way I am. Assuming they do not feel JD can come back. Team Callahan and Ordway in the morning. Move Minnihane and Bradford (or Tom Curran) to the afternoon and leave Dale and Holley right where they are.


        1. I don’t see Minihane settling for mid-day money after having had a taste of morning drive. And EEI has shown in the past that they won’t overpay for mid-day talent.


          1. So you think Third Banana money on the morning show is more than top Banana money midday? I am not saying you are wrong but I did not think that was true.


  4. Great idea for WEEI to replace a 60-something with another 60-something who long ago wore out his welcome. The sports radio bench is thin ( it sucks, Mike! ). Go back to your basement Ordway!


  5. .You are not alone in your paranoia Bruce. Many others have expressed the same line of thinking when it comes to Goodell and punishing the Pats regardless. The quote that concerns me. “The question is, one of things [Wells would] be asked to look for, “Was it just one game?” He has said something similar before. So I liken this investigation to the cops pulling you over on “suspicion” of speeding. They don’t have proof of you speeding so they start asking your friends, family, past coworkers if they have ever seen you speed before. Then giving you a ticket based on information gained from a disgruntled ex coworker. Like a Chris Simms.


    1. Funny that Commissioner Incompetent didn’t ask: “Was it just one case of tampering?” when he gave the Jets that slap on the wrist last week — because it was NOT just one case. Johnson and the organization had tampered, and been warned, before. Goodell is the worst, a complete joke.


      1. A complete surprise to me would be if Goodell meant was this the first time league officials stole game used footballs meant for charity. Still a possibility I guess.


  6. On the draft, I was surprised it took till 4 for someone to say DP. Maybe a bit vanilla, but I think he’s one of the bigs left who doesn’t have to rely on #HOTSPORTZTAKEZ to carry the show.


  7. Bruce, or anyone, have a clue WTF happened to Big Show Unfiltered? I’ve seen nothing from Ordway, Graig, Jet or the show’s official account. Kinda odd.


    1. They’re now on their 3rd straight week of reruns. SiriusXM and the NH OTA affiliates can’t be be happy about the fact that he has time to do the morning shift on EEI but not his own show. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plug is pulled soon.


  8. Yet another “industry awards” shows how worthless most, if not all, are.



  9. The fact people can’t see Minihane is playing a character is mind-boggling to me. Like, people think his “meltdowns” are real? Yelling at Gerry or Sausage is a bit. It’s his real personality turned up to 100. I mean, c’mon….


    1. His role playing though has consequences: it’s a small universe in the media in this town and don’t think people aren’t taking note of Minihane’s jibes. He’s only getting as far as he does because he’s allowed; you’re right. But sooner or later he will cross some lines with people less inclined to
      roll with the role. My point has always been with this guy that he’s left himself no wiggle room career-wise – – for him to ever backtrack on this persona he’s been allowed to create would undermine whatever niche he has in sports media, and those who were never amused in the
      first place will react accordingly. Anyone who doesn’t think this guy is making real enemies out there also doesn’t get that however superficial the
      surface is in that business, these people play for keeps.


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