A second unplanned absence from WEEI this year left many people wondering what was going on with morning host John Dennis. Some listeners wondered about his health, others speculated there was a suspension going on.

Things were cleared up last night when the Herald’s Steve Buckley broke the news that Dennis was entering rehab for alcohol use:

Rehab for John Dennis; WEEI host to take leave

Dennis tells Buckley that “rock bottom” for him came Monday during the Red Sox home opener. It was enough to convince him that he needed to seek help. He took a leave of absence from WEEI and entered a local inpatient facility where he is expected to stay or four or five weeks.

Statement from John Dennis – Statement from Dennis, which he says will be the last he’ll talk about it.

WEEI Morning Show Co-Host John Dennis to Enter Alcohol Rehabilitation – Chad Finn makes his report on the situation.

It would be easy to pile on and kick Dennis while he’s down. Many will do so. I’ll let others take that route and instead just wish him well, and hope he comes out of rehab a better person. It takes courage to admit you have a problem and to take steps to deal with it.


The Celtics finished off their regular season last night with a 105-100 win in Milwaukee. The Celtics finished the regular season with a 40-42 record. They finished the season 24-12.

Two years ago the Celtics went 41-40. That team had Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo (until he was injured) Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Doc Rivers and Courtney Lee.

None of those guys are here now.

Here is their playoff schedule:

Game 1 – Sun, Apr 19
3:00 PM
Game 2 – Tue, Apr 21
7:00 PM
Game 3 – Thu, Apr 23
7:00 PM
Game 4 – Sun, Apr 26
1:00 PM
Game 5 – Tue, Apr 28
Game 6 – Thu, Apr 30
Game 7 – Sat, May 2

28 thoughts on “John Dennis In Rehab

  1. Let’s talk about the real issue here- God help us if it’s going to be Tanguay as the fill-in the entire time.

  2. I’ve always been a Tanguay hater, but I actually thought he was pretty good the last couple of days. He certainly wasn’t bad enough to drive me to the O&A wannabes on 98.5, at least Tanguay knows sports unlike those two clowns. What gets me is that any place you see this story posted, you have people laughing and ripping John Dennis, and then saying its because he’s an a-hole. Like ripping a guy for these issues isn’t being an ahole?

    1. I understand why people don’t like John Dennis. He has obviously said a lot of things that make him unlikable. He has also made fun of alcoholism which seems to make people think they now have a license to go after him for being an alcoholic. The time to go after JD was when he says those things. It is not time to stand over him finger wagging now.

      With Tanguay on the show I have been driving with one finger on the tuner ready to change the channel. There are times I change the channel just at the sound of his voice.

      1. I didn’t say i didn’t understand why people don’t like him. I certainly do. But by piling on him now, thats the same reason people hate him.

      2. It’s the hypocrisy. Spend hours trashing Phillip Seymour Hoffman, for example, and you’ll get little sympathy when the tables are turned. If Dennis had acknowledged other people’s struggles, he’d be getting a lot less crap right now.

          1. Ok, well first that’s not exactly trashing him, second, PSH was drugs not alcohol, and 3rd you said they were trashing him for hours. That’s one tweet.

        1. Charlotte, the proper time to trash Fatty will be when returns to the airwaves as a completely unchanged man.

  3. I lost a co-worker not long ago because they refused help and ultimately their body succumbed to the effects of long term drinking. I’m glad that Dennis is getting help and he, his friends, co-workers, and family will not have to deal with what we went through.

  4. I won’t pile on here, much as I’d like to, because that’s something that John Dennis would do.

  5. I hope Mr Dennis gets the help he needs and I hope everyone treats him how he has treated those with issues in the past.

    I’m a complicated man.

  6. I go back and forth on John Dennis. At times he is unlistenable…although now I have to wonder if those times were fueled by substance rather than a lack of common sense…while other times I find him refreshing, on point and a pretty good radio show guy (good teases, moves in and out of callers well, moves from topic to topic well).

    The people I know who have worked with John Dennis say he is a pretty good guy (read that as not too much of a diva). I think admitting you have a problem and seeking out help for it shows a certain amount of maturity. I wish him the best of luck as he battles his demons. Having said that, I find it rather silly that he can’t lose his job to someone better while he is out injured…what is WEEI the Red Sox?

    1. I apply the general: takes courage to admit you need help line. From watching a close friend + family member deal with something like it, I’ve learned to put down the “do I like them or not”.

      From reading it, it sounds like he’s genuine. Many do it as a “oops, I said something bad and need help..” which is just some ply to buy sympathy, and really just a PR move.

      So, applying that, if the article aids in one person who needs help seeking it, then he did some good.

  7. A 63-year-old sports media hack who acknowledges a need to ‘grow up’ tells you everything you need to know about the profession.

        1. It’s a terrific show, I love the production and character development. Could be the best show since Sopranos if they stick with it.

  8. First: Good luck to John. Like him or not he deserves universal support. That said, it would be interesting if one of the esteemed BSMW commenting team could compile John’s comments on similar issues. Hernandez weed and PCP. Tiger Woods and whatever he was taking. Ortiz and roids. Harry Reid. Bob Lobel.
    Kevin Faulk. Dennard. Not sure how easy it is to review on air history vs. Twitter and other written comments.

    Glass houses.

    Though I would prefer an all new morning show on both stations, I wish John the best in his recovery and will gladly continue to listen upon his return.

  9. Finn on SoSH:

    Told Tanguay is filling in at least through the end of next week. Or until Ordway locks him out of the studio and seizes control.

  10. Whoever is running Dino’s twitter account, is whitewashing it’s sordid past.

    Is this step one?

  11. Hmm the patriots are visiting the white house Thursday does that mean the wells report will be out by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning

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