Help me out here.

So John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, who were once suspended for making racist remarks on the air, Kirk Minihane, who was suspended for calling a woman a “gutless bitch” and saying she should “drop dead” on the air, and John Tomase, who forced his paper to issue a public retraction and apology for a story he wrote, (but kept his job) have been the ones leading the charge for accountability for Twitter trolls?

Has anyone looked at John Dennis’ Twitter account? At times, he’s barely a notch above the idiots they’ve been condemning all week.

I have no issue with Curt Schilling putting the misogynistic morons who defamed his daughter on blast. (Though, if he’s as experienced with the Internet as we think he is, didn’t he realize something like this was likely to happen?) I recognize that D&C&M and Tomase have the audience and platform to bring attention to this situation.

I just wish they weren’t such blatant hypocrites.

Chad Finn looks at the Schilling story as well as another Twitter snafu from the week:

Sports incidents provide cautionary tales on Twitter


The NFL salary cap is complicated and confusing, there’s no doubt about it. Cap space, cash spending, carryover, signing bonuses, Top 51 rule -it’s easy to get things mixed up.

Enter Miguel Benzan. His Patriots Salary Cap Information Page has long been an essential resource for any Patriots fan. Also, his blog on provides outstanding breakdowns of individual situations and he’s a must follow on Twitter, as well.

It’s been good to see him getting more and more credit and recognition from the mainstream media, and watching him (gently) correct reporters on the facts in their coverage is fun.


There was an interesting media story around the Celtics yesterday, as it was reported early in the morning that the team would be signing free agent center JaVale McGee to a contract through next season. Jeff Goodman of ESPN was the first on the story. Other outlets confirmed the story, and even Danny Ainge himself sort of confirmed it on his appearance on 98.5’s Toucher and Rich program.

Outlets went about producing content to reflect the signing, and what it would mean for the team.

But later in the day, the venerable Steve Bulpett of the Herald broke the news that McGee would not be coming to the Celtics, that the two sides could not reach agreement on a contract.

There followed a bit of confusion online, the Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach was on an airplane and continued tweeting as if the deal was going through, and promoted an updated story on the situation, before realizing the deal had fallen through and having to correct himself, but having no access to a phone to confirm.

In many ways this incident was a symbol of the new media world we inhabit. In the “old” days, the story wouldn’t have even been reported until the next day, and would’ve just been a footnote, with the team coming “close to signing” McGee but ultimately not being able to. The need for constant, real-time content isn’t always conducive to accuracy.

No one is really to blame for how the reporting was done, Goodman went with what he knew, and others confirmed it, but it wasn’t final yet, and things happen. In the end, the real scoop went to Bulpett.


84 thoughts on “Twitter, Cap and JaVale, Oh My!

  1. Uh oh, Bruce. Suggesting that Schill should have known his daughter would be defamed as a result of his tweet is a big no-no for some of your readers. How dare you!

    1. “He should have know Jared Remy was a serial domestic abuser when he was traded here in ’04” – OLH

      1. “I don’t understand the concept of quotation marks.” – Matthew McKnight

          1. I believe the logic is going over your head, slick. And you should seriously consider going anonymous.

          2. Still waiting for you to build the bridge between this and 04 Jared Remy. Until then I’m not letting it go.

          3. I never said there was a connection, Matthew. You should ask the person who did. Or let it go. Or continue to harass me like the internet trolls that you so despise. Up to you. Just remember that your strange and angry ramblings have your name and picture attached to them. Your funeral, bub.

          4. LMAO Thanks for your concern but I’m not worried about it. And I guess your “BAM!” and subsequent argument with me where you compared Schill to a Nazi were not written because you actually agreed that there was a connection. Ok bub. Have a great weekend in anonymityville.

          5. Yeah, see, no one made a connection between the two things. That’s what you and another person on here can’t seem to comprehend. You two just reference a person or persons claiming a connection. Fact is that no one on here has done so. But don’t let the facts get in your way of getting angry at strangers on a message board, lad. Now, did I concur with the sentiment of the person who first referenced Jared Remy? BAM! I did. But neither (s)he nor I made a connection between Jared Remy and the Schilling twitter situation. Anyway, the repeated mention of anonymity hurts. Bad. You win, Matthew McKnight. Have a nice life.

          6. Yep and concurring with the sentiment that Curt Schilling should have said something about Jared Remy in 2004 is asinine, so is concurring with the notion that he stole tax money (though much much MUCH less so).

          7. You’re entitled to your opinion, Matthew. As am I. I feel that you fail to grasp many of the ideas expressed by those criticizing Mr. Schilling. Furthermore, you and others tend to ignore certain points while hyper-focusing on other ones in order to avoid admitting fault in your logic. You, in particular, have a bad habit of attributing statements to posters who did not make them. You’ve actually gone so far as to fabricate them. That said, I can agree to disagree. Good day.

          8. I’m all set. I find you to be quite unsettling and wouldn’t feel safe making a connection. Good day.

  2. I get they need a rim protector but not Javale. Never Javale. Really glad that deal fell through.

  3. Can someone explain to me how the Jared Remy alleged murder of the mother of his child is at all relevant to trolls sending derogatory tweets to Schilling’s daughter? Is there an apparent connection I don’t see? Seems like that’s the justification to troll Curt for issuing a public congratulations to his daughter, but I could be mistaken …

    1. Minor note: You can stop saying “alleged murder” when it comes to Jared Remy. He was convicted and confessed.

  4. “(Though, if he’s as experienced with the Internet as we think he is, didn’t he realize something like this was likely to happen?)”

    Yes, indeed.

    1. Oh, come on, man. Certain people on here are going to attack ME for what YOU just posted. Another has already blocked me cause he didn’t like my response to his ridiculous question (even though my response was an option that he himself entertained).

      1. Isn’t it funny that none of the people that went completely bananas over my comments in the previous thread, responding with one poorly conceived Straw Man after another, have responded to Bruce with the same nonsensical BS?

        Maybe, just maybe, they’ve come to grips with their naivety.

        1. I’m just not sure that Schilling actually anticipated what would happen. Maybe he did–I don’t know–but he doesn’t strike me as very intelligent. More I think he just loves living large, and having people know what he’s up to. It was one of his most lovable characteristics as an athlete but now, with the backlash to his politics and his really foolish online antics on other topics, he’s become an aggravation. I don’t know and don’t care to what extent he did or didn’t predict the outcome of his original tweet. I do know that he needlessly exposed his daughter to abuse, which is the opposite of what a father should do.

          If he’s such a supposedly hard-core gamer, I wonder if he ever had any coherent thoughts on gamergate. Seems not, since he’s only now clued into what online abuse can turn into. And to paraphrase Felger: Curt, if the Twitter trolls are getting you down…get off of Twitter. Bullying over. Even his daughter will know enough to limit her exposure to it from now on.

          1. I have to give you credit, sir. Although you aren’t in complete agreement with the likes of myself, mediablowhards, Bruce, et al, you are willing to admit that, because of who Curt Schilling, there is a lot of gray area in this situation.

        2. Great point. Not only are they not addressing Bruce, but they’re attributing ideas to people who didn’t express them. Some even going so far as to fabricate general statements and direct quotes. The bottom line with them seems to be: If you’re critical of Schilling, then you support what happened to his daughter. It’s quite absurd.

  5. The worst thing about what Kirk did with the Erin Andrews incident is that his on air bullying and mysoginistic comments weren’t off the cuff. No, it was a calculated attempt by him to get attention and it was an old radio trick. The old trick of he was taking some time off anyways so you get a phony suspension. Gives the show,the station and his brand a dose of publicity. I just think he comes off as a real phony. I never bought his act from the start. Which makes his comments even more vile.

    1. Wouldn’t Pittino be the more apt comparison? I know I am slightly out of context but still.

  6. I go away for two days and miss all the good stuff. Bruce…you can’t blame the victim. I am sorry. I don’t accept that because Twitter is a cesspool Schilling should have known that his daughter was going to be uncomfortably threatened because he had the audacity to congratulate her. People don’t like Schilling…as a RI resident and tax payer I get it. As a conservative I understand why he is hated by people just for breathing. What I do not understand is why his actions bare any blame for the attack on his daughter. They are two separate actions and only are linked because people used one, his congratulating his daughter as a pretext to have it be acceptable to unfairly and unconscionably attack her. It is insidious. It is why some people, like me, find any and all attempts to make Kurt Schilling take any blame for this situation just flat out wrong.

    As for the accusations that Schilling is a fame whore…he is guilty as charged. I will not defend him from that accusation. The only thing I will say is Kurt Schilling is a big boy. At no time when he has been attacked has he resorted to putting the accusers. He only reacted this way when he thought his daughter’s safety was threatened. I do not see him being a hypocrite at all. I see him being a father.

    As for your comments about John, Gerry, minihane and Tomase…You are completely right they are hypocrites. They have little to no credibility. Yet they are all completely correct in this case.

    1. +1 LTD. Congratulating your daughter for going to college is supposed to generate rape threats? Even for Twitter that’s disgusting.

      1. No, in a perfect world, it “isn’t”, but when you’re a celebrity that is well known for quarrelling with people on Twitter, it does, because that is the nature of the technology.

        My god, you guys couldn’t be any more naive.

      2. You don’t need Twitter to congratulate your daughter. You need Twitter to tell the world you’re congratulating your daughter.

        1. I completely agree. Further if all of the negative comments were directed at Schilling for being a self promoting Shill…I again agree that he would be at fault and I think he would have handled things differently. The issue and where we disagree is that the comments that came back were directed at and to his daughter. Her crime is that she was born to Curt and Shonda? The use of modern communication forums should not be off limits to Curt just because he is famous, nor should his daughter’s life be threatened because he used a medium that 500 mill other people across the planet use in a similar fashion. Curt did not need to think about potential repercussions to his daughter because there should not have been any. To blame him is akin to blaming the girl who gets raped because she is pretty and popular.

          1. He’s had personal experience of this. For one, online harrassment isn’t the same as rape. I doubt that any of those trolls would even dare talk to him or her in person. Second, being a public personality, as he is, entails higher-than-normal responsibility, because he and his family are targets. That’s the nature of fame. Nobody except the people we know much care if you or I post things about our family. But one of the region’s, if not the country’s, most recognizable people doing so? Careless by any standard.

    2. No, you still don’t get it.

      Bruce (and I) aren’t blaming Curt for the actions of other people, we’re saying that Curt should have expected these actions based on his prior experience with the technology.

      Maybe the difference is too subtle for your undeveloped intellect.

      Also, you earned 1,000,000 Internet points for pulling a Peter King and attempting to paint yourself as a victim in all of this. “As a conservative” bwahahahahahahahaha

      1. I get it. You think because there may be blow back, Schilling should have taken that into consideration before he made the initial post. I think that is wrong. Not only should he not have expected blow back for congratulating his daughter, he should not have had to deal with his daughter being threatened or any other type of blow back. Having a key board and anonymous twitter handle does not give you permission to be an ass. I am thinking the that difference is not subtle but I have been wrong before.

        as for being a victim…As a conservative I never consider myself anything more than a down trodden minority who never gets ahead without government help 😛

        1. “Having a key board and anonymous twitter handle does not give you permission to be an ass.”

          Permission of whom, the government, society, the culture? The people that do these things don’t ask for permission. The technology simply allows for it to happen.

          1. We agree…they just do it because they do not fear consequences. That does not mean there potentially there will not be any. In this case there were actual consequences and several people are being forced to reexamine their behavior. Whether or not it will affect others is to be seen…but if the marketplace can be used as Schilling did to regulate this type of behavior I think that is a good thing.

          2. No, I think Schilling has some responsibility in this. What you post online you post at your own risk. It’s not exempting the Twitter trolls from blame–they deserve it–but rather to point out that Curt should have known better. What he’s proved is that he’s learned nothing from several years of online experience. It’s not like he should be new to the concept of the harrassment of females online, either–a gamer like him would presumably have heard of gamergate, and what’s happened to women simply doing their jobs. That some people behaved odiously does not exempt Curt from responsibility of knowing better.

          3. The argument is whether Curt is to blame for his DAUGHTER being threatened because of something he posted as a congratulations. He did so using a communications method that 500 mill other people use. Making that type of post should not invite the responses it did that were directed towards his DAUGHTER…towards him…sure…all is fair game….but not towards her. To blame him for any of this is blaming the victim. He should not have to refrain from using a twitter because he is famous and some people do not like him. Likewise he should not have to avoid going to a market or restaurant because his presence may bring out crazy people. He should not have to live like a prisoner because other people do not know how to act around someone they disagree with.

          4. As the father of his daughter, and supposedly having some awareness, personally and through the gaming environment he’s so familiar with, he was a bit reckless. Did he or she deserve the online backlash they got? Of course not. But would a moment’s thought have caused him to realize that it was a possibility? Of course. And I’ll say again that his daughter will probably have the sense to limit her online exposure from now on as a result of this. I can’t say the same for Curt.

          5. But they should not have to. That is what you are missing. They should be free to use services/mediums like twitter just like the rest of us without fear. The only people at fault are the cyber bullies/cowards.

          6. That’s not the nature of fame. Why do actors and actresses use pseudonyms in hotels? (They do.) Should they not be free of paparazzi? (They usually aren’t.) In the world as it is, fame has its costs, and one of those costs is having a pack of interested viewers at pretty much all times–particularly when the famous person courts the attention (as Schilling certainly does).

            Once more: I’m not excusing the harrassers. They deserve to be exposed and face penalties for the disgusting things they said. They’re guilty of harrassment, plain and simply. But Curt is a fool for using the medium to engage antagonistically with so many people for so long–to say nothing of the viciousness of the online gaming environment he says he’s familiar with–and not have some inkling of what could happen.

            I can think of plenty of examples of young women whose photos were accidentally posted online (not necessarily even through breakup revenge) who then received really frightening online harrassment by stalkers. The piranha are out there. To be a high-profile personality like Curt and not have any inkling of what might happen is to be as dumb as a rock. He’s been playing with fire on Twitter for years. I have no sympathy for the harrassers but no pity for him, either.

  7. Jason Cole, formerly of Yahoo! Sports, now of Bleacher Report is a Blowhard and a Joke:

    Cole, three days ago: Free Agents ‘Leery’ of Chip Kelly’s Philosophy After McCoy Trade

    The Real World, today: Frank Gore to sign with Eagles

  8. Turned on the radio this AM (WEEI) and swore I accidentally opened up my BSUNF app.

    Ordway filling in for J.D. on D&C. Interesting.

    Looks like he’s in all week.

    1. I was all set to make a post this morning about Ordway. I was out driving at 5:00 am on Sunday morning and because there is nothing not he radio I streamed his Friday show. It dawned on me that the only interesting part of the show was his media criticism segments. So I was thinking that perhaps WEEI would be smart to give Ordinary the 6:00 – 7:00 hour and have him host a Media critic show as a counter programming to the Baseball Reporters and as a lead in to Sox games in the summer and full time the rest of the year.

      Then I was driving this morning and he was filling in for Dino and I thought…why would he do it and more importantly why would WEEI have him in. I know he and Jerry get along well, as I understand it he and Dino also get along well. But I wonder if Dino is really looking at retiring and they are looking at Big O as replacement. Or I wonder if they are getting him back into the family and then they will move out the midday show and either bring back Glenn or move D&H back and put Glenn back in prime time.

      Having said all of that…I too was surprised to hear him on WEEI’s airwaves. The Unfiltered experiment must not be making any money.

      1. Yeah, a bit surprising, except that (beyond his personal relationships with the morning hosts) that Ordway is certainly the most recognizable personality available for fill-in duty. (I still chuckle thinking about the intro to that Sports Tonight episode after he got fired when he filled in as host for a week.) And yeah, doesn’t say much about the worth of (or his attachment to) the Unfiltered project.

    1. But but but all of the mediots and fans that are smarter than BB complained that McCourty was DEFINITELY LEAVING after they didn’t slap (sic) the franchise tag on him.

  9. You know what I’d love to see today? Another 200 asinine pointless comments about Curt Schilling and Twitter. Because that’s super relevant to Boston sports right now.

    1. Is something else being discussed that I am not aware of? Did they cancel the rest of the NHL and NBA seasons…I have not been paying attention. 😛

    1. Felger understands the cap just fine. He resorts to lying about it because it fits his agenda; Robert Kraft is cheap and Belichick is a terrible GM.

      1. Um, not really. No doubt he’ll be breathing fire if this Revis news turns out to be true, and he’s returning to the Jets, but I’ve never heard him call the Krafts cheap. He does in fact understand their business model well enough to talk about the idea of budgeting, of not overvaluing any one player. (Not the same as being cheap.) And I’ve never heard him call Belichick a terrible GM–just that he’s not as good a GM as a coach. Figuring out the cap is just arithmetic. It’s tedious but straighforward.

  10. So yesterday Felger spent a good three hours discussing the different moves the Pats would need to make to fit under the cap. He suggested they could go to Mayo for money, he wanted them to look at Amendola, Vollmer, and a host of others. As I was listening to it I was laughing. This is the guy who repeatedly says the Cap is Crap. Yet for 3 hours yesterday he was leading a discussion as to how the Patriots should get under the cap and the hard decisions it will mean they will have to make.

    The thing that struck me is that no one…not Mazz, not Murray, not a caller…called him on his hypocrisy.

    1. Mazz and Murray don’t want to rock the boat. A listener calling him out on his hypocrisy would never get on air.

    2. That’s the point he constantly makes, LTD. Not that the cap doesn’t exist, but that it can be maneuvered around. Teams do in fact need to restructure and finagle dollars to do that, but it’s possible. “The cap is crap” is nothing more than a soundbite distillation, a conscious oversimplification. I don’t see why fans continue to make such a big deal out of the idea. Contrast the NFL’s cap, which can be managed with restructurings and bonuses to the point that the cap hit rarely correlates with the actual dollar amount a player receives in any one year, with, say, the NHL (or even the NBA) cap, where restructuring isn’t possible. The Bruins really are stuck with Chiarelli’s deals, unless he can trade a few players off, because he can’t renegotiate. And that’s the crux of the matter.

      1. The point he misses is that the NFL has a hard cap. So yes you can move money around. You can maneuver. But in the end decisions do have to be made with the cap in mind. He infuriates listeners like me when he says the Cap is Crap because as Tom Curran has repeatedly explained to Felger the Cap is not Crap it is a real wall. The issue with the caps in the NBA and the NHL on the other hand are like you point out the Guaranteed Contracts that the players receive. Because of them you are correct the Bruins are stuck with the bad Chiarelli contracts and the Celtics can’t rebuild because every time they look to get better they have to balance the move by voiding money usually a good player on the other end. The NFL Cap is not Crap…it caused the Patriots to lose Vince, Vereen, Revis, Browner and Ridley this offseason.

        1. The difference is the ability to renegotiate. That’s why the cap winds up being fungible. When you can rework the deals with damn near your entire team to facilitate more signings, that really reduces the importance of the cap. Once more, I don’t understand why a throwaway soundbite like “cap is crap” causes such anger in fans. One reason why the Patriots have had such an extended run of success is that they manage with a much clearer view of obligations 3-5 years down the road than other teams seem to–to a fault, as seems to be the case now with Revis. You can find plenty of examples–the Redskins of the last ten years–of teams stupidly spending themselves into a corner. That’s what the Patriots want to avoid. (Significantly, no word yet on how much of Revis’ contract with the Jets is guaranteed.) But NFL salaries can be managed to a degree far exceeding any other sport (even baseball, which doesn’t have a cap but also won’t allow restructuring–the reason why A-Rod never came to Boston).

          1. The reason the Cap is Crap slogan drives people crazy is that Felger uses it to say the Team can sign anyone regardless of cost. That is not true yet he perpetuates the myth.

          2. He certainly cultivates that impression often enough. I wouldn’t say Felger is quite Stern-like (to say nothing of the likes of beck or limbaugh) in terms of what he suggests versus what he actually says, but he does come up to to the line pretty frequently. That’s part of his trolling schtick, and I find his commentary intelligent enough (laugh if you must : ) that I can brush off the trolling. He never says the Pats can just go hog wild and sign everybody–that was Snyder’s desire–but he usually finds one guy and harps on, “They can get THIS guy if they really wanted to!” But I’ve never taken “cap is crap” to be anything more than a cute mnemonic.

  11. @WWIIFelger Hearing Reality has declined ’15 option on @RonBorges makes him free to sign w/ Wandering Streets in Bathrobe.

    Has Ron Borges been sitting with his trigger finger on [ENTER] since 4pm for the column he started writing back in 2002 that the Patriots/BB are DONE if Revis doesn’t resign here?

  12. Well, its over. Revis is a Jet. Don’t bear any ill feelings towards the guy, he was a huge part in us winning the Super Bowl. Can’t help but be disappointed though! No matter what happens, our secondary will be a lot weaker next year.

    Media-wise, this is exactly what the media elite wanted. Now they get to act like the Pats didn’t win the Super Bowl and will spend years crushing them for this.

    1. Got his ring. He was going to whatever team guaranteed him the most money. Winning means nothing to him now. It is what it is. I’m on to whoever BB brings in next.

      1. I actually saw some “fan” post in a forum that he was “ashamed to be a Patriots fan” this morning. They just won the Super Bowl less than six weeks ago, and this guy is “ashamed” that they didn’t offer a 31 y/o defensive back a retirement package; they merely saw fit to make him a great, but not an insane offer and, Revis being Revis, it wasn’t good enough, because he’s always been about making the most money (and who can blame him?). I know a lot of fans are immature, impatient yahoos, but I find it hard to believe that this guy’s attitude when things like this happen (and they happen almost every year with the Pats) isn’t being driven in part by how 90% of the media in this town “covers” the team.

        1. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg situation. Are these types of reactions informed by the media, or does the media play to these types of mindsets? It’s probably a bit of both feeding off each other.

          1. Yes, I think it’s both. Most fans have an uninformed, emotional reaction to developments in sports, and, rather than providing information and perspective, most in the media make things worse by pushing the emotional buttons.

          2. I think you and Oswee are correct. It’s both. A lot of fans are irrational and tend to emotionally overreact to news like this, but the media, save for a few exceptions, merely plays to that emotionalism rather than trying to present a rational, measured analysis of the situation.

          3. Growing up around Boston, I can understand the angry fan mindset to a degree. The Red Sox and Patriots were horribly run organizations for decades, and even when they put a good season it would end in horrible fashion (Game 6, 86 Super Bowl/drug scandal). Now they are arguably the best-run franchises in their respective leagues, with 7 titles since 2002. Before this renaissance, the teams deserved all the criticism they got, and probably more. But now? The Sox erred in hiring Valentine and signing Crawford (most notably) and were rightly criticized for the way they treated Francona, but they have spent money, developed a strong farm system, and improved scouting, the ballpark experience and team facilities. (but wait, they sold bricks!!!) The Patriots are the best organization in football by every meaningful measure. Revis will be very hard to replace but he is 31 and only 2 years removed from significant injury. (Funny, we went from having crappy sports teams without successful organizational philosophies, and now the Patriots and Sox are criticized for it and are constantly told they need to make an exception “just this once.” What happened when one of these team deviated from the plan just this once? The 2012 Red Sox.)
            Fans will be fans. Some are just plain stupid, and you can’t change that. But many are too busy to really understand the issues, so they just parrot the “information” provided to them by the most prominent media sources (Globe, EEI 98.5, ESPN). For that reason, the media is falling down on he job – on purpose.

        2. Sounds like a bandwagon fan or someone below the age of about ~20.

          Can’t help it. They’re everywhere. I stopped following anyone who posts that but the better guys I follow always R/T the “fans” who say stuff like that. Pure entertainment.

          The sad thing is–and, this goes without saying–is that many in the media are the same way. True feelings or just making for good radio/print.

    2. Yep. Batten down the hatches.

      I don’t blame the guy one bit for maximizing what’s likely his last big payday. Glad he was here for a year; glad he got a ring with us. Because he ain’t gettin’ one with the Jets anytime soon…

  13. Good morning everyone
    Revis have fun playing on a 5 and 11 jets team and living large in ny.

    BB. What is the plan now ? A lot of good core players are and have left the team…
    I guess time will tell but I think there on to a New Plan at Foxboro . We’re onto New Plan…

    I definitely won’t be listening to the Mazz and flager show. .or much of anyone else’s crap until the dust settles

    About Gresh, I miss him with zo. The Beatle thing is not working with me? Am I the only one feeling that way ?

    Isn’t a prefect time for the small balls report to come out now ?

    Jets tampering charge any word nfl lol

  14. If this doesn’t make the real douchebags in this market even more transparent than usual. Merloni’s narcissism seems even stronger than Benz’s. Fauria lost as usual (talk about a show dragging EEI’s relatively improved line up down). Bertrand “coming down hard on the team” while rejecting any notion that perhaps Revis may have just wanted to go back to the Jets because there’s not enough evidence of it…yet apparently ready to believe every rumor and report about what the Patriots actually offered (as if we know for sure). No question he’s brought some F+M to 10am which is apparently what 98.5 wanted in the first place.

    This is what happens when you project next season’s roster — as well as its wins and losses — on March 11th. I’m not going to pretend they can easily replace Revis but something tells me we’ll want to bookmark some of these clowns’ comments and tweets by the time we get to the end of next year.

    1. Remember when the Bucs traded for Revis and he elevated them from 7-9 to 4-12? Just sayin’.

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