At this point we can just admit that ESPN has giving up any hope of doing actual reporting, right?

They’ve just turned into ProFootballTalk when it comes to the Patriots.

Seriously, what is this junk?

Patriots locker room attendant tried to put unapproved ball into AFC final

There is nothing there. Absolutely nothing. All it is is red meat to dangle in front of the CHEATERS crowd. (and Kirk Minihane and Tim Benz.)

In fact, all this “report” does is muddy the waters even further, and directly contradict early ESPN reporting. What’s more, they cite within the story reports from Chris Mortensen, Jay Glazer and even ProFootballTalk, but completely leave out the report made by Ian Rapoport.

Moreover, this is from Outside The Lines, which is purported to be the last bastion of actual investigative, stick-to-journalistic integrity at the network.

CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley, who has done great work in hitting back at this entire under-inflated football scandal, has a good takedown of the report today:

New ESPN DeflateGate Report Paints Problematic Picture Of Entire Situation

It’s been encouraging to listen to Lou Merloni this morning, as well as the new Bertrand and Zolak pairing taking apart the report and exposing it for what it really is – sensationalistic clickbait.

More worrisome is the continued one-sided leaks that come from this “thorough and objective” independent investigation led by men with “impeccable” credentials, who “will not compromise the investigation by engaging in speculation.”

How’s that Revis tampering case coming along, anyhow?


16 thoughts on “Another Kick at the Balls from ESPN

  1. As I’ve stated before, the damage is done. As Pats fans we will have to hear about this for years no matter what is/not found out. We still hear all about the filming of the Rams, even though the Herald has apologized for it. We hear about the filming of signals, even though the NFL has said no competitive advantage was gained. Then there are the multitudes of misconceptions. I saw one person on Twitter say that the Pats recorded the Eagles practices (plural) in 2004 and that is when Spygate took off. These people really believe this crap.

    Troll for clickbait, be the first to “report” something, and let the chips fall where they may for the players and fans of the team you are tearing down bit by bit.


    1. Only the BB “tell-all” book after he retires will begin to unravel some of this nonsense. Of course, the media, out of pure dislike, have routinely called him a liar for years — without any evidence of him being one — so anything that appears in said tell-all book will be dismissed by 95% of them as “more lies”.


  2. I never used to buy into the whole “The media is out to get the Patriots” but at this point, with ESPN anyway, I believe it.


  3. Tuned into Gresh and Wallach on 98.5 this morning for about 5 minutes (yes, trolls, just 5 minutes).

    Gresh was screaming about what a disaster it would be, in terms of contract negotiations in the future, with other players, if McCourty is franchised or if McCourty is outright not re-signed, with the conclusion that this could only possibly happen because McCourty’s would-be money entirely goes to Revis.

    I understand they have to fill four hours, but this speculative whining and trying to proven oneself smarter than Bill the G.M. is simply not at all entertaining or interesting.

    And back to flipping through the presets on my car’s radio.


  4. On the Revis tampering charges espn , Indy star, pro football talk, are reporting that the patriots are losing a first round pick in 2016 draft a second in 17 for bringing up against the jets


  5. Puzzling to me is why the sports media cabal, absorbing well-deserved rocks and bottles thrown at them for their boorish, unprofessional behavior, essentially ‘double down’ and act even MORE boorish and unprofessional. It is, without doubt, right up there with lawyers as the most hated profession around. And yet the focus isn’t on ‘How can we stem the tide against us?’ but rather, “Let’s do MORE of what makes us so hated.”


  6. We give ESPN too much credit. Like any show on TV, they make money putting people in front of the screen. It would be nice if they could include some actual journalism and fact checking in with the highlights but that’s a lot to ask from the dog and pony show they have become. It’s about making money, plain and simple. Walter Cronkite had it right many years ago when he said: “It’s more important to be right than be first”. Unfortunately, the media has left that idea in the rear view mirror as their collective integrity circles the drain.


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