The Bruins have struggled to score in the early going this season, and while they played a littler better yesterday, goals were still hard to come by, and the end result – a Colorado goal with 0.4 seconds left to break a 1-1 tie was depressing.

Game Stories/Commentary:

Avs beat the clock, and Bruins 
at Garden – Steve Conroy

Bruins lose to Avalanche on last-second goal – Amalie Benjamin

Boston Bruins lose a shocker as scoring drought continues – Mike Loftus

Bruins’ misfiring offense leads to thin margin of error – Fluto Shinzawa

Three things that are wrong with the Bruins right now – DJ Bean

Colorado beats Bruins, 2-1, on last-second goal – Mark Divver.

Bruins need to reverse course fast – Joe McDonald.

What we learned from the Bruins’ 2-1 loss – Joe Haggerty.

Conroy also had a feature in the Improper Bostonian on goalkeeper Tuukka Rask – The Rask Factor

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The Patriots are on a very short week as they face the New York Jets on Thursday night, and will do so minus Jerod Mayo and Steven Ridley, both of whom are reportedly lost for the season.

The team’s win in Buffalo was an encouraging one in many aspects, though don’t tell that to the Boston Globe/ Twitter mafia, who couldn’t find much positive to take away from the win.

Brady & Company: Little Things Pay Off Big – Matt Chatham looks at narrative crunch time coming on the WEAPONZ talk.

Jerod Mayo’s duties will fall upon multiple Patriots – Jeff Howe looks at how the Patriots will attempt to fill the void.

Fox fumbled its priorities in AFC debut – Chad Finn was not impressed with the debut of the “cross-flex” system.

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A  few last items:

Mike Napoli slated to undergo surgery for sleep disorder – Rob Bradford has quick report on surgery for the Red Sox first baseman, who recently shaved his beard in preparation for this.

Rich Gedman on list for Red Sox hitting coach – Peter Abraham says the former Sox catcher could be in play to fill the open position.

Bill Russell, K.C. Jones treated like ‘Rock’ stars at Alcatraz – On Sunday, Baxter Holmes had his farewell to the Globe, a longform piece on a 1956 visit to the notorious prison by the USF stars.

Media Circus: Keith Olbermann on burying the hatchet with ESPN – Richard Deitsch with a two-part media column and interview. This is part one.

Keith Olbermann’s future; Jim Calhoun moves to broadcasting – This is part two.


25 thoughts on “Bruins Slow Start Continues With Last Second Loss

  1. Bruce, love the use of storify.

    “@cgasper I like the idea with Tyms to try to stretch the defense, but I would rather see that throw go to Aaron Dobson.”

    These guys are so terrified of being labeled as soft, pajama footy wearing Homers by Shank and Felger, that they’ll literally nitpick anything to death.


        1. Holy hell. What was the point of the Plaxico Burress reference? Seriously, it wasn’t even remotely clever or funny. Also, the idiom is “shooting yourself in the foot” not “shooting yourself in the lower body.” As soon you have to make that change to fit your lame joke, you should realize that it’s just not worth it. Plus the dude went to jail for 2 years and lost millions of dollars as result of the incident. I’d say it was pretty damaging. Unbelievably bad writing there. Like college level creative writing bad.
          But the worst part is that you know the guy sat down to watch the game with pen and paper to take notes on every mistake the Patriots made. This article was conceived well in advance. It was going to be negative no matter the outcome.


        2. Thanks for catching and fixing that. I was posting from work and didn’t have time to check it.


          1. Done the same here. Edit is your friend. Disqus takes some HTML formatting but you can read their help for which ones.


  2. This is what Ollberman (and many other local and national media “personalities” said the same thing) said back in September:

    “You have already forfeited your privilege of resigning,” Olbermann said
    to Goodell, saying that the only way for the NFL “to restore just the
    slightest credibility to the den of liars” that is the league would be
    for them to “fire you.”

    Well as I predicted at the time, Goodell wasn’t fired and the NFL hasn’t lost any credibility. In fact the entire conversation has ended.

    “Goodell must be fired” was the Grand Champion of all time #HotSportsTakez


    1. With KO, you’d be better listing the # of times he doesn’t call for someone’s job. His epic rants, sure to go viral, almost always include some “they’re coming for your job”.

      Apparently, in some media thing recently, he wouldn’t comment much on the Simmons thing. Have to think that Bristol’s brass got to him there.

      He did resonate what most of the writers said and continue to say. Unless TMZ has another tape, or someone else with a smoking gun, we all know that this “review” they’re conducting is about as legit as when Congress investigates itself.

      Bottom line: he’s not going anywhere.

      As for the NFL, I’d be more considered about the on the field product, described well by someone writing for Chatham’s new venture:

      Back to NFL/Goodell: Want to actually make a statement? Cancel cable. You can protest all you want but when 25%+ of your cable bill is going to not just the NFL but other sports leagues, you’re just continuing to fund them. I plan to since I finally got the wife hooked on Netflix, and we’re done with cable once the deal we’re on is up in December.


      1. It’s clear enough, from Goodell’s continued absence from Sunday games (especially during this fraudulent pink promotional month), that the NFL knows he’s a PR liability. Goodell now can’t say a word without everybody looking at him sideways and questioning what’s behind his words (if not laughing outright). Goodell’s job is to be the owners’ Kevlar vest, and as long as they don’t mind his being a laughingstock all the while, he’ll go nowhere.

        (By the way, I work offshore, so I’m gone from home a little over half the time, so it was hard enough to justify spending for sports league plans in the first place…this NFL clownshow over the past several months has made that choice much, much easier. Even down to not ordering their internet radio plan.)


        1. “Goodell’s job is to be the owners’ Kevlar vest, and as long as they don’t mind his being a laughingstock all the while, he’ll go nowhere.”

          You summed it very well. Goodell is their employee. One of my pet peeves of NFL coverage during the Goodell “discipline” era, are the knee-jerk reactions every time he suspends a player, that portray Goodell as operating above the wishers of the owners.

          Goodell’s contract runs through the 2018 season and I would think that the money is guaranteed. At $45 million per season he’s going to be around for a long time.


          1. Yeah, the different leagues seem to have very different types of commissioner. In the NFL, he’s the owners’ puppet. In MLB, it’s even worse–Selig is (was–and will be again) an owner. Only in the NBA does the commish seem to have any degree of actual authority over the owners. I don’t know what the differences are in how they’re selected–in the NFL and MLB, I think it’s by owner vote only, but I’m not sure about the NBA, but I think that’s an onwer-only vote too. There must be some differences in the constitution of the leagues. Unless it’s nothing more than politics–baseball was determined not to have any more Bart Giamattis or Fay Vincents actually holding owners to account. And with the onset of Al Davis’ dotage there were no really renegade NFL owners to curb, so the league could get by with a puppet.


    1. benz is seriously the worst, dare i say worse than salk. nobody cares about spygate around here anymore, it happened, we got penalized, move the f on. its beyond me how he has his job, he adds nothing to the show other than saying “its middays w mfb” like 20 times. what a waste.


      1. Benz is your classic I woke up on 3rd base dbag who decides to have thin skin, be passive aggressive so people leave him alone baby.
        The guy isn’t good he is a wannabe Minihane who has drinken his own kool aid of self importance but isn’t entertaining enough to pull it off.
        Benz complains about everything and then acts like a tough guy with callers because he can hang up on them. News flash Benz YOU WORK in Boston why the F would you bring spygate up for the 100th time if not to tweak your audience. To claim otherwise is a joke just because it was brought up IN NEW YORK and his response is well I can discuss it. Of course you can dbag but your audience in Boston is sick of it.
        He always protects himself from people complaining about it by saying is it news and this toolbag’s act is thin. The best part is you know Benz is to thin skinned to not read these posts. Benz you are barely not the worst on air talent in Boston thank that gasbag Tony Mazz you aren’t the worst and thank your dad for getting you in the job in Boston.
        Go on talking down to your audience being the intellectual savior on the high horse you act like.
        It sucks too because Fauria and Merloni are actually entertaining but their 3rd co-host and his thin skinned F you to the local fanbase attitude hurts the show badly.


    2. While Benz might be worse than Salk, I’m convinced he’ll last much longer at EEI because of his time slot – middays simply don’t matter. Salk was stinking it up in PM drive, a much bigger hit for Entercom to take so they had to move quicker.


    3. I saw Bruce tweet something about Lou taking on Benz about Spygate. Didn’t hear it. Hope he threw this bullshit back at him.

      Tomorrow Benz will argue if Drew Pearson pushed off vs the Vikings in the 1977 NFCCG. Thursday it’ll be “did the Immaculate Reception touch the ground?” And Friday it’ll be how nobody really won The Heidi Game because nobody actually saw it on TV. Middays with MFB!! Your revisionist history leader!


  3. Interesting perspective on things from Bob Ryan.

    ” Talk radio is the driving force of the thought process in America for so many people, and talk radio does not thrive on positive stories. Everyone in talk radio knows that, and there’s a whole generation of big sports fans now who are trained to think automatically about what just went wrong rather than what just went right. I don’t want to participate in that atmosphere any longer and I don’t.”

    I know many believe he is a shadow of his former self but this is a pretty encompassing (and rambling) interview.


    1. ” I don’t want to participate in that atmosphere any longer and I don’t.””

      So, he’ll no longer be appearing on, “Around The Horn” ?…. don’t see how that’s different from talk radio


      1. I’m not sure if he sees ATH as an evolution of a show like Sports Reporters…? If so, why wouldn’t blogging and such be the evolution of the beat writer? Mike Reiss, among others, handles both responsibilities very well so it can be done. The problem is, he doesn’t “want” to do it so he won’t.


  4. From yesterday,

    Among the many to speak out on Twitter in his defense were Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham. “We love and need Bill,” Dunham wrote. “The definition of a REAL (gentle)man in a world of liars and fools.”

    (Sidebar: I don’t know about you but my mind is never made up on even trivial matters such as what side of the bed to roll out of in the morning until Lena Dunham tells me what’s best.)


    But people close to Simmons say he is furious and has been talking a lot about whether ESPN is still the right place for him. He has threatened to leave ESPN before, but this is the most pitched moment yet in their fraught relationship.


    Many of us could trash Simmons all day; SoSH has an entire thread devoted to that. Fine. I look at this as one of those interesting moments in sports media coverage because of what he said. We all know that whatever sports network pays the billions to the leagues bends right over and acts as their PR firm–no different than general news coverage. I think it’s more interesting if he does leave or sets up his departure to do something else. I’m not a fan of Simmons but I think he’d be the guy to do something different, and have a chance to succeed, if that’s where he wants to go.


  5. Things are looking better at EEI so if I’m the PD I just say “what’s old is new again” and put Dale & Holley on mids and bring back Glen. His podcast is doing great though so I doubt he would, as he has no qualms about pulling back the 4th wall on the media, EEI included. I don’t think he and Pete think much about Tim Benz either…lol


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