The Patriots begin the 2014 preseason tonight as they take on the Redskins in Washington. The broadcast begins at 7:30pm ET.

Here are the outlets on which the game will be shown:


Boston – WBZ-TV Ch. 4
Springfield – WWLP-TV Ch. 22

New Hampshire

Manchester – WMUR-TV Ch.9


Portland – WMTW-TV Ch. 8
Bangor – WVII-TV Ch. 7

Rhode Island

Providence – WPRI-TV Ch. 12


Hartford – WTNH-TV Ch. 8


Burlington – WCAX-TV Ch. 3


Honolulu – KFVE-TV Ch. 5

If you are not in range of one of these stations, the game will be rebroadcast on the NFL Network four times in the coming week:

Friday, August 8th – 4:00pm
Sunday, August 10th – 3:00pm
Monday, August 11th – 8:00pm
Thursday, August 14th – 10:00am

The game will also be on the radio on the Patriots Radio Network.


As Chad Finn reported yesterday, DISH Network has dropped CSNNE from its offerings.

Dish Network drops Comcast SportsNet New England

I wish I could say it was because they were disgusted with the likes of Gary Tanguay, Tony Massarotti and company, but that’s the not the case. As you would expect, it’s about money.

Celtics fans on DISH probably shouldn’t panic just yet, these things usually work themselves out once the negotiations go public.

If you missed it earlier this week (how could you?) Brian Scalabrine announced his return to the network in a post parodying  LeBron James return to Cleveland.


In the July ratings book (June 19 – July 16th) Dennis and Callahan and Minihane overtook Toucher and Rich, finishing 2nd in their time slot, which T&R finished 3rd. It’s only a month, but it is still a significant milestone.



16 thoughts on “Patriots Preseason TV Broadcast Information

  1. Interesting that D&C overtook T&R but let’s pump the breaks a bit.
    Toucher and Rich both had significant time off, their replacements are unlistenable. I would expect T&R to climb back to the top.


    1. D&C have also had lots of time off. In fact, just about everyone on each station has been gone for long periods of time during the summer. And this wasn’t something sudden that came out of nowhere. For the last few months D&C&M have been gaining on T&R at a pretty good clip. And I don’t think the football season will help them, like it will Gresh & Zo. Toucher is a Jets fan and they really just plain suck at sports. ‘EEI always loads up for football season and this year is no exception.


      1. EEI loads up for football?? Ya mean by bringing back DeAwful? And, Meter??? Nothing like going back down the road that led to your demise. What other D-listers are in the wings?


        1. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are D-listers?? Adam Schefter? Peter King? Jerod Mayo?

          Where the hell do you get Meter from? He’s been on two shows as a fill-in. What possible connection do you make to the NFL season from that?


    2. Over the course of the last year D&C&M have been making steady and significant ratings gains every quarter on T&R. People need to put aside their loathing of D&C’s politics and just accept that this is not an aberration. A year ago T&R were destroying D&C&M and now they are playing second fiddle. I guarantee that T&R and TSH suits are extremely concerned if not outright panicking. There have been no significant changes in the ratings war between the stations other than the morning shows — and that change has been borderline monumental in such a short timeframe. And the reality of the situation is that T&R have no recourse. They simply don’t know sports and have no interest in it. I predict they try to emulate Felger’s style in an effort to become more sports focused, but it will blow up in their faces. People wll not want to hear negativity and condescension from 2 guys who have no idea what they’re talking about. T&R are done. I’ve been saying they’ll be gone in 3 years. I take that back. They won’t survive 2015. Mark my words.


      1. You almost sounded like you knew what you were talking about…ALMOST.
        Fact is that, one we are talking about 1 MONTH, not a Quarter, during the month T&R missed half of it, when D&C missed time (if they did, i really am not sure) it was one of them. However its also dead season for sports, T&R already didn’t focus on baseball and less was comited given the state of the Sox. Now that its back to football, I expect a big upswing in T&R. Just because they aren’t “hard hitting” sport guys doesn’t mean they can’t deliver an entertaining program.
        Let’s wait until the final numbers come out.
        However you sound like a damn fool saying that T&R won’t survive 2015. D&C have been getting their butts kicked for what 3 years and they have survived, what makes you think in the next year 98.5 blows up the most popular show in Boston???


        1. So your response is to take one thing out of context and then ignore the facts? Over the last year DCM’s ratings have been steadily rising. TR’s ratings have steadily gone down. Those are facts. Also a fact: DCM had higher ratings than T&R this month. I realize that there are 3 of those in a quarter. This is the first time in a long time that DCM have topped TR in monthly ratings. Now, you look at that and make excuses as to why it happened. But I look at it logically: Is it just a coincidence that DCM topped TR this month after a year of one making steady and consistent gains while the other has done just the opposite? Or would it make more sense to see it as a continuance of a trend? Or dare I say, a tipping point?!
          TR have taken time off in the summer before and it didn’t affect their ratings. They’ve maintained their month to month lead through the dead season of sports in the past. The Red Sox were worse in 2012 than this year, so that’s no excuse.
          Now, while you oddly think the return of football will bolster TR, I see it just the opposite. If people want to hear competent Patriots talk in the morning, I think they’ll tune into DCM instead of TR. And it’s not because TR aren’t hard hitting sports guys. It’s because they’re incapable of talking sports.

          You clearly enjoy their comedy stylings. And perhaps they do put on an entertaining show. They just won’t be doing in on 98.5 for much longer. You can call me a fool if and when 2016 rolls around and TR still have a show on TSH.
          Oh, and they’re not even the highest rated show on their own station (FM have that distinction) so they can’t qualify for the most popular show in Boston. I’d point out to you that they only had the 3rd most popular show in their timeslot last month, but you’re big on quarterly tabulations so we’ll wait for those.


          1. Minihane dropped is “gutless bitch” line on July 16th. Could that have caused some movement? The Red Sox storyline of are they buyers or sellers was only real story of July, and WEEI was going to do that better with Bradford/Speier and all the Red Sox management guests they have access to. I think the Bruins’ early exit and complete lack of offseason story lines is also harming T&R. I will freely admit, D&C is improving as a show, and T&R is slipping, I’m not ready to write them off this quick. They can shake up the program, maybe re-assign Wallach, get rid of Adolfo. I don’t think this is a permanent change in the ratings.

            Also, Chad Finn better get an article written about D&C finishing ahead of T&R in the ratings, or Minihane’s claim of a Globe bias is going to look more real.


        2. T&R are radio guys doing sports talk radio in a market that loves sports. TSH as a whole outside of G&Z is Felger radio. Meaning its all about being cynical and drumming up the negative and trolling #hotsportstakes to get callers.

          D&C&M talk sports they actually know sports and get callers to call in. T&R don’t get callers that much and do Adolfo bits like people care. T&R is like Daniel Tosh it was fresh at one point and funny but listening to the same thing everyday is stale. D&C&M go off track a little and are very petty but if I want to hear sports talk radio its not EVEN close.

          For T&R to get better they have to actually engage the audience in sports radio and not have Wallack as their sports guy for thoughts.

          Honestly the TSH is better because people were pissed at how stale EEI had gotten, but F&M have too much influence on the New England sports talk radio. If Felger ever had a co-host who challenge his thoughts and not YARM all day long he would be the king of Boston for the rest of his career. Felger is surrounded by yesman Mazz/Bertrand/Stewart and we the listeners suffer. The best sports talk radio in this market is whenever Jon Ryder hosted, D&C without C, Felger whenever he doesn’t have spineless jellyfish on with him. Listen, to the episode of F&M when Cedric Maxwell was on for an hour about Kevin Love. It was great radio because Felger was challenged and made him up his game instead of YARM Mazz. Felger has mailed it in whenever Mazz is on and sadly that is everyday practically.


  2. I think the real message in the morning ratings is that an interesting show that just talked sports could probably beat both D&C and T&R.




  4. No idea whose idea it was to Fred Toucher as the dominant personality on that show. The more he talks the less I listen, he’s not Howard Stern, never will be, his personal life is not interesting, and the incessant blathering about his personal life and his stammering indignant rants about the most inane moments of his life are why I stopped tuning in. Didn’t turn back to EEI either, there are far better alternatives than either of these shows.


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