The Bruins dropped game one of their second round series with the Montreal Canadiens at the Garden last night, falling 4-3 in double overtime. The Bruins had their chances to win this one, but couldn’t get the big goal when it counted.

As predictable as the sun coming up, Mr Bruins Dan Shaughnessy writes about ghosts and fear and worry this morning, while in his own paper, Fluto Shinzawa writes that if the Bruins just keep playing as they did last night, they’ll be fine. That opinion seems to be the consensus of most of the other writers who actually follow hockey, such as DJ Bean, Joe McDonald, Steve Conroy.

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Bruins’ radio voice Goucher thinks this is how playoff hockey should be – Bill Doyle spoke to Dave Goucher prior to last night’s game one.

TV coverage of Donald Sterling saga was top-notch – Chad Finn applauds the coverage by TNT, NBA TV and ESPN this week on the racist comments by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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13 thoughts on “Bruins Go Down In Double OT Game One Loss

  1. On Finn’s article:

    They did do a ‘good job covering it’, after saying nothing for decades, outside of a few articles here or there, on what a horrible guy Donald Sterling is. As AA pointed out, the tape was on TMZ and started blowing up the Internet early Saturday morning (Eastern). ESPN and ABC didn’t even have an article or go to any coverage until 1:17PM Eastern, after even the first game started.

    Why the delay before? Why the delay after?

    It screams of “We didn’t cover it until we had to.” (And were allowed to by the league)

    Sorry, but you should not get praise for showing up late to a scene, as much as the worthless industry awards will probably nominate one of the networks for it. I like Finn but I would have rather seen his article ask some hard and tough questions, as much as we all know there will be no answers and no accountability.

    Speaking of this: I love how David Stern came out after the fact and claims he tried to remove Sterling multiple times. Right… That’s why you also awarded him Chris Paul after nixing the trade to the Lakers?


  2. I see another story about race is breaking. Apparently there were a lot of racist comments about PK Subban on twitter after the game last night that are being attributed to “Bruins fans” by the media and even some Bruin players…this bugs the hell out of me…It’s the FREEKIN’ INTERNET PEOPLE!….we have NO IDEA who these people are. Is is possible some were Bruin fans?..sure it’s also possible they were made by some schmuck in Mississippi who doesn’t even follow hockey, never mind the Bruins….(I just had to get that off my chest)


    1. Unfortunately, I think the organization has to “respond”, otherwise they face the usual gang of race-baiters penning something dumb. They did. They said what needed to be said. Fortunately, I didn’t see much on this, as I think many people know that its a fringe group of morons who did it and it doesn’t represent the city or fanbase at all.


      1. yep…but the mediots still run with it. EXAMPLE: Jackie MacMullen on “Around The Horn”> …”I’m not proud to say I’m from Boston right now. I heard outrage all week about Donald Sterling from YOU and now I see these racist tweets from BRUINS FANS”…blah…blah..blah… she must have a crystal ball to know exactly where that crap was coming from…


        1. I get why she said it. Nothing wrong with it but I would have rather
          that her or someone else from the city said something along the lines
          of, “It’s a sad, shameful thing, but you can’t stop the fringe from
          saying it.”

          You could say the same about any situation like this.

          I was reading an article about the folks running the Clippers front office and what they’ve had to deal with this week. The article stated that folks have got everything from people calling up and dropping racist remarks on both sides (ie: cracker to the n-bomb) to calling the
          players “Uncle Toms”. Like.. what can you say there? I’d never generalize and label any part of the Clippers fanbase because you have to be a fringe type (of any race/color/whatever) to do such a thing, even being your right to do so.

          On the Globe article about the situation, there were folks who did post “Oh Boston Racist Strong” and comments along there. Really? It reminds me of the people who, in the response to anyone who compliments B/Patriots/etc with “Spygate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Your best bet is to just walk away.


          1. well, maybe I’m sensitive but to me that’s a HUGE THING…she didn’t say “fringe” she said, “BRUINS FANS” on National television, no less. To label comments made on the internet to a certain group is, in a roundabout way, “Racial profiling” or should I say, “Fan base profiling”


          2. Yeah, I get the distinction. I wish people would just label it as such when addressing it.

            After Houston got eliminated last night, if you typed in “Dwight Howard” or “Harden” last night, I did a search and found similar comments, many by Rockets fans (and not just ‘white folks’).

            Should anyone go and think their fans/fanbase is “racist”? I wouldn’t. It’s just the fringe folks who have the Internet-toughguy syndrome that want to post it.


          3. This is what bothered me. Why dignify the comments with a response to begin with? There are idiots on Twitter, there are idiots everywhere. It’s no different than someone scribbling anonymous tripe in a high school bathroom stall. Does that require a press release, statement and then hours of discussion on Dale & Holley?

            Speaking of that, that show’s resurrection couldn’t have come at a worse time. Arnold is so sanctimonious he drives me up the wall whenever there’s an “important social topic” that he feels requires hours of discussion. And, alas, there have been a lot of them lately.


          4. add another one. John Saunders (ESPN Sports Reporters) felt a need to lecture/remind “Bruin Fans” that Jarome Iginla is a member of the Bruins..jeeze, I can’t take it anymore…most sensible comments about the issue came from PK Subban himself


    2. El Prez from barstool did a God job of tracking down the Canadian troll who tried to make Bruins fans look bad. The guy could offer no proof that the “n word” was used at all. Naturally regular media reported it like it was Gospel.


      1. I always wondered if someone had a truthful convo with him if he’d feel happy or sad.

        Howard Stern did the same thing. The HS of 20 years ago would absolutely wreck the guy now. Chelsea handler actively lives it. She acts like some ‘outsider’ who ‘hates’ Hollywood but is one of the biggest jocksniffers in the world.

        But, it means you’re successful.. even if it means you sold out to become completely what you hated and railed against?

        Guess you might have to wait for their autobiography to hit the shelves.. only $19.95 on-sale at Amazon!


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