They’re wasting Tom Brady’s Zdeno Chara’s prime!

He has maybe 3 or 4 years left at the very most and they don’t have a replacement on the roster yet! What are they going to do when Brady Chara retires????  He doesn’t have enough help! Belichick Chiarelli has been wasting draft picks and instead going for system players! Sure, Robert Kraft Jeremy Jacobs spends to the cap every year, but he still cheaps out when it comes to putting his team over the top.

The window is slamming shut! If they don’t win another Super Bowl Stanley Cup then the entire Belichick/Brady Chiarelli/Chara era will have been a major disappointment!

The Patriots Bruins didn’t do enough in free agency at the trade deadline and it will come back to haunt them.

The Patriots Bruins pretend like they don’t get calls don’t flop and yet they are the worst offenders in the league! The Denver Broncos Montreal Canadiens play a style that that is going to give YOU fits and you homers always think that Tom Brady Tuukka Rask is better than Peyton Manning Carey Price when really most objective people think otherwise.

We can play this game all day. Sports radio and columns have really just become Mad Libs. Let’s trot out a storyline and just fill in the blanks. BOOM. Column or segment, DONE.

Can’t we just enjoy what promises to be an intense, emotional and exhausting series without all the ancillary angst and storylines?

It starts tonight. Get all the coverage (much of it very good) at


It was interesting monitoring Twitter yesterday afternoon as reporters scrambled to report first that the Red Sox game last night had been postponed due to rain – many reported it before the club officially announced it – and then about the double-header scheduled for today. The Rays were complaining about it, and saying that it wasn’t official, even after the Red Sox had announced the schedule for today.

What we didn’t know, or at least wasn’t clearly explained, was that the Red Sox and Cubs have special rules when it comes to rescheduling games.

Zobrist: After rainout, Sox pushed doubleheader on Rays

But, the teams will return to Fenway today for a day/night doubleheader because none of that mattered. According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Red Sox have the final say in this matter and they wanted to play two Thursday.

“We were told that in the Basic Agreement there is a grey area for teams like Boston and Chicago (Cubs) to basically exercise their own right to do what they want to do. So that’s what they did. Major League Baseball told us it was (the Red Sox) decision and they chose to do a doubleheader (today),” Rays second baseman Ben Zobrist said.

Interestingly, I can’t find this in any of the local newspapers/sites. It might be there somewhere, but my first look through didn’t show it anywhere, it was mostly about how the Red Sox tried as a courtesy to work something out, but ultimately it was decided to play today. (Which is also in doubt.)

The other part of this is that last night was supposed to be Dustin Pedroia bobblehead night, and while the team says they don’t have space tp store the bobbleheads in Fenway, the real reason is likely the uproar that would come from those who thought they were getting one last night and it turned out to be pushed off weeks or months away. Bobbleheads are serious business.


14 thoughts on “Bruins Window Slamming Shut

  1. Excellent piece by Fluto Shinzawa in today’s Globe detailing Chiarelli’s decisions to upgrade the right wing on the first three lines in the offseason and how Iginla, Smith and Eriksson have proved to be upgrades over Horton, Seguin and Jagr not only in terms of production but in the ability to fit better within Julien’s defense-oriented approach. Of course, it doesn’t fit the contrived storylines/narratives of F&M, Adam Jones, Eric Wilbur etc so they probably won’t bother with it.


    1. Iginla was a regular season upgrade over Horton, so far he hasn’t been the playoff performer Horton was. Seguin is certainly better than Reilly Smith… much could Jagr have done with Carl Soderberg as his center instead of Chris Kelly? Fluto is awesome, but these are all debatable points.


      1. Agree with you that they are debatable points; my problem is that folks like Mazz, Adam Jones etc get stuck on one theme that fits their narrative and do not vary from it, and ignore what people who cover the team/league on a regular basis put out if it differs from their storyline. Jones trashed the Seguin trade all year long but you’d never hear him talk about Reilly Smith blossoming from a prospect who bounced back and forth between Dallas and the AHL last season into a 20-goal scorer, or Eriksson (who was a solid two-way player in Dallas) playing better on the third line with Carl once he recovered from his concussion issues and played well in the Olympics. As recently as a few weeks ago he was still going on and on about the Bruins letting a potential MVP candidate go (Seguin not a finalist but I will agree that he and Jamie Benn significantly elevated their offense) and while Loui was hurt, kept saying how he was a bust and that the Bruins got fleeced in the deal. Seguin has been a great fit in Dallas but his style is better suited to a team like the Stars that doesn’t play a defensive system like the Bruins.
        Iginla played well in Game 5 of the Detroit series and needs to have his regular season play carry over into the MTL series. As good a year as Jagr had in NJ, his style was a better fit there than in Claude’s system, which was what Fluto was pointing out in his piece today.


  2. your act at the beginning of this post is getting tired, we get it, they are taking contrarian angles. this used to be a must see site sometimes multiple times a day. now it’s become this garbage with no links to anything, no insight what so ever and you come off as a fan boy


    1. I’ll accept the criticism. May I give you some as well? Pick one name and stick to it. Are you joey, michael, jesse, joe or sportsmediadork? I’d just like to know who to address my remarks to.


      1. Yeah Bruce, your act of providing us with content, news items and opinions — FOR FREE — is really getting tired.


      2. That is fair, I’m open to criticism as well. As they say don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.


    2. Why not post a ‘I disagree because..’ thread? If you look on the posts, there is fruitful discussion here, even if it includes disagreement on either what Bruce says or someone else here posts.


  3. Nice try, Bruce, but the Bruins DO have a replacement for Chara on the roster (Doug Hamilton) and no one outside of Montreal, in the NHL or on Boston sports radio, believes Carey Price (.904 career playoff save percentage) is better than Tuukka Rask (.933)


    1. Au contraire. Noted hockey experts such as Fred Toucher and Gary Tanguay have assured me that Dougie Hamilton has no chance whatsoever of being in Chara’s class. HE’S NOT THE REPLACEMENT! I’ve heard for myself people on the radio say that Carey Price is every bit as good as Rask and that he’s going to be PISSED that he wasn’t a Vezina finalist and Rask is. They probably don’t believe it, but it doesn’t stop them from saying it.


  4. “They’re wasting Tom Brady’s Zdeno Chara’s prime!”

    You are absolutely right, Bruce.


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