Mike, these people think they’re getting the Grady Sizemore from 2008!!! They’re not, Mike! He’s not the same guy! He’s going to break down!

Welcome to the latest Tony Massarotti idiotic strawman panic argument. Who exactly are these people who are saying Grady Sizemore is going to be an injury-free MVP candidate this season.

Mike, I’m really worried about Tampa! They know how to win in September! The Red Sox don’t!

Mike I’m really worried that the Red Sox woke up the Yankees yesterday! Why’d they do that? It’s over now!

I’m glad Tony has found his calling.


This immediately become my favorite Bill Belichick clip of all time.

It was in response to Ben Volin asking if there was a timetable for Rob Gronkowski’s return.


Can we just rename the Arbella Early Edition  to Arbella #HotSportzTakes?

A sampling their Gary Tanguay-led “content”:

Is CSNNE running a counter of how many days VINCE WILFORK IS BEING HELD HOSTAGE????

Is it that hard for anyone, particularly an NFL “Insider” like Mike Florio to at least point out that the reason Bill Belichick doesn’t pose in the coaches picture is that he isn’t part of the coaches union? Or is it just easier to say it’s part of his responsibilities and that he should do it?

Damn those Red Sox beat writers. Always so positive! They’re practically cheerleaders! They act as if the team just won the World Series! This David Ortiz guy…useless piece of you-know-what…you’d think the guy just batted .688 in that World Series or something.


If you happened to miss it, Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane had dueling columns on the Jerry Remy topic.

Rajon Rondo is going to spend the first quarter of Monday night’s Celtics/Bulls game at the broadcast table with Mike Gorman. His goal? He wants to be  just like Tommy Heinsohn. It will be the second game of a back-to-back so the point guard will not be playing, thus his availability for the gig. Cedric Maxwell will do the rest of the game. Danny Ainge and Chris Herren will work with Gorman for the April 9th game against the Hawks and the April 14th game against the Sixers. Herren will work with Gorman on April 12th in Cleveland.


22 thoughts on “Tony Massarotti Is Panicked Over Grady Sizemore, And Other Absurdities

  1. You forgot that the Bruins winning 12 in a row not being that impressive because of who they’ve played. Wait, no… it’s because the Bruins only played “tough” teams at home.

    Mazz, stated plainly, stinks out loud. Felger can be annoying, doubly so when he’s trolling but when he settles down and discusses a topic in earnest he’s still a pretty good listen.

    Any idea what their contract status is?


    1. so when he’s trolling but when he settles down and discusses a topic in earnest he’s still a pretty good listen.

      Agree. I’ve posted my criticism about them when they go off the rails. When they stop it, its still the best 2-6. Have to say that I’ve enjoyed having Ordway on right around then, as well.

      contract status

      IIRC, they re-upped 1-2 years ago for like 3-4? I recall something here by Bruce or maybe Finn had it? I couldn’t find anything via a quick Google.


  2. Great article from a few days back on the Krafts/Revolution.


    We’re not a “soccer” town (maybe not yet but who knows), but its a pretty accurate picture of them when viewed outside this area by soccer/MLS people.
    I guess the 6:30 is Gary’s alternative to SportsTalk. I hope he realizes that it’s basically a 30 minute reminder of why he’s not going to get his own radio show anytime soon.


    1. Will be curious to see how many advertisers will be on board with this. If I’m the marketing head for Amica Insurance for example, I want nothing to do with Jerry Remy referring to the “Amicurr pitch zone” every 30 seconds during a broadcast. When it comes down to brass tacks, it’ll be the advertisers who ultimately decide whether Remy stays or goes.

      Hopefully those companies are smart enough to realize they’ll be indirectly funding the Jared Remy defense fund should they continue to be a sponsor the NESN Sox broadcast.


      1. Did someone here or elsewhere post about groups protesting games? I forget if it was just a suggestion or something an organization had planned.

        But, I wonder the same. Did anyone reach out to one of the sponsors and get an off-the-record quote? I’d be interested to know what they think.


  3. Caught Tanguay playing the part of the “excitable idiot” to perfection the other day…babbling on to Tom Curran, “WHY DOES BELICHICK DO STUFF LIKE THIS??!!” (picture-gate) and then, “The Patriots ARE SCREWING Vince!..why don’t they just cut him??!!” the bemused look on Curran’s face was priceless.


  4. “Everybody loved the RemDawg when he was merely Don Orsillo’s funny sidekick…”

    No. Remy has never been funny and the game passed him by long ago. We want The Eck! We want The Eck!


  5. This Sizemore thing is bugging me. I give Cherington some leeway here because of what they did last year. Roll the dice and see what happens.
    During the 12 game B’s Win Streak, Mazz was worried that Iginla might not be as good in the postseason as Nathan Horton was. Really? Why not worry if Loui Eriksson can come out of nowhere and be Horton-Clutch in the post season? It’s as easy to make wild speculation in the positive direction as it is in the negative direction, it’s just hard to swallow when you are by far and away the best team in the league right now.


  6. Stupid me, I thought Robert Kraft was a good owner. Felger & Mazz have shown me the way! Kraft is cheap! The sole reason that he has been successful is because the Patriots got LUCKY when Brady fell into their laps (forget every other team passing on him and Belichick keeping FOUR QBs on the roster such that he could keep him, then choosing to stick with Brady when Bledsoe came back while the media here sans very few were demanding Bledsoe be put back in as starter)! If only Kraft would sell the Pats to someone who cares, we’d be so much better off. Thanks for showing me the way!


  7. Go eff yourself “Remdog”.


    Admits he enabled his scumbag son, then admits he’s still paying for his sons lawyer.

    Come down to Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grille! Help pay for my juiced up scumbag son’s defense team! Oh, and that home run was brought to you by the good people at Giant Glass.

    This whole thing is clownshoes, amateur hour.


    1. He got on with D+C+M again this morning.


      It was mainly a buddy-buddy until Minihane asked him some tough questions, when he got really defensive. He also called out Margery Eagan, for her column in the Herald yesterday (http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/columnists/margery_eagan/2014/03/eagan_three_strikes_remys_should_be_out), just not by name. To me, if he can’t answer the tough questions, how is he going to be able to remain in the public via the booth?


      1. I’ll say lots of stuff (mostly in jest) about Sox ownership, but seriously how the hell do they not see the nightmare situation they’re allowing (…and have allowed) to just happen with Remy coming back?

        Seriously, do advertises like that Remy is going to be reading their spots?

        He’s in no way, shape or form so important to Sox broadcasts that you have to have him there. He’s Jerry Remy, not Vin Scully.


        1. Some ideas:

          – The poll is still about 50/50 on it (D+C informal poll and a cursory search of Twitter this morning).
          – Most of the media, not controlled by the team, seem to want nothing to do with the story and the lack of many details here. I’d love to know more about his employment tenure and why he was kept on, if, as Jerry says, he had absolutely nothing to do with keeping his job with the team.
          – They figure the team will have record ratings, coming off the WS, and expected to do well. The # of folks who plan to “boycott” the team will be minimal if not even move the dial.
          – Most of the team still reads the “older” media, which, for the most part, is behind him.

          Besides the interview, he did admit that he’s still paying the legal bills for the lawyer. I don’t think that changes much.

          Commentary on the interview here:


  8. A few thoughts:

    – Listening to Callahan defend Remy is difficult radio. Hearing Kirk snipe back at him is amateur radio.

    – Jerry Remy believes he has a right to earn a living. No one argues that point. He does not have a right to earn that living by being broadcast into my living room 162 times this summer. I am sure he will do just fine with his licensing empire and were he to become an in studio analysis. The issue as my late grandmother would say is “doing what is good and decent”.

    – I would love to know what PR firm Remy works with so I can be sure to never ever use them for any business venture. Why any of his handlers would let him go on D&C show today is beyond me. If he is quiet maybe this goes away eventually. If he keeps trying to prove he is not the bad guy here, all he will do is keeping giving people more reasons to dislike him.

    – The callousness with which Jerry Remy dismissed the criticism of his wanting custody of Ariana, (as expressed in the WEEI call in) shocked me. “Did people think we would call her Daddy in can?” “Did people think we would force her to see pictures of her father everywhere?” No, Jerry, people think you have raised 3 violent and screwed up children and to be honest we don’t think you should be allowed anywhere near your granddaughter. Unfortunately in Massachusetts you need a license to catch a fish but anyone can have a child.

    – John Henry and Tom Warner have brought this debacle on themselves. Unless they truly believe the TV broadcast cannot survive without Jerry Remy then perpetuating this mess is only hurting their beloved brand. If we are going to shine a brighter light on how this situation was handled…perhaps we should start there.


  9. Tons of discussion yesterday on the airwaves, and an editorial in the Globe suggests he delay coming back (Saturday, March 29):


    Finn supported him in his column yesterday but there have been more calls for him to either step away, either permanently or until this is resolved:



    From reading everyone’s comments, most people here are against him coming back, but it seems like there is still the 50/50 split in the public. To me, if the Sox were “smart”, they’d give him a paid year off, indicating that they think its within the best interests for everyone. The story dies immediately and we won’t hear anything until the trial, which we would have heard about anyways. If what we assume happens (guilty->life or something long), by the time he either pleas or is convicted, you’d most likely be before Spring Training 2015. There will be press but I doubt the same volume of calls for him to not return after that.

    If Jerry stops talking in public (seriously, as LTD said, who is telling him this?), the only “bombshell” that might come out is about the claim Kristina Hill made in regards to the restraining order. One has to think that Jerry’s people know this and, if true, want none of this in the public. I think that it is the only detail that might make it completely untenable for him to return, even though he’ll still receive support from many fans.

    The problem with this, as LTD had a great comment below, is I think they’re listening to the wrong people (again). The editorial today, which I don’t see a name affixed to it, seems to indicate the might be listening.


    1. 2 shouts in one post…thanks BSM 🙂

      The other advantage to Remy taking a year off is that NESN can get a real feel for what the landscape is without him. Coming off the World Series win means ratings will be up and strong all year regardless of who is in the booth.

      On another note…I was listening to Larry Johnson and Craig Mustard discuss this topic this morning (and I was amazed Mustard thinks Remy should be off the broadcast). What crystalized in my mind while listening to show was Remy’s lack of honor in this whole mess. The visceral anger that a lot of us feel is because this guy does not understand that even though he has a RIGHT to work on the Red Sox broadcast, he is not realizing that his mere presence causes people to be reminded of what his son did and his potential role in it. The Martel family does not need to see the guy who paid for the lawyers to keep their daughter’s killer out of jail for 15 years yucking it up with Don Orsillo on the nightly broadcast. Victims of domestic abuse do not want to listen to Jerry make a comment like “he got a get out of jail free card when the pitcher threw him the 0-2 slider outside for a ball”. Remy, because everything is about him and only him at this point, is failing to see how his selfish actions are causing others pain. Were he to have honor, integrity and sense of the world around him, would be begging NESN to take him off the broadcasts.


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