In the wake of a 2nd straight loss in the AFC Championship game, the Patriots coaching staff is going through something of a shakeup.

Following the departure of linebackers coach Pepper Johnson earlier this week, the team announced yesterday that long time offensive line and assistant head coach Dante Scarnecchia is retiring after spending 30 of the last 32 NFL seasons with the team. In addition, tight ends coach George Godsey is moving on to Houston to be Bill O’Brien’s QB coach.

On top of that, Karen Guregian looks at a report that Josh McDaniels and the Browns are still talking.

It might not be the worst thing to have some new voices in the coaching ranks, though losing Johnson and Scarnecchia is a really big loss for the franchise.

Coach Scar leaves lasting mark – Mike Reiss says that Scarnecchia leaves as one of the franchise’s greats.

Pats assistant Scarnecchia: ‘This is the time’ to quit – Tom E Curran talks to Scar about his decision.

The Red Sox made something of a surprise move yesterday, signing former Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore to a one-year, major league deal. Sizemore hasn’t played since 2011.

How Grady Sizemore finally landed with Red Sox – Rob Bradford was first with the news yesterday, and looks at how former Larry Bird trainer Dan Dyrek was a huge factor in Sizemore landing here.

Sox figure Sizemore is worth a shot – Gordon Edes says Sizemore might be a longshot to contribute, but he was worth taking a look at.

Grady Sizemore vs. Jackie Bradley Jr. could be a win either way for Boston Red Sox – Jason Mastrodonato compares the two players, and notes that competition is a good thing.


6 thoughts on “Scar Retires, Sox Dig Up Sizemore

  1. I saw on Twitter this morning that Mary Paoletti is moving on from CSNNE. I hope she stays in broadcasting. She may never be a lead anchor but her personality and wit helped her fit in with Curran and Giardi. I just hope the male-centric sports media did not wear on her and force her out.


  2. I’m old enough, and have been a Pats fan long enough, to remember when Dante Scarnecchia’s (alleged) poor performance as an OL coach was blamed (at least by some in the press) for the Patriots’ inability to keep Steve Grogan from being pummeled to the ground by defensive linemen about 5400 times a game.

    I think he turned out fine in the end, though. And maybe replacing the John Hannahs with Eugene Chungs had something to do with those OL issues…


  3. What, no links to Sherman stuff? No links to Ron Borges hard hitting take down of Belichick? No ranting on how the Patriot Way leads to less regular season wins and all these playoff failures?

    This site is mediocire! me`di*o”cre.


    1. “All this Patriot Way nonsense has led to nothing but a sustained run of regular season and playoff accomplishment that’s completely comparable to the runs by the Niners of the 80s-early 90s and the Steelers of the 70s, generally regarded as the best ‘dynasty’ teams in modern football history! HOW DOES THIS GUY STILL HAVE A JOB????? I’ll hang up and listen…”


  4. My favorite sports radio caller topic is the idea that Belichick (not sure if it’s consciously or unconsciously) makes unorthodox decisions in his role as the GM and/or refuses to hire top notch coordinators because he wants to prove his genius by winning with a second rate team.


  5. Heard about 45 seconds of Felger and YARM yesterday, complete with “pooping” all over the Celtics and Grande’s sign off/call of the Wizards game.
    Good to know nothing has changed. Please, keep antagonizing an entire fanbase of a team your station is invested in. It worked out so well for EEI and the Bruins…


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