There’s a whole lot of trolling going on out there. Leading the pack is the face of Boston sports, who just took a column he’s written before, changed the team and submitted it while collecting his handsome paycheck. What a life.

This post however, will be a troll-free zone. Only articles with actual content will be featured here today. It’s probably how it should be all the time, but sometimes it just feels necessary to point out the stupidity of some of the #hotsportztakes that the media provides.

Brandon Spikes a fighter to the end – Ron Borges with an appreciation of the toughness of the Patriots linebacker this season. Spikes was placed on season-ending injured reserve yesterday after re-injuring his knee in the season finale against Buffalo.

Analysis on Spikes landing on IR – Mike Reiss provides a solid look at the impact of the move, and what options the Patriots have.

Standing Room Only’s five thoughts on Pats-Colts – Rich Levine has some thoughts on the matchup, including the monster season of Robert Mathis.

Bulldozer by committee: Patriots trying to plow unusual path to Super Bowl – Christopher Price with a look at the Patriots perhaps trying to take an old-school route in the playoffs.

Scouting the Indianapolis Colts – Erik Frenz with a detailed look at how the Colts like to do things.

Is signing Branch hope or desperation? – Tom E Curran throws cold water on the fury a few might have at the Colts signing the long-time Patriot this week.

New England Patriots Let Injured Vince Wilfork Travel So The Team’s “Heart And Soul” Can Be With Them On The Road – If you get Showtime, you’ll want to check out this piece out which will air tomorrow night at 10PM.


13 thoughts on “Troll-Free Tuesday At BSMW

    1. Because Dexter is over, Homeland is over until next year, and Ray Donovan is 9 months away? 🙂

      I’m sure we’ll get quotes/clips online from folks around here.

      Worst case, I would find it hard to imagine that it won’t be available “online”, if you know what I mean.


      1. Dexter and Homeland had some HORRIBLE most reecent seasons.
        Can’t say I ever gave old Ray a fair try though.


        1. Yeah, but it’s still reasons for someone to pay the $10/mo.

          Love Ray but it’s got something about it that appeals to less people. I can’t put my finger on what but I don’t see it attaining the “internet zomg buzz” that Dexter did and Homeland has. YMMV.


        2. I think ‘Dexter’ started sliding down the other side of the mountain after the ‘Trinity’ season with John Lithgow.


          1. That is the consensus, and I happen to agree.

            They started milking so much and taking artistic/creative liberties that started to really detract from the value.

            Many have suggested the same with Homeland S3, as we won’t know what way it can go after what went on.

            But, to finish, unless you like the movies one of the premium channels offers and $10/mo is fine with you, I can’t see paying that to just keep Showtime around for “Inside the NFL”.


          2. Aboslutely, 100% agree.
            I had actually stopped watching for a few seasons but went back for the final one. Wish I didn’t because it was terrible.


  1. I’ll go to my grave believing the whole “thing” about signing a player for the sole purpose of the INFORMATION he might divulge about his former team… a load of OVERRATED CRAP…a simplistic media “story line” that is eaten up by only the most simplistic of “fans”


  2. Speaking of Borges: anyone else see that story on about the guy who beat a disabled man with his own cane? Made me think of tough guy Ron.


  3. The Baseball HOF is today.

    It’s become more of a way to gauge how the BBWAA continues to be further out-of-touch with reality, its ineptitudes, and laugh at the absurd arguments or votes the “keepers of the game” continue to have.

    We go live to Bob Costas after this short message from our sponsor.


    1. Speaking of Costas… anyone see what he had to say about the new snowboard events added to the Olympics? Called them “Jackass” stuff.


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