I’m surprised the Boston Globe hasn’t stolen this guy away from the Post yet:

Patriots whining again, but America will be pulling for Denver Sunday

John Meyer, who is the Olympic and MLS writer for the Post, chimes in with this “Lunch Special” of a column:

This is the team that was caught cheating in the “Spygate” scandal in 2007. This is the team caught cheating against the New York Jets this season, illegally pushing teammates on a field goal attempt.

The Broncos are the team that was caught cheating the salary cap to the tune of $29 million in deferred payments to John Elway and Terrell Davis during their Super Bowl seasons.

In December 2001, the Broncos were fined $968,000 and lost a third-round pick in the 2002 draft for violations reportedly relating to $29 million in deferred payments to quarterback John Elway and running back Terrell Davis. – Washington Post September 17, 2004

The Broncos had their own taping scandal in 2010, and had one of their star players suspended for six games this season for attempting to corrupt the NFL’s drug testing program with the help of a urine collector. While the Patriots offseason wasn’t exactly smooth with the Aaron Hernandez arrest, the Broncos had two front office executives arrested on DUI charges.

The Denver Post goes on to say:

This is also the team that went to Super Bowl XXXVI (which it won) via the infamous “tuck rule game” in a divisional playoff that should have ended in victory for Oakland.

So wait, the alleged point of this column is that the Patriots are whining about a call on Sunday, when this guy is whining about a call that happened almost 12 years ago – again on a call that was made correctly.


4 thoughts on “Denver Post – America Will Be Pulling For Broncos

  1. So this is what it’s come down to. Columnists are essentially professional trolls. There is no other way to define this: ” This is the team caught cheating against the New York Jets this season, illegally pushing teammates on a field goal attempt.”


  2. Not sure if this has been posted already but the ESPN “Sports Science” clip which disproved Blandino’s explanation of the bogus non-call has mysteriously disappeared from the internet:
    Can’t find it on ESPN anywhere a day after it was all over their website and TV broadcast. Guess Goodell put a call in to Bristol…


    1. Noticed the same yesterday.

      Too bad they can’t stop people posting copies on YouTube.

      Again, if the league is willing to falsify scientific research on concussions to prevent lawsuits, is any of this out of the question?


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