Sunday’s return of Leigh Montville to the Globe’s Sports section was a most welcome surprise. Since he started writing columns for SportsOnEarth they have become a must-read, and had me wondering “what if” Montville had remained with the Globe and been their “star” columnist instead of Dan Shaughnessy.

The Globe wisely brought Montville in to write a once-a-week column, which is about the best move they could’ve made right now. Montville is 70 years old now – older than the retired Bob Ryan – but remains one of the best in the business.


The Celtics won their fourth game in a row last night, evening their season record at 4-4. Even in their first four losses however, they were always in the game in the fourth quarter. It’s early, but it appears that this will be a competitive team that might not win a ton of games, but will give opponents fits.

The section of the media and fandom that views tanking as the best option for this club is definitely not pleased at this turn of events. People are actually angry about this.

The theories being floated are outrageous. Dennis and Callahan and Minihane agree that while Brad Stevens will try to win games, Danny Ainge “will not let him” win too many. How exactly does that work? Others say that when Rajon Rondo comes back, he will ruin the chemistry of the team because he is selfish and doesn’t make his teammates better. A caller said that Ainge actually messed up by hiring Stevens, because he is too good of a coach and now he has a 6 year contract and the team is stuck with him. Huh?

To me, the best thing the Celtics can do is to keep acquiring and building assets, and that is what they are doing. Neither the four game losing streak nor the four game winning streak is likely indicative of how the rest of the season will go. But I think they will remain competitive, build their young players and give them experience, get the coach experience and see where things fall in terms of the lottery, as I think they will still end up there. Maybe with not as many ping-pong balls as some thought they would have, but enough for a chance at another good player.


Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb have signed multi-year contract extensions to continue hosting their top-rated morning show on 98.5 The SportsHub.

“Toucher & Rich have connected with Boston sports radio listeners over the last 4 plus years with their innovative, clever and funny content,” said Mark Hannon, Senior VP and Market Manager, CBS RADIO Boston. “They are two great guys who have done an amazing job of anchoring 98.5 The Sports Hub, and we are thrilled that they will continue to wake up Boston for years to come.”

Toucher and Rich have had the #1 morning show with Men 25-54 for 14 straight monthly ratings periods.


6 thoughts on “Montville Returns, Celtics Anger Tankers, and New Deals For T&R

  1. I think 98.5 will live to regret this decision as I think T&R have begun to get stale.

    Shockingly, as a 27 year old male, I am finding myself going back to D&C over T&R almost exclusively at this point. I think the addition of Minnehan has been a good one and I grew very tired of Toucher yelling and complaining all the time. I was a fan of 98 mile and some of the other “innovative” stuff they have done but really can’t stand the ask a pink hat or drunk recap segments. I also can’t stand how they refuse to let audio finish, instead putting their unfunny quips between each two seconds of audio.


    1. I am in the same boat but we always hear random sprinklings of this. You wonder the same with any “act” on how long it can last until it’s stale and people move on.

      But, as always, it’s all about the #’s. They continue to be #1 and pull in strong numbers. Their competition, discussed Ad nauseam here, couldn’t be different, which is another thing hit up often here. I doubt much will change here until (unless) WEEI decides to shake things up in the morning.


    2. I agree, I think Minihane has been a great addition (He should be the the drive home guy in my opinion)l He has turned me on to that show again. I listen occasionally to T&R and generally like them but once the pink hat/drunk recap happens I turn it off.


  2. Toucher and Rich do a well enough job with their guests but it’s a real bummer, as a Celtics fan and as a basketball fan, what we get served up on the radio around here when it comes to that sport.
    I’ve been loving Max, Gorman and Tommy calling out Felger and Mazz, but I know it’s just essentially stroking their egos and validating them.


  3. When is D&C contract up?

    I don’t really care to know the terms of the new contract except to see John Dennis’ head explode.


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