Sports radio knows how to take a subject the general public really does not care that deeply about and turn it into hours, days of outrage and caterwauling.

We’re going on two days now of the outrage of many local hosts over the selection of Terry Francona as Manager of Year over John Farrell by the BBWAA.

The vote was close, both were very deserving, but Francona got the award. It’s not like it was overwhelming in Tito’s favor and that Farrell got totally snubbed.

Shockingly, I actually come down on Mike Felger’s take on this, which was that many of the hosts were embarrassing themselves with how far they were taking their outrage. (An incredibly ironic statement coming from Felger, I know.)

Yes, there were a couple of head-scratching ballots submitted, and WEEI endeavored to get both voters onto its airwaves, not to have a discussion with them, but seemingly to do nothing but berate them.

Some of the discussion about the methods of the BBWAA and the history of odd voters within was interesting at times, but all in all, the subject wasn’t worthy of the time that has been invested into it.

For what it’s worth, the IBWAA (Internet Baseball Writers Association of America) which has members from organizations like, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and Grantland, selected Farrell as manager of the year.


6 thoughts on “Tedious Francona/Farrell Debate Continues

  1. I almost took a personal day yesterday because I was so sick to my stomach over this turn of events. Truly a tragedy.


  2. Not to pick on you Bruce but…the MOTY debate is not even the most tedious topic being discussed ad nauseam. That distinct honor goes to the whether the Sox erred in offering Steven Drew a tender offer. Follow that by the never ending talk about whether they should bring Saltalamacchia back, and whether Victorino should play Right or Center and you pretty much have the perfect cure for Insomnia. This past week has been hell for talk radio. With the Pats on the bye we have also been forced to listen to Celtic’s tank talk, Claude coaching motivation talk and amazingly to me have let the Gronk’s Ladies Night and Gronk racist comments complete come and go without any serious outrage.

    Suffice to say during my 24 hours of car driving so far this week I have sat in a lot of silence.


    1. I was surprised the Gronk thing didn’t get more traction because it’s what the media love to blow up. Even ESPN barely touched it because they’re still knee deep in exploiting the Dolphins/Martin/Incognito thing. Speaking of topics being discussed ad nauseam before people know what happens.


  3. Ed Reed to the Pats is over. He just signed with the Jets.

    Summarized perfectly by a Tweet:

    ‏@Dan_Mullen If Ed Reed signs with the Patriots, he’s still got some left in the tank. If he signs with the Jets, he’s a washed up bum.


  4. Question: Is there any other group of self-important, legends-in-their-own-minds individuals who the general public could care less about than the BBWAA?
    Answer: Sports radio/TV talk show hosts.


  5. “Sports radio knows how to take a subject the general public really does not care that deeply about…”

    I most definitely fall into this category. Maybe it’s all these years of listening and watching the Belichick/Brady Patriots but the only thing that interests me is WINNING…..Award talk, MVP debate, Hall of Fame debate?…bores the crap out of me. There is no definitive answer. It’s like watching a dog chasing it’s own tail…ZZZZzzzzzzz


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