My buddy Chad Finn hates when I project out what will be said on the sports radio airwaves. Sometimes it’s just too much to resist. Expect talk about how King Felix shut them down, (they can’t hit good pitching!) or that Gomes should’ve been called out on strikes.


I was a little slow to jump on the “Why was Buchholz in the celebration???? He doesn’t deserve to be in there!!!” bandwagon, too.

Seriously. What is wrong with people?

Enjoy and savor a win once in a while.  Yes, I realize that the vast majority of people do enjoy this, it’s a small crew of loudmouths who try to spoil it, taking their cue from their idols on the sports talk airwaves. Aside – why do these people feel it is wrong to be a fan and “homer” yet they are even bigger fans of their idols on the air? They defend these heroes against any slight, they parrot all that they say. It’s just very odd to me.

Red Sox Game 110 (8-7 W v. SEA) Reloaded: Again x 11 – Some perspective, and links, from Jon Couture.

In the sports media field – Looking for quality sports radio? Try WBUR – Chad Finn looks at an alternative to the screaming and sky-is-falling approach.

Looking ahead to the weekend and next week, a few items on the horizon:

Tomorrow is the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions, (with former Patriots coach Bill Parcells among the enshrinees) the ceremonies can be viewed on NFL Network and ESPN2.

Sunday night will feature the first preseason game of the 2013 season, the Hall of Fame game between the Cowboys and Dolphins on NBC – your first chance to be irritated by Cris Collinsworth this season!

The 2013-14 NBA regular season schedule will be released on Tuesday at 6pm on NBA TV.

Hard Knocks returns Tuesday on HBO. This season features the Cincinnati Bengals, a team many are viewing as a viable contender.

And finally, from last night:

gomes-dellClassic. Dell rolls with it, and Gomes doesn’t even twitch.


9 thoughts on ““But Mike, They’ve Proved They Can’t Hit Good Pitching!”

  1. Amen Bruce!!! Listening to Gresh and Zo they sound like real fans! They are displaying genuine excitement for this team like the rest of us. They did just talk about their struggles against good pitching but had well thought out reasons for why that is! I will be the first to admit I HATED Gresh and Zo when they first came on but I would put them in the top 3 shows in Boston right now behind only Toucher and Rich. Their knowledge of hockey and baseball has grown and their football chops can’t be questioned.


    1. Lack of negativity from the D & C? Now that’s funny.

      Russell Bacon ‏@1bacon219h
      Clay buchholtz can’t pitch but he can jump around and rip a jersey off nava ? @JohnDennisWEEI @GerryCallahan
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  2. The best part of the carrying on about “can’t hit ace pitchers” complaint is Tony & Mike admitting that they have no idea and didn’t bother to look up the records of the other playoff contenders against such pitchers. Great show prep guys! Kudos to Tomase for his lazy, overpaid work too!


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