John Dennis was at it again on Twitter yesterday. In a bizarre tweet string that has since been deleted, Dennis went after an account he believed was created by 98.5’s Marc Bertrand and was taunting him. .

John Dennis ‏@JohnDennisWEEI 19h

@c0ldfact Man up Fat boy. Of course you won’t. Ur on VACA wiping out buffet after buffet. #uWILLdieLIKEjcandyUWalrus

John Dennis ‏@JohnDennisWEEI 19h

@c0ldfact Hey Marc. Vacation sloth. Man up u fat hippo. Don’t be a coward. Follow me so I can really tell you what I truly think about you.

Bertrand responded:

Marc Bertrand ‏@Marc_Bertrand 48m

@JohnDennisWEEI According to your timeline you have been cursing me out to a nameless twitter account you thought was me for some reason

On the Toucher and Rich show this morning, they made a bit of this, but also mentioned that the two parties “worked it out,” which is likely why the exchange has been deleted.


The Felger and Massarotti Show yesterday was perhaps their most glaring example of trolling for ratings. Apparently Jose Iglesias is the second coming of Ozzie Smith, and Jake Peavy is just a washed up, injury prone starter who chokes in big games.

Massarotti created a giant-sized strawman by yelling that he was “pissed” at fans who believe the Red Sox are getting the 2007 Jake Peavy. At the same time, he insisted, “Believe me, I’m not anti the trade, I’m just not for it.” OK then.

The thing is, had the Red Sox not made a move, and it came out later that they could’ve had Peavy for Iglesias, the same people would be screaming that Iglesias isn’t even their best shortstop prospect, his hitting is crashing down to earth, and how could they not make this deal?

That’s life in the radio world. The formula is clearly working for them, so who am I to say they’re doing it wrong? It’s just not what I want to listen to.


As the Boston Herald Online Radio programming gets set for it’s launch next week, they’ve been promoting it heavily, and today there are short bios of Jon Meterparel and Jen Royle:

What Jon Meterparel brings to the team is nonpareil

Fans in Boston will be getting Royle treatment


Congratulations to Mike Rodak, who joined the ESPN Boston Patriots blog as a college student back in 2010. Next week, Rodak will take the reins, and running his own show as the blogger for the Buffalo Bills on the ESPN AFC East blog.

ESPN plans to have a blogger for every NFL team.


9 thoughts on “Media Ugliness Is Par For the Course These Days

  1. I used to be a big John Dennis fan. It’s time now though. And what happened to Meter saying he did not want to do sports talk shows and wanted to concentrate on being a sports announcer. Sure he left weei on his own….


  2. John Dennis is a pro at destroying ‘buffet after buffet.’ The fat-faced sports media hack really has thin skin, and I might just take a baseball bat to him on Twitter myself. It is fun knowing that these sports media hacks can be poked with great effect and satisfaction!


  3. … if a tree falls… that is, Dennis and Callahan still have listeners or people who care about their show? That’s probably why there aren’t any public repercussions.


  4. I caught a few minutes (unfortunately) of her Saturday afternoon show on WEEI a few weeks ago. Dreadful. Even worse than Mustard and Johnson and that’s not easy


  5. John Dennis always sounds so angry on his show. Maybe that’s because he realizes so few people are listening anymore. Also, making buffet jokes? Pot, kettle, black!


  6. the trolling continued today. It has to be a “work,” to use wrestling parlance. It’s a pity because I generally like their show.


  7. The beautiful thing about this site is that it is a Venus Fly Trap for sports media hacks. Unable to stay away from mirrors and web sites focusing on their ‘biz,’ these hacks wade right into a maelstrom of hatred for all that they do and represent. No wonder they pretty much all despise ‘new media.’ I read where Bobby Ryan has no clue how to ‘do a Twitter.’


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