A few items as we start the new week:

Boston Herald Internet radio starts next Monday, August 5th. The 3:00pm sports offering will be called “Sports Town with Jon  Meterparel and Jen Royle.

This is part of a multimedia effort from the Herald, and a tweet from Royle reflects that:


Gammons plans website launch this weekSports Business Journal reports that the veteran baseball scribe will have his own web site launch this Wednesday. It will be part of the Rafe Anderson-led Tru Media Networks.

Much of the content will be columns and interviews from Gammons, but the site is also looking to hire additional writers for content. While at least one sponsor is onboard, it appears crowdfunding is also being used to support GammonsDaily.com, and contributors will receive special perks.


98.5 The Sports Hub afternoon flash guy Marc Bertrand tweeted today that he will be a part of the Patriots.com pre and post game coverage this season, along with Paul Perillo and Andy Hart.



This is not the 98.5 radio pre and post game show, those are still hosted by Gary Tanguay and Andy Gresh, but a part of the Patriots website.


6 thoughts on “Monday Tidbits

  1. A copy of the first Peter Gammon’s article for his website has leaked online:

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  2. “This is not the 98.5 radio pre and post game show, those are still hosted by Gary Tanguay and Andy Gresh”

    Damn you, Bruce, for getting my hopes up and then dashing them all to pieces!


  3. Peter Gammons responds to last night’s blown call:

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    John Henry is the best owner ever.

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    Bud Selig doesn’t think baseball needs instant replay.

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    John Henry is a really smart person.

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  4. Count me in as someone who is kind of excited about the push into local Sports talk radio through internet Radio. I admit to listening to Pete Shepard occasionally when I am in the car and F&M are being obtuse (I can’t listen to Salk and Holley for more than a flip through minute it is just mind numbingly boring). Do I think Metaperil can carry a show…probably not…and I am no fan of female sports talkers…still it is another option…if they occasionally have good guests from the ranks of the Herald then I can listen occasionally when the others are boring me. I look forward to a return of the Big O to an internet outlet sometime soon. Competition is good.


  5. I look forward to an alternative to the existing midday blather that emanates from 98.5 and the late WEEI. I can’t listen to Mut and Merloni despite a few open-minded attempts…it’s awful, Salk and Holley are not much better…I find it hard to believe that Dale Arnold was dumped for this collection. I do enjoy Pete Sheppard and the addition of Zook was a great move. I don’t mind female hosts as long as they can hold their own and I will definitely give them a listen…hey, it can’t be as bad as Mut and Merloni…


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