It’s hard to believe, but another Patriots training camp is upon us. After what has been a painfully long, yet at the same time fast offseason, it’s time to get down to football.

There is more uncertainty this season than in recent memory. Some feel the team has taken a step backwards this offseason, and will be challenged by the Dolphins in the AFC East, while others think it is just the same old Belichick/Brady business as usual.

It will be interesting to watch this team this camp as things get sorted out. Keep up with all stories at

A couple of media stories for this morning:

Nate Silver is back to his roots at ESPN – Chad Finn has a look at the statistician leaving the New York Times for his own site with ESPN.

Torey Champagne’s documentary remembers Reggie Lewis – Bill Doyle looks at the excellent CSNNE documentary on Reggie Lewis, who passed away 20 years ago this weekend. The program airs Sunday night.

The documentary is outstanding, and for anyone who remembers that time, many memories, both great and painful will come flooding back. There is no Jimmy Meyers in the program, which some may view as a positive, but Meyers was very close to Lewis, and his perspective on the tragedy could’ve added interest to the show.

Reggie Lewis was the only athlete I ever wore a jersey of. (Well, other than getting a Marcus Allen when I was about 8 – the only “Allen” jersey that could found…)

Len Bias & Reggie Lewis: The Greatest NBA Superstar Duo That Never Happened – What if…what if…what if…sigh.

A few national media stories this week of note:

Starting Five for FOX SPORTS LIVE Set – The new network announced the talent for its nightly flagship show.

NASCAR and NBC Sports Group Reach Landmark Media Rights Agreement – NBC took NASCAR away from ESPN and TNT with this new deal.


4 thoughts on “Camp Time

  1. Even I, who the media would no doubt label a Patriot sycophant/fanboy has some doubts about this years team. Not because of any, “distractions” but because of the large turnover in the receiver/TE position (uncertainty when Gronk returns)…..My gut tells me they’ll still be a very good team but we’ll have to wait and see…..(this is why,I’d never make it as a talk radio caller)


  2. Agreed, dryheave. The Pats’ll sleepwalk through the division but Denver and Texas look pretty tough for the playoffs. Pittsburgh would be no pushover either. Unless their defense is a lot better than last year–so that it can pick up the offense, as it will have to–then they’ll be lucky to make it to the AFC Championship.


    1. maybe….I guess I take it to the extreme about not making predictions but I don’t even know about that. “Father Time” gets everybody and Peyton is another year older (I know, so is Brady)…Texans always look good ON PAPER…Steelers didn’t even make playoffs last year….NFL is unpredictable, especially with the “injury factor”


      1. Don’t disagree with a thing you said. But I think the gutting of the Ravens will leave that division to Pittsburgh (even though Baltimore has re-stocked impressively). If Roethlisberger and their D can stay healthy, I think they’ll be a tough playoff out, and no cupcake. And we all know how Peyton underachieves in the playoffs, but despite the loss of Dumerville, I think Denver’s gotten better. But we will see!


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