Following some of the varied and predictable reactions from Bob Kraft’s statement yesterday, here is a post from long time BSMW member “02062” from the board last night. I think it deserves a wider audience.


Just imagine if Kraft had hired private eyes to tail someone or start making inquiries about a media darling/quote machine?

Invasion of privacy, heavy-handedness would be tossed around for days/weeks/months.

Hell some of these same people who are outraged now about what the Patriots knew and when they knew it, sat around and played grabarse with Jose Canseco when they already KNEW about his domestic battery issues.

It was all #^$@z and grins and Davios gift cards, and they knew Jose liked to try and run down the ex with his car.

But hey, it was “guy radio” and they are all nice guys off the air.

One of them makes a racist remark? So what destroy the tapes. Two weeks of fill in time during July will pay for my vacation this year.

One of them allegedly beats up an old guy who walks with a cane? No big deal. 2 o’clock tomorrow with him? I’ll be there, will it be catered?

One of their offspring gets arrested and charged with the same thing Alfonzo Dennard did? Oh, that’s a personal matter, off limits, I have my journalistic integrity to uphold.

One member of their profession is caught red handed for not sourcing properly is forced to retire and than lands across town? Well, he’s a really good guy, so we won’t discuss it.

Another member of their pumps a video tape that up until now, DOES NOT EXIST. Well, lets move him to the Red Sox beat all is forgotten.

One of the more recently minted crapstirrers is in the big leagues at the height of the steroids era AND is best friends with a guy WHO WAS ACCUSED of being a doper? He now says he saw nothing and the rest of them say, good enough for me; would you like to play in my charity baseball game?

Hey you put Raymond Clayborn in a hamper and you visited a guy accused of 19 murders in the can at Leavenworth? What a delightful tale Willie. I’d sure like it if you could make a phone call for me and hook me up with a tee time at South Shore or Green Harbor.

“How are the kids?” Oh they’re terrific, one of them landed an internship at a production house run by one of the Sox ownership group. Small world, huh?

How about making inappropriately critical comments about the Bruins owner which gets you removed from that beat, put on the Patriots beat which is then a springboard to the highest profile job in the city?

I’m still waiting for ONE of them, anyone of them to look up some of the charitable filings by some of their colleagues and do a little journalism on that topic. But, if you do that, no second helping at the carving station and no free cigars for you pal.

You never really know people the way you think you do.

First the outrage was about Kraft’s silence and now because Kraft admits to being “duped” we’ll, that’s just unacceptable.

Besides feeling duped, I’m sure he’s embarrassed, humiliated, disgusted and ashamed.

The majority of the folks who cover all the teams could use a little of all four of those.

Enjoy your victory laps you miserable bastards.


To be fair, not everyone in the media thought Kraft needed to talk. Kirk Minihane among them.

10 thoughts on “Piling On The Hypocrisy

  1. So I get it. So Dan Shaunessey needs to answer for what his 21 son did. So I suppose your parents have to answer for every mistake you may have made when you were you a young adult. It’s there fault you know.


    1. Wow did you miss the point of the post. The point is that each one of these media members demand explanations about the wrong doings of others but FAIL to offer explanations from their own, or in Shank’s situation, family missteps. The Patriots and Bob Kraft shouldn’t be tarnished by Hernandez any more than Shank should be by the actions of his son.


    2. Shank isn’t responsible for the actions of his 21 y/o son, the Patriots are responsible for the actions of their 23 y/o employee Go TIT


      1. So your making a direct comparison to being arrested for hitting a cop to being charged with murder. OK. If that works for you…fine.


        1. What more from Kraft/BB/team are you looking for?

          Are you implying that they knew, were covering up or should have known?


          1. While it was pretty clear, I think the post somehow flew right over, “Diamond Joe’s” head….lol


  2. Bruce:

    I was having this discussion with a friend of mine today and I argued that I thought Bob Kraft not only did the right thing by speaking to the media yesterday but that because he included Borges in the chat he went beyond what any other owner of any other team in any professional league has done or would have done…he admitted he was wrong, he admitted he made a mistake, and he did so against advice of counsel because he believed it was the right thing to do. He did not shy away from his critics and no one can accuse him of playing favorites (get over it Tom E. Curran).

    Much has been said about what the Patriots should have known…Borges called them “stupid” for not knowing. It got me to thinking…I recently learned a family friend of mine physically abused his son for several years while the boy was growing up (this was 40 years ago and the family friend (father) has passed). The father was a mentor of mine. He was charismatic, helpful, warm and incredibly supportive of everything I ever did. The person who told me of the abuse is someone I trust, who actually witnessed it as he was very close friends with the son. I never knew. I worked for the family for 7 years all through high school and college. I was invited to their home. I never knew. Recently I asked the son about it when I saw him a few weeks ago…as I needed to know and he confirmed it to me. It was a long time ago he said, “different time, different world…nothing I could do was good enough…not like my brother.” I never knew, never saw it, never suspected. The father had me and most other people fooled.

    Football is a violent ground acquisition game. The people who play it are valued, to the tune of millions of dollars, for their ability to be violent when the whistle blows, to be coachable, approachable and loyal when it isn’t. The Patriots were not obligated to be Hernandez’s surrogate parent. They were his employer. He came to work, did his job by all accounts in an exemplary fashion and then he went home. Were their flags? Sure…would the organization be surprised if he had gotten popped for a DUI or for smoking weed? Probably not. They knew who his friends were and they would have dealt with it…Donte Stallworth got to come back. Was a fight at a night club or domestic abuse something that might be in the cards? Probably. They would not have been surprised and they would have dealt with it…heck Ben Rothlesburger is still on Pitt. Ben Coates hit his wife and stayed with the team…she was only mad at him for having 4 kids with 3 other women and Ben was protecting himself from her anger or so the police report said. Hernandez possesses the ability to catch a football and move it forwarder better than almost anyone else on the planet…the Patriot’s ability to overlook the red flags is no different than what Urban Meyer did at Florida. The Pats are in business to win football games.

    Having said all of this, at no time did anyone in the Patriots organization or in any media outlet connect the dots that says Hernandez was a cold blooded, sociopath not only capable of committing murder but that he would actually sacrifice his career, being a father, and all the financial wealth he had accumulated to kill someone because they were “talking to people he did not like”. Bob Kraft came out to address this specific issue because unlike Art Modell and the Rooneys he actually cares about things other than winning games. His statements went a long way towards distancing the patriots organization, the last employer of Aaron Hernandez and the accused murderer. I applaud Bob Kraft for admitting he was douped. It happens. At least he is willing to stand up and say I will try to make sure it does not happen again. What was the message the Rooney’s sent standing by Rothlisberger or Modell sent standing by Lewis…Football is more important than life…forgive me if I prefer Kraft’s approach instead.


  3. Kraft had to answer about AH, just as Shank would have to talk about his son (eventually) if he had been charged with murder. If Shank produced such indignation about Denard then you may have a point.


    1. No, Kraft owes no explanation for anything Hernandez has done. He doesn’t owe one for why the Patriots hired Hernandez either, but he gave it. Obviously Kraft felt it necessary to distance the team from the crime. The only way you can relate the Patriots to what Hernandez did is to say they hired him and paid him the money he used to further his lifestyle (like the Falcons and Vick). That doesn’t make them at all responsible for what he did–he’s an adult and he’s responsible for himself. Only if they consciously aided him–if they knew what he was doing, or even suspected it–and that’s the speculation Kraft wanted to end.

      Shaughnessy owes no explanation for his son, either. He’s answerable only for his own actions. You can say he’s got no moral high ground, that he’s a hypocrite, to call for someone else to give an explanation when he didn’t. But that’s all.


  4. Hey, where are all the media members calling out the Denver Broncos for their clear lack of foresight signing front office personnel who have alcohol problems? HOW DID THE BRONCOS NOT KNOW THESE GUYS WOULD GET DUIS AND DRIVE WITH A BAC 3 TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT? PAT BOWLEN AND JOHN ELWAY SHOULD BE FIRED AND ARRESTED.

    Oh, boy..

    ‏@JohnOakey7 More legal troubles for former Husker Alfonso Dennard. He was arrested this AM for DUI.

    Some of the media get to pile it on today.

    Going back, @PatriotsXLVIII did some great work digging up some of the things that media members said who are now piling it on. Are they as dumb as Hernandez when it comes to ‘evidence’ to call them out? Must be. Both of these are from 27Aug when he signed the deal.

    @AlbertBreer Hernandez deal getting done
    … Forward thinking move by Pats. Would’ve been hard to keep both TEs w/o doing their deals early. …

    ‏@AlbertBreer When Nick Caserio is taking a
    GM job somewhere down the line, payoff of ’10 draft gambles on Gronk & Hernandez will be seen as a flashpoint.


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