It was one of those terrific nights in Boston sports, as all three active local teams were in action – two of them in playoff games – and all three were victorious.

The New York Knicks ran their mouths often as they jumped out to a 3-0 series lead on the Celtics. Even after dropping game four in OT to the Celtics, they promised to finish out the series in game five, and Kenyon Martin even encouraged his teammates to show up in all black last night, to prepare for a Celtics “funeral.” Whether that suggestion was in poor taste to begin with given recent events is open to discussion, but when your franchise has not won a playoff series in 13 years, perhaps its best to just focus on closing things out, rather trying to humiliate your opponent and bring attention to yourselves.

The move backfired, as the Celtics erased an 11-0 start to the game, and defeated the Knicks 92-86 before a stunned crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Paul Flannery has a great column on this one – Celtics survive and push Knicks’ swagger into the grave.

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For week, Bruins media and fans have worried about the team, and what version would show up for the playoffs. If last night is any indication, the Boston could be on an extended postseason ride. The Bruins suffocated the Maple Leafs in game one of their playoff series, beating Toronto 4-1 at the TD Garden.

Bruins start 2nd season right – Mick Colageo has Wade Redden as the first unlikely hero of the postseason for the Bruins.

Just like Bruins of old – Stephen Harris has the Bruins showing both the effort and confidence that made them champions two seasons ago.

Bruins flip the switch at just the right time – Joe Haggerty has the club able to turn things on last night.

Bruins flip a switch and must keep it on – DJ Bean says that if the switch is on, it needs to stay that way.

Bruins turn on energy – Joe McDonald credits the line of Paille, Campbell and Thornton with helping the team turn things on.

The Red Sox also played Toronto, and hit five home runs in beating the Blue Jays 10-1 behind Clay Buchholz, who improved to 6-0 on the season with an ERA of 1.01.

It’s finally safe to say Clay Buchholz is one of the best in the business – Rob Bradford looks at why the Red Sox righty is among the best pitchers in baseball.

Clay Buchholz hard to match – Gordon Edes has the start that Buchholz is on this season similar to that of another Texan who used to pitch for the Red Sox.

Long shots just Napoli being Manny – Michael Silverman looks at the monster home runs from the Red Sox first baseman last night, which brought back memories of Manny Ramirez.

It’s not online yet, but the 5/13 issue of ESPN The Magazine has a great feature on Tom Brady by Seth Wickersham. It’s about his drive to win another Super Bowl, and also to keep his kids grounded despite their extraordinary circumstances – This is not the way the rest of the world is.


16 thoughts on “Perfect Night For Boston Sports

  1. For Game 6, Danny/Wyc/someone to have Schilling sitting front-court, right by the Knicks bench. And, KG should dawn a bloody sock during warm-ups.


  2. I wonder what the change in narrative will be for Felger and Sqeaks now regarding the Celtics.
    First it was “They’re better without Rondo!” which, they admitted was trolling listeners (because that’s a wonderful strategy…). Then after the first few games it changed to “Well Rondo wouldn’t solve everything”.


    1. I congratulate F+M. They have somehow managed to accomplish in only about 3 1/2 years what took Ordway and his crew a decade to do; namely, annoy me to the point where I can no longer listen to their contrived tripe. I value my ear drums and time too much.


      1. I find them both unlistenable as it relates to baseball or basketball. Oh and I hated the “celebrity” callers on EEI and I hate them on the Sports Hub. Yaaaay, it’s Mike from Attleboro…

        Podcasts or music > Being told how everything sucks.

        I tried Holley and Salk a few times. Salk is boring and apparently I either was listening to Dale/Holley through rose-tinted earbuds or Holley has really regressed since that pairing broke up. He’s awful now.


        1. I honestly haven’t listened to Felger and Mazz nor Salk and Holley. 2-6 has now officially become occupied with Spotify.

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mazz on the Baseball Reporters is great. With all the talk of switches being flipped by our teams, I find it frustrating that he flips a switch at 6pm and actually turns in a great show. Loving 6-7 on TSH. I only wish that Tony Mazzarotti was on the F&M show from 2-6pm instead of Mazz/Parrot/Squeaks…


          1. The difference between his baseball show and F&M and quite noticable.
            On the baseball show callers are allowed to converse with the host. They’re not just fodder for whatever agenda Felger wants to push.
            You don’t like basketball, fine. That’s absolutely your right, but do you have to attempt to ruin my enjoyment of it every single day?


  3. I cannot get over the Knicks last night and their funeral garb. For as arrogant and obnoxious as I thought pre-championship LeBron was, this takes classless to a whole new level. Also, it didn’t make any sense either to wear black after the game, since, ya know, the opponent was very much alive and well. Morons.


  4. Anyone else hear the Sheppard show today? I listened from 530-6pm. Not one call! He was reading from a website for 15 minutes!


  5. I woke up with a nice buzz from those 3 wins last night and there was no way I was gonna destroy it by listening to sports talk radio.


  6. Tweets by JT and Looney say JT The Brick is on “WEEI” again as of Sun into Monday but it didn’t specify FM or AM. Could be FM, incl the simulcasts. JT thanks Wolfe again.


    1. Saw the Tweets, as well, but no indication if it’s AM/FM. Have to assume FM because AM is 24/7 ESPN simulcast.


      1. Would think so too, though technically they carry other stuff on 850 besides ESPN, like displaced Sox or C’s games due to conflict, some college sports, etc.


    2. Is there a bigger hater of all things Boston on the radio than JT the Brick? No wonder weei is flushing itself out of business.


  7. Big story today about the Buchholz/SpitBallGate. As with most baseball stories, you need to go outside the local media to get some objectivity:

    Tom Verducci thinks there is something is going on but doesn’t think it’s a big deal:

    Matthew Kory over at SoE looks at the evidence and PitchF/X from fangraphs but does not find much:


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