WEEI announced this morning that John Ryder has been named as the pre and post game host of the station’s Red Sox radio broadcasts, replacing Jon Rish, who left to pursue a career as a computer programmer. Ryder will also continue his duties of hosting Red Sox Review and Celtics Rewind.

In addition, the station announced that mid-day co-host and former Red Sox utility player Lou Merloni and Celtics radio play-by-play voice Sean Grande will fill in for Dave O’Brien on the game broadcasts when the latter is away for ESPN duties.

Merloni has already appeared on several broadcasts and acquitted himself quite well in a format that requires him to draw on his baseball knowledge and experience.

Grande has been the Celtics voice since 2001.


7 thoughts on “Celtics Voice Sean Grande ( @SeanGrandePBP ) To Fill In On Red Sox Radio Broadcasts

  1. Merloni as a color guy is actually pretty darn good. Dare I say I am really rooting for him to succeed in that role? He’s insightful, smart, and even, at times, witty without being a bore. The last time I heard him alongside Joe Castiglione I almost forgot he was the same guy who is contrived, dull and practically unlistenable from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

    1. I don’t get why they don’t have a full-time color guy who has baseball experience like every other sports broadcast. Are the Red Sox (and Yankees) an outlier like this or does all MLB radio employ 2 PBP guys?

      1. Most MLB radio teams do usually have 2 PBP guys. The only one off the top of my head that doesn’t have it is the Braves.

    2. Agreed. I’m no fan of his work on the midday show but the next time the Sox have an analyst opening (i.e. when Remy retires or the radio people have an opening), Merloni ought to be the main main for the gig. He’s really good in that capacity. Frankly I find the O’Brien/Castiglione pairing to be somewhat dull…maybe the fact O’Brien isn’t there all the time has something to do with the lack of chemistry? Or they’re just too similar PBP guys as others have said?

  2. Does this mean Dale is out of all Red Sox broadcasts? If so, could someone please explain to me why he reigned with WEEI and did not move somewhere else when his contract expired.

    1. Because he had a job w/NESN and could make some money at WEEI on the side. Plus, where was he going to go? There aren’t a lot of PBP gigs out there.

  3. hmmm…Sean Grande? Does he have a baseball pbp background? I love him calling Celtics and he should do good doing baseball because i think he’s a competent professional but what about Dale? Man it’s even more clear than ever of the major mistake he made in not quitting WEEI years ago to go full time on NESN. Too bad…he seems like a really good guy. WEEI just keeps fucking him over.

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