Glenn Ordway teased yesterday that he would be back on the air soon, and word came out that he got himself a temp-job as co-host CSNNE’s Sports Tonight for four nights next week  (Tue-Fri) alongside who else, but Mike Felger.

Chad Finn has a short post on the move, which is a logical one for CSNNE and should generate some interest from viewers looking to see the dynamic between the pair.

We can already guess some of the jokes that will be made about the situation, and how Felger’s success is largely responsible for Ordway losing his job at WEEI. The pupil has become the master, etc, etc.


Sources tell BSMW that Sports Illustrated has had conversations with Boston Globe NFL writer Greg A Bedard about coming on staff with them as a Boston-based NFL writer.

While the move is not official, sources say that the Globe is making preparations as if they expect Bedard to depart following next month’s NFL draft.

The loss of Bedard would be a big one for the Globe, which has had something of a rotating door at the NFL writer position, with Mike Reiss, Albert Breer and Bedard at the post in the last few years. Bedard’s analytic style and attention to detail on film work and schemes have been a big plus for the coverage at the paper.

Bedard politely declined comment when approached about the rumor.


This had to be one of the most bizarre weeks in the history of Dennis and Callahan (and now Minihane). The hosts seemed determined to push the envelope with topics of masturbation, lesbians, transgender and details of relationships between couples.

Is this what they’ve been told to discuss? Is this a return of “Guy Radio?”

Their Beantown Beatdown series, (with accompanying Photoshops) is detailed on the Producers Blog, and is equal parts disturbing, creepy and amusing.


A couple media links from today:

Earlier this week, FOX announced that their new all-sports network FOX Sports 1 would debut in August.

With new network, Fox to challenge ESPN – Finn looks at the aims of the new network, which follows on the heels of the NBC Sports Network and CBS Sports Network as challengers to ESPN.

Sharks voice Eric Lindquist still has a rip-roaring time – Bill Doyle talks to the voice of the Worcester Sharks.


16 thoughts on “Ordway The Temp, And Is Greg Bedard Moving On From The Globe?

  1. As much as I love Bedard, is going to SI, given their health, the best move?

    I can’t see them being much more than a website being sold like Sporting News in over 5 years.

    Bedard, in a Q&A here, expressed interest in doing radio. Did nobody ever approach him about at least doing an hour or two during the NFL season? He also expressed interest in going the NFL/scout route but I assume the pay would be entry-level until you work yourself up in a team’s front office.


    1. Bedard did do guest shots on D&C. (I think the progression was Felger and Mazz, then D&C.) He was pretty good.

      (As for him leaving the Globe — Noooo.)


  2. That would be a huge blow, it would be interesting to see who they’d replace him with. They also have a online columnist job to fill since Mazz is gone.


  3. I have to admit, I am excited for Ordway-Felger. Anything that gets Tanguay off of the air is a + for me.


          1. I would guess that’s becaise Wallach wasn’t fired–he left EEI of his own volition. Felger was doing fairly regular sub duty there before moving to the Sports Hub, and Mazz the Weenie was still getting tossed around on the Big Show from time to time. But they aren’t going to be hiring the guys who get fired. Why hire the ones who lost?


          2. Because up until 6 months ago big show was actually doing fairly well even though Wolfe butchered Glenn’s format by sticking him with the host killer Holley. Also from a quality standpoint the midday show on he hub with gresh and zo is just an absolute train wreck and until EEI made the mistake to fire Arnold that is only when they finally won that slot. There is nothing wrong with Glenn’s show as originally formated and it would crush it on the 10-2 slot. Ordway is not the typical retread but a radio icon around here who I still think does a good show and his association with EEI should not discourage the Hub from doing biz with him. this isn’t like hiring Craig Mustard and Larry…Glenn is a REAL broadcaster who should still have a voice on a major station.


          3. Right on, Dan. I thought moving Ordway to midday would have been a good move. He’d be a major improvement over Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak!


          4. Not sure you can blame Holley. Before him we were subjected to Big Show co-hosts like Larry Johnson and Steve Burton. Oof. And Ordway/Holley did beat Felger/Mazz in last springs ratings.


          5. I think it was this site that broke down the ratings over the past year or so–last spring’s EEI surge over the Hub in the afternoon/evenings correlated with Sox broadcasts on EEI. But still, point taken–it hasn’t been a completely one-sided beatdown by the Sports Hub. Still, it’s worth looking at Holley’s performance–he was the younger of the Dale/Holley pairing, and frequently drove the conversation between the two of them. But the more I listen to him leading the Big Show these days, the harder it gets to stay tuned in. EEI has started its “Four at four” series, I think in response to Felger’s “Ten questions for [whoever]”, and it’s damn near un-listenable. Holley simply doesn’t know how to keep the feature moving. His producers are frequently the ones who move onto the next topic. And hearing him continue to introduce the guys as “Young Andrew and young Benjamin” is starting to get a little creepy.


  4. I’ve been trying to give the new D & C show a chance, but it’s not looking for my continued for my continued listening. Kirk goes silent for long periods of time — it seems like they should have settled into some kind of routine now. And when he did pipe up this week, it was to share WAY too much information. Classless and embarrassing.


  5. Shocker, WEEI personalties win the “battle” hosted on their own website. That was about as surprising as finding out Boy George’s sexual preferences.


  6. UPDATE: No worry about Nick Cafardo leaving one of the most iconic spots in Sports media, the Globe’s lead baseball writer.
    Nobody wants him.


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