The Celtics received the devastating news yesterday that point guard Rajon Rondo will be out for the rest of the season after suffering a torn ACL in the double-overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night.

How the news was disseminated yesterday was interesting to follow, as social media reports early in the afternoon suggested it could be a a torn ACL, and Sean Grande on the Celtics radio broadcast was among the first on the air to report the news.(The Celtics put it on Twitter around 3:15.) Behind the scenes, Jackie MacMullan recounts how she was the one who told Rondo that people were speculating the ACL was torn, before he even got the official word on it. She then told Dwyane Wade, who took it back to the Miami bench. It appears the Heat knew before the Celtics did.

Doris Burke of ABC/ESPN broke the news to a visibly distraught Paul Pierce following the game. Doc Rivers said he told his team about the injury after the game, though he knew before the game that Rondo was likely done for the season.

Callers and texters to 98.5 during the game (and WEEI this morning) celebrated the injury, a pattern that is sure to continue with the hosts today. While Felger and Mazz are in New Orleans for the Super Bowl this week, you can bet they’ll be gleeful over the injury. It’s a contrast to the reaction of teammates and opponents around the league alike, many of whom (including Kobe Bryant) expressed their affection and respect for Rondo.

You’ll hear the phrase “blowing it up” a ton in the coming days and weeks, and armchair GMs, fan and media alike will be advocating getting rid of anyone, including Pierce and Kevin Garnett. (They can’t get anything for them.)  A few might insist that the team might get better without Rondo and all his “selfish” assists.

A few other thoughts on the short and long-term future of the Celtics.

Rondo’s done, and so are the Celtics – When a guy I like and respect as much as Steve Bulpett is writing this, I know things can’t be good.

Rajon Rondo injury clouds Celtics future – Chris Gasper manages to work in references to the deaths of Reggie Lewis and Len Bias when discussing what this injury means to the Celtics.

Celtics forced to look for options in wake of Rondo’s injury – A. Sherrod Blakely thinks that the Celtics will be at least considering a look at Delonte West.

Where do Celtics go from here? – Ben Rohrbach thinks that the Celtics will either be the latest example of the Ewing Theory, or that this injury will be what finally killed the heart of champion.

Doc Rivers, Celtics not packing it in – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics feeling that they can still make a run in the East.


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  1. Does it bother anyone else how much mileage MacMullen was getting out of her being the one to break the news to Rondo? It was everywhere last night. Talk about injecting yourself into the story. And she’s not alone, pretty much everyone starting telling their tales about how they were the ones to break the news to x-player. Ugh. Ugh. And ugh-ly.


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