Things didn’t look so good for the Celtics when Monday afternoon they learned point guard Rajon Rondo would miss their game with the Knicks after being suspended one game by the NBA for making contact with a game official and failure to cooperate with a league investigation. The incident occurred in Saturday’s win over Atlanta, but the Celtics managed to overcome the loss of Rondo and defeat the Knicks 102-96 Monday night at Madison Square Garden.

Boston was led by Paul Pierce who had 23 points and six assists, while Kevin Garnett added 19 points and 10 boards. The game got chippy in the fourth quarter when Garnett and Carmelo Anthony got into it, jawing at each other on the court. It spewed over to after the game where Anthony reportedly was outside the locker room shouting for Garnett and then Comcast Sportsnet video had Anthony waiting outside the Celtics team bus for Garnett. If there wasn’t already, there is a rivalry developing between the two teams and sure would make for a great playoff series.

Don’t look now but the Celtics have won three in a row and have dramatically turned things around the past three games. All that trade talk can finally be put to bed.

Celtics without Rajon Rondo against Knicks due to suspension– Gary Washburn in his notebook looks at the two storylines off the court — Rondo’s suspension and Anthony looking for Garnett after the game.

Final buzzer ends game, not Garnett-Anthony feud– Dan Duggan looks at the situation which occurred following the game.

Paul Pierce enjoys big stage– Chris Forsberg has another monster night from Pierce, in a game his team really needed him.

Lee, Bradley make dynamic duo on defense in Rondo’s absence– A. Sherrod Blakely looks at how the Celtics made up for being without Rondo.

Potential trade fits for Celtics– Gary Dzen says the proposed trade rumor swirling around the internet would be good for the Celtics.

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Alabama and Nick Saban continued to build their college football dynasty Monday night in their 42-14 beat down of Notre Dame. It ‘s their third title in four years and second straight.

Alabama dominates in BCS title game– Christopher Gasper gives his take on the game.



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