Arian Foster of the Texans has a new Twitter avatar.

From Shaughnessy’s column yesterday.

13 thoughts on “Shaughnessy’s Column Used As Bulletin Board Material by @ArianFoster

  1. One has to really hope that this doesn’t happen again:

    Remember that? 7th inning rain delay on 9/28/2011, on NESN, next to Heidi.

  2. All I know is Shaughnessy is loving this! It can’t be more about him.
    The last pathetic gasps for relevancy by this totally unrelatable hack are almost as annoying as his attempts to squeeze every last penny out of “the curse.” Keep up the good work you chinless zilch.

  3. Shank being referenced in any way is like having to hear your parents talk about how McGovern carried MA in’72.

  4. Media loves it BOTH WAYS. I brought up the 2 games in 2010 against Jet’s myself when trying to point put how foolish the, ‘What did this game “tell us??” storyline is…..I know it might be “boring” but as BB & Brady have said more than once, each game is it’s own separate entity, previous games mean nothing……but I digress, yes Shank is a bleeping A-HOLE!

    1. Shank is setting himself up to have it both ways here in another way. By degrading the opposition with the always-hilarious “tomato can” moniker, he is already diminishing any potential victories in the playoffs by the Patriots. Of course, should they lose, he can talk sh*t about about what a disappointment the Patriots were by losing to inferior competition. Classic Shank. Love those tomato cans!

  5. Locked behind a paywall as he is, Shaughnessy needs to vent. It’s tough working THAT hard on a column only 17 people will read.

    1. No joke, after this relatively harmless comment, the man who runs a media criticism site banned my IP address.

      Thin skin?

      If you are going to dish it out . . .

      1. I had my IP blocked as well for posting a mildly critical comment in the past. Rather than defend his opinion, Bruce decided to be an internet tough guy by just deleting my comment and perma-banning me. What was once a respectable outlet for media criticism has devolved into nothing more than a Boston homer’s fan-boy blog.

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