Despite a terrible display of tackling, execution, and pass coverage the Patriots were able to barely get past the Bills 37-31 following a Devin McCourty interception in the end zone with less than a minute to play and Buffalo threatening to score. The Patriots defense seemingly took a giant step back following the blowout win over the Rams in London two weeks ago. The Patriots allowed a franchise-most 35 first downs in the win, it was also the most the Bills have earned in a single game. Although the unit allowed 481 total yards, they did force three turnovers, which ultimately was the key in the victory, but will this get the job done come playoff time?

Sports radio was full of callers and opinions regarding the defense, most negative as they made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like a Pro-Bowler and the Bills look like a team far better than their 3-6 record. This was relatively unexpected as the team had two weeks to prepare coming off a bye week.

One question I had was where was the blitzing which worked two weeks ago against the Rams? Following its success in London, I expected to see more of it beginning Sunday, but instead there wasn’t much at all. Obviously the Patriots’ front-seven is the strength of the defense, why not give those guys a chance to make plays instead of dropping seven into coverage? What good is Brandon Spikes or Dont’a Hightower dropping back into pass coverage? Let them loose and give them the chance to make plays. It could even take some of the pressure off the horrid secondary.

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5 thoughts on “‘A win is a win’ as the Patriots sneak past Buffalo

  1. I guess Steeler fans joined the, “win that feels like a loss” club this morning. 49er fans joined the “TIE that feels like a loss” club….It’s the NFL, people. Times have changed, stop EXPECTING Patriot “Blowout victories” and you won’t find your “boxers in a bunch’ all the time…..bottomline, Pats won. On to the Colts.


      1. Obviously the Pats pass D has it’s “issues”……my point is they won and each game is it’s own entity so it’s on to the Colts for me. I just find rehashing the previous weeks game for 7 DAYS straight to be boring as hell (win OR lose)…..Not saying everything is great with the Pats but not going to get all hysterical and pissed off after a WIN either.


  2. When the Texans (at home — and they’re clearly a dome team) only put up 20 on Buffalo.. did their media react the same way? Have to admit that it was not a good win but Fitzpatrick ended it the same way he did against the Titans.

    Did someone leak the Napoli thing intentionally? I’ve never heard such a big deal made over possibly doing a mid-level signing. And, everyone is commending the Sox for doing “background checks” on players? It’s not racist like it was with Carl Crawford? I recall a mixture of local/national folks peddled that one. Seriously, folks, lets be happy they’re doing homework on a potential FA and I hope they do it on every single one, mid-level and up, from now on.

    Deadspin did a great compilation of what ESPN has become: – Local spin on this: What ESPN puts out not only shapes what is talked about but how its talked about.


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