A quick post this morning, as I’m packing up and heading out for a week off…

ESPN’s Beano Cook, dead at 81, was one of a kind – Chad Finn looks at the life and career of football commentator Beano Cook, who died earlier this week in his sleep.

In that column, Finn also reports that Jon Meterparel is expected to leave WEEI shortly, though he will remain as the voice of Boston College football and basketball.

“Meter” has done the morning flashes on the Dennis and Callahan show since 2000.

Mosquitoes disrupt Friday Night Football Frenzy – Bill Doyle looks at how the threat of eastern equine encephalitis and the West Nile virus have altered the coverage of high school football on Charter TV 3.

Media roundup: Celtics’ Jeff Green drawing unfair criticism from media members – My SB Nation Media column this week looks at the coverage of Jeff Green’s contract by media and bloggers. The commentary has been a bit harsher than called for, in my opinion.

The Patriots will face old coach Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon (4:00, CBS) Ian Eagle (play-by-play) and Dan Fouts (analysis). This is the network’s “C” team.

Catch all the Patriots coverage at PatriotsLinks.com.

We’ll be launching a new feature this Celtics season at BSMW. Justin Barrasso has collected copies of the official box scores from Larry Bird’s seasons with the Celtics. This year, we’re going to replay Bird’s rookie season, by posting the box scores and some added media coverage and thoughts from that game, and post them each day that corresponds with that game from Bird’s rookie season of 1979-80.

The first post will be going up later today, as Bird made his Celtics debut on October 12th, 1979 against the Houston Rockets.


11 thoughts on “Meterparel out at WEEI, Patriots to face 12th man

  1. I could never figure out the Meterparel hire to begin with. Guy has no clue about sports and has a wildly annoying personality. Hilarious that he gets to keep the BC announcer gig because he downright stinks as a play by play man. Must have a contract in place. Have to figure his contract was up and monetary considerations were behind WEEI letting him go from D & C.


    1. I think the Krafts know better, but sure hope they aren’t considering Meter as a replacement for Gil Santos…..seems pretty far fetched but I’ve seen stranger things.


  2. Anderson is a better rebounder, a better shooter from any spot on the floor, a more efficient scorer and turns the ball over less. Green is a better defender, but how much and does that justify the contract? We shall find out.


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