As Tom Brady and the Patriots prepare for their trip to Seattle this weekend (Brady’s first game in Seattle), it is also a chance for Pete Carroll to go against the team he coached for three years from ’97-’99. Much of the talk on sports radio this week has been about Carroll and his time in New England, and he even appeared on the Dennis & Callahan show Wednesday morning.

When it comes to the game itself, it will be interesting to see if the Patriots will be able to run their no-huddle, fast-paced offense with the crowd noise which comes with playing in Seattle. Seattle’s defense is ranked at the top of the league so Brady and the offense will certainly have their hands full, but with how bad the Seahawks’ offense is it shouldn’t take much offense to come home with a win.

More balance paying dividends for Patriots offense– Shalise Manza Young looks at the new-look Patriots offense and how well its been working, making it even more difficult for opposing defenses.

Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick like night at day– Jeff Howe looks at the two coaches and their different styles.

One scout’s breakdown of Patriots-Seahawks: Run key for both teams– Christopher Price begins to preview Sunday’s game.

Patriots determined to win turnover battle– Mary Paoletti says the turnover battle is the key to winning Sunday’s game.

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The first name has come out in who the Red Sox will interview for their managerial opening, and it isn’t a name many people were talking about. Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach will reportedly be interviewed by the team next week. The Red Sox were said to be interested in him last year, but the Dodgers would not grant permission for him to speak with Boston. The news was first reported by the Boston Herald.

Manager choice not as important as roster moves– Tony Massarotti says the way the Red Sox rebuild the roster is much more important than who they hire as manager.

John Farrell not alone on Red Sox’ list– Michael Silverman updates the Red Sox’ managerial search.

Searching for (and finding) J.D. Drew– Rob Bradford catches up with J.D. Drew and touches on a number of subjects including his time in Boston.

Who will, and who won’t return to the Red Sox– Sean McAdam looks at how the Red Sox roster might look next year.


9 thoughts on “Pete Carroll to face old foe, a new name in Red Sox managieral search

  1. I know Sterling is goofy, but what is the obsession with mocking him/other aspects of the Yankees when they win? It’s one thing when your team is in the playoffs and can you speak about it but this is trolling you expect on forums. If you’re in Balitmore’s, I get it. Here? It screams of petty jealousy.

    With that, I thought Don Orsillo does a great job with MLB on TBS. You can’t even tell he works for NESN as his main job or “might” be a Red Sox fan.

    Yesterday, did everyone spend too much time “trashing” Pete Carroll? I thought it became excessive to the point that there was some stowed anger.


  2. Felger was going on a RANT last night about how much Pete Carroll “SUCKS!!” as a coach. Where else can you get detailed analysis like that?…..not saying I think Pete Carroll is Vince Lombardi, however if I want to hear some idiot giving football opinion that includes YELLING, “HE SUCKS!!”….I can get that from the drunk guy at my local sports bar.


  3. Its funny. I thought the only person who was right about Carroll yesterday was Felger. The revisionism that Carroll was not so bad…after all the worst he did in NE was 8-8 was nauseating. Felger detailed how the players abused his authority, how the clubhouse self destructed when he took over (something that happened when he was coach of the Jets a few years earlier) and how he ignored the offensive side of the ball because he did not and to this day does not understand it and how he took a SB team and destroyed it inside of 3 years. Quick trivia question who was the only Bobby Grier/Pete Carroll drafted/developed player to make the 2003 Pats roster? How many of you said Kevin Faulk?

    Carroll is, other than Herm Edwards, the worst NFL coach I have ever witnessed. Seriously…he was worse than Rich Kottite, Rod Rust, Dick MacPhearson or Dave Wandstadt. As a season ticket holder at the time the sense of despair I had each time I saw him coach a game mad my stomach churn. It was throwing good money after bad. What’s funny about Carroll is he wasn’t any good at USC…except at cheating. So far his claim to fame in Seattle is winning a playoff game with a 7-9 team. He will lose those players as well. He was horrible at developing players…we blame Bobby Grier for questionable drafts but no one ever really looks at the environment Pete Carroll created for those players and how they had no chance to develop. He could not relate to them as professionals because he did not know the game.


    1. My main point was, while I agree Carroll isn’t a great NFL coach and is still more suited for the college game (cheating or not) People should expect a little more from one of the biggest sports media personalities in Boston than just screaming, PETE CARROLL SUCKS!!” at the camera……hell, anybody can do that…..

      Then again, we are talking FELGER here, probably my fault for expecting more. After all he he was very detailed when breaking down the complexities of the salary cap (“THE CAP IS CRAP”)


      1. I thought Felger actually did a good job of explaining why Carroll sucks. Usually…like in your stated example of the Cap…he makes a declaration “THE CAP IS CRAP” and then he does not defend the statement. With Carroll I heard him spend the better part of 20 minutes (about the time I was in the car) listing example after example of why Carroll sucked. From allowing the Brisby/Law fight to carry over from the bar, to his handling or lack there of of Bledsoe, to his unwillingness to learn never mind be involved in the offense, to his inability to develop players, to his handling of Terry Glenn. Felger listed example after example. He talked about in game decisions. He talked about his willingness to face reality when he took a very talented team and in 3 years gutted it. Most of all he correctly observed that Pete Carroll sucked as a head coach.
        I think there is a time and place to trash Felger especially with regards to his Pats coverage. He clearly does not understand Belichick and how he plans for not just now but for tomorrow. I don’t think his pronouncement that Pete Carroll SUCKED was wrong or undefended.


        1. That must have been on radio, on his TV show it was basicly, “PETE SUCKS” and that was that…..also, I love how he says those Pats teams were “loaded” yet he’s been a “Bledsoe Basher” for years…..whatever…while I do enjoy commenting on the sports media, in the end it doesn’t really mean anything…. Just quickly forgotten noise…yada-yada-yada-blah-blah-blah


  4. Can someone tell me what, precisely, the point of Eric Wilbur’s (sorry… “Eric Wilbur and Staff”) slideshow column on was today? How is a small listing of “players I’d like to have on the Red Sox” either news or valuable analysis, especially when there’s precisely zero point zero zero percent chance of ANY of the players listed (other than the two who are already part of the organization) being in a Sox uniform next year?

    Boy, they’re really providing value to the non-paywall consumers these days, aren’t they….


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