All Boston teams were off on Monday, but there was still plenty to talk about following the Patriots’ season opening win on Sunday. The two main story lines were the play of the rookies on defense, and the emergence of running back Stevan Ridley. Despite the convincing win, with the Boston media and fans there will always be something negative coming out of the game.

This time it was the lack of playing time from Wes Welker. He played only 43 of the 67 snaps (64 percent) compared to just under 90 percent last season, while finishing with three catches for 14 yards. Some threw around the idea Bill Belichick and the Patriots are upset with him after his contract negotiations this past off season and are punishing him now. To me it is a non-story, and just one game. The Patriots seem to be stressing balance this season, so give it a few more games. It will work itself out.

Patriots report card– Ron Borges gives his grades for each position from Sunday’s win. They all passed with flying colors.

Ridley’s super Sunday was no surprise to high school coach– Kevin McNamara speaks with Ridley’s high school coach following his 125-yard performance in the season opening win.

Jones up to tall task– Jeff Howe takes a second-look at rookie Chandler Jones’ performance in his first NFL start.

In the line of Duty– Gerry Callahan looks at Logan Mankins’ toughness after it was revealed he tore his ACL in the first game last season, but did not tell anyone until after the season.

Has Welker’s role changed?– Felger & Mazz debate whether or not Welker’s role has changed this season.

News of Welker’s targets is product of media– Tom E. Curran blames the media for creating the Welker story.

Welker, Brown in same mold– Shalise Manza Young compares Welker to former Patriots star Troy Brown.

NFL Week 1: A few thoughts– Tony Massarotti has some thoughts not only on the Patriots, but the league in general.

In what would normally be a very meaningful September series between the Red Sox and Yankees, this time it means almost nothing, at least for the Red Sox. The Yankees now find themselves fighting to stay atop the AL East standings and the Red Sox will look to play spoiler.

Spoiler alert: Yanks in peril– Michael Silverman says the Yankees September has a chance to end just like the Red Sox’ did last year.

Good place to start– Scott Lauber looks ahead to next season and says the team needs to focus on rebuilding their starting rotation first before doing anything else.

Slumping Sox may find pick-me-up in pinstripes– Peter Abraham wonders if with the Yankees coming to town it might inspire the team to play better ball, and spoil their playoff hopes.

Lester: Beckett wasn’t the problem– Joe McDonald has Jon Lester’s reaction to Josh Beckett being traded, and how it could benefit the left-hander even though Lester says Beckett wasn’t an issue.


9 thoughts on “More Patriots reaction, Red Sox welcome Yankees to town

  1. Once again, the Boston Sports media and talk radio distinguishes itself as being mostly unreadable (with the exception of Bedard, Reiss and Curran) and unlistenable


  2. I feel a bit hypocritical bashing the media for creating such stories as the Welker story line, when I am in fact “feeding the monster” by giving it attention. The fact is if everyone ignored Felger and the rest of the donkeys at CSSNE, WEEI and 98.5 when they spout this type of drival then they would stop!


    1. Peter, I think you are being hard on yourself. I think the problem is not that you pay attention to this drivel. I think it is a very reasonable question to ask…”was Welkers diminished looks by design or because of how the game unfolded?” Where I think the problem comes in is when that simple question is harped on and beaten to death in a way to create controversy when there is a rational explanation that an agenda driven commenter refuses to acknowledge.


    2. It’s the, “chicken or the egg” thing…do we watch these guys because we like their drivel?…or do we watch them because THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE IN CONTROL OF THE AIRWAVES?”….I do think the VIEWERS are the problem. Just look at ESPN…I think most “serious” football fans would agree NFL MATCHUP is the best show when it comes to breaking down the technical aspects of football. Notice how they show it at like 7:30AM and 2:00AM??

      Why is that? >RATINGS! they get better ratings with the 5 (or more, I lose track) circus clowns who do the NFL COUNTDOWN SHOW that’s why they put that show on at 12:00 noon…..face it, they cater to the “casual fan”


  3. Then you had that Kirk Minihane guy on some show last night. His big thing was, “Yeah sure, Pats ran the ball Sunday. But WILL THEY STICK WITH THE RUN IN JANUARY??!!”….He was almost screaming… WTF?…I’m pretty sure BB likes to go with whatever is WORKING. …These people who spout the party line that you, “can’t give up on the run!” are the same people who if Pats run it twice for 2 yards start screaming “PASS THE FREEKING BALL!”…..

    I’d love seeing the Pats with a better running game too, I hope they continue to run the ball well. However, their “pass first” style has gotten them pretty far. I’m not that familiar with Minihane (I was channel surfing) but he came across as another media numbnut to me.


    1. Minihane is a this pseudo tough guy who when not ambushing other media people, pushes extreme points in the hopes that people will look at him. What is really annoying is that the brass at WEEI seem to like him and if the rumors are to be believed he might be in line for a larger role at WEEI. I don’t get it.


  4. Felger is confused today. On the one hand he’s trying to advance the theory about BB/Kraft sticking it to Welker. With the other hand, he’s agreeing with the strategy of distributing the ball to more people a more balanced approach which HE has been advocating all along.


  5. Insufferable Glen Ordway needs to be named new Red Sox skipper. He’s still going to get into games for free, he’s still going to be able to vacuum up all the food his gullet can hold, and he can do the job better than anyone.


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