There are plenty of things to criticize the Boston media for. The failure of the 2012 Red Sox is not one of them.

That’s all on the team, from top to bottom.My SB Nation Boston media column deals with that topic more in depth, except it’s not posted yet. I’ll link it when it is.

Red Sox wrong to place blame on media – Peter Abraham, fresh off back-to-back nights at Springsteen, makes some valid points on the tactics of ownership, and ridicules a Boston Herald article.

While I respect Abraham’s right to take a couple nights off and to even tweet and blog the concert setlists, he comes off a little defensive in the comment section. His comment “Sorry I took my first road series in two years off.” is a little Beckett-esque, shades of “I only get 18 off-days during the season, I’m going to do what I want.

Red Sox owners making presence felt – Meanwhile, Nick Cafardo is being ripped to shreds in the comment section of this piece today.

Here’s how Sox would tell their story – Gordon Edes goes off-beat and attempts to write about the Red Sox in 1910 fashion.

Red Sox Game 117 (Sox 6, @Balt 3) Reloaded – Oh yeah, the red Sox actually won last night. Jon Couture runs down the coverage and notables.

The Legend of Larry Bird: 20 Years Later – Rich Levine with an epic tribute to Larry Bird, who retired 20 years ago this month. Man, I’m old.

This image was tweeted out by @BostonRadio last night.

Its seems that Boston will soon have four sports radio stations in town. (Assuming Entercom does put ESPN Radio full-time on the dial somewhere.) NBC Sports Radio is due to launch on September 4th. An official announcement about Boston has not yet been made, but there have been plenty of rumblings. A connection to CSNNE seems natural, given the Comcast/NBC dynamic.

Right now, programming has only been announced for nights and mornings, so it’s unclear what the lineup is going to look like.

Ultimately, the station will face the same issues that doomed 1510 the Zone, mainly the lack of signal strength. (Well, the signal comes in great if you’re in the Atlantic ocean. )

The NBC Sports Radio Network is the latest move by Comcast/NBC in the sports arena as they attempt to mount a challenge to ESPN in the sports programming market.

The Renaissance Golfer: Kevin Walsh – John Molori profiles the CSNNE anchor, whom he says might mount  a challenge to the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Check Patriots coverage today and over the weekend on


16 thoughts on “Blaming Media The Wrong Move For Sox Ownership, 1510 To Rise From The Ashes?

  1. Certainly media is not the fault of Red Sox struggles. Sox upper management should take a page from Patriots. Find THE BEST people, put them in charge and then get out of the way and SHUT YOUR YAPS…..I think they hired Bobby V cause they watch alot of ESPN


    1. Hard to believe Sox management watches even a minute of ESPN. They care about data, not Joe Morgan.


        1. Bobby V a terrible hire? Yes. But the big names thing, well, I don’t how you make that determination based on one manager hire in the past nine years. It’s like the feds throwing the book at me and calling me a murderer because I might have conked on a guy or two on the head a bunch of years ago.


      1. I think the only thing they care about on TV comes in the form of Nielsen Numbers.

        If anything, they now have to deal with ESPN. ESPN has been “featuring” copies/stories/link to all the NYDN, among other things, lately, so I would not be surprised if they don’t have Jeremy Schapp and John Barr dumpster diving outside Yawkee Way while Bob Ley is supervising.

        Not a good sign as I take this as a sign they’re putting effort into digging up stuff. As we have seen, anyone outside the BBWAA digging finds stuff. Compound that with the “power” and “resources” of ESPN and it spells trouble.


  2. Someone mentioned this on the previous post, since McAdams did a great job (and was a timely guest host, as much as I enjoyed Beers):

    If the media is such a problem, how are the Yankees 70-48? They have
    literally twice as many reporters following them. Don’t insult smart
    fans by making up excuses.

    DING DING DING (as Hector Salamanca would do, for any Breaking Bad fans).

    On a side note, with how PR inept it seems Lucchino has been, maybe he’s auditioning for being Goodell’s next PR director/work for the NFL? He’d be perfect for this NFL Ref situation or championing the 18-game season.

    G+Z went on a “rant” about this. CBS was quick to put this up on their website:


  3. No one’s blaming the media for the demise of the Red Sox this year. They are blaming — correctly — the media for emphasizing the negative and incorrectly assigning blame without considering the very real things that have gone wrong but were out of the team’s control.

    Fact is, the media in this town can’t be taken seriously. They see ghosts, imagine conspiracies and print innuendo and rumor when the facts don’t jibe with their twisted views.


    1. I don’t think media is too blame but they way Red Sox management and players have performed this year? well thats like feeding lions red meat. Boston sports media loves a Soap opera and the Red Sox delivered.


      1. What performed? They’ve set a 40-year mark for most days lost to injury. When your starting OF consists of Daniel Nava, Ryan Sweeney and Marlon Byrd, what the hell d’ya think is gonna happen?


  4. In the latest twist to Text-whatever-gate from the Passan story:

    We go to the New York media for Boston Gossip and Drama!

    Must be a slow day at Jets camp (anyone watch them vs. the Giants last night? The Jets absolutely suck.)

    Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was not the author of the now-infamous text message to Boston ownership complaining about manager Bobby Valentine, although it was sent from his cell phone, major league sources told the Daily News.

    Those sources also said new Mets catcher Kelly Shoppach was deeply involved in writing the message that touched off the latest Sox drama, but Shoppach would not confirm that charge.

    A small group of players that has been unhappy with Valentine this
    season — a group that included Shoppach, according to a source familiar
    with the circumstances — was complaining about the manager in late July
    and engaged Gonzalez in the conversation. A member of the group
    suggested that the only way to bring about action would be to voice
    their problems to ownership. Gonzalez was tired of hearing the constant
    grumbling and agreed with them that a message from him — the team’s
    highest-paid player — would get management’s attention.



    1. Even Felger, who, just a year ago at this time was constantly holding up the Jets’ “team-building model” as an example of one that was superior to the Kraft/Belichick way, was ripping the Jets on the Comcast show last night. Wonder if he’ll admit that he was wrong to state that mortgaging the future and simultaneously killing your salary cap situation to make a short-term run is still the best way to go? Oh right, there is no salary cap in the NFL, really. That’s another canard that Felger has convinced himself to be real. Complete tool.


  5. No one from Red Sox ownership on down has blamed the media for the failures of the team. No one!!!!
    What they have commented on (and justifiably so) is the sloppy and tabloidish “reporting” that’s been done by certain media types.
    Not a profession on earth with thinner skin and more blatant hypocrisy than the media ….be it news or sports.


    1. The problem is while the ownership has blamed the media for as you say “sloppy and tabloidish ‘reporting'”, what ownership has not done is held the players accountable. So each time the complain about the lack of professionalism they perceive regarding the media, their own gaping lack of professionalism regarding how they run this team is exposed. That is what is so infuriating to the fans. All this anger would go away with a simple statement from John Henry:

      “To the fans, we are sorry we put this team on the field this year. Our mistake was not addressing issues that started in ernest last September and have continued for the better part of a year. The effort, conditioning and play of the players on our team is unacceptable to us and we will take the necessary steps, starting today and continuing into the offseason to fix this situation”

      Its not that difficult to be accountable…the hard part to these guys evidently is admitting they made a mistake.


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