Glad to see the fearless sports editor of the Boston Globe is back in full Patriots finger-wagging mode.

Right, because making rookies go down a slip-n-slide – in full public view of media and coaches – is the same as the sexual assaults and beatings that have been uncovered among high schools.

If anything, the Patriots as showing how to initiate rookies in a fun, non-harmful manner. I might think the whole thing is silly, but it’s not harming anyone.

I just hope Sullivan also comes out and takes a stand when the Red Sox make their rookies wear dresses on the final road trip of the season. If anything, that’s more humiliating than going down a slip-n-slide.


14 thoughts on “Globe Editor Finger-Wags Patriots. Again.

  1. Plus, it’s tied to football as they make the wet squirmy rookies chase a wet squirmy football. Fumble drill!

  2. Gotta disagree with you on this one, Bruce. Sullivan is right – they shouldn’t do it. High School players look up to and get ideas from these guys. They also have greater difficulty determining when a line has been crossed. Haven’t we learned anything? We should all be interested in how we can help prevent this needless abuse and humiliation.

    1. I do get that to a degree. But to me, this is all about Sullivan finding another way to take a shot. He will not say anything about the Red Sox “hazing” at the end of the season. He’s a hypocrite.

    2. This “hazing” done by the Patriots was done in front of coaches, media and spectators. If high school football seniors did the same (in front of coaches, parents and teachers), they’d probably be less likely to sexually assault one another, don’t you think?

  3. LMAO….talk about a REACH from ‘fearless Joe”….yeah, that kind of “hazing” must be torture!! Getting sprayed with water on a brutally hot day, OH MY!….what an assclown

  4. I sincerely hope Joe has never heard of Cardinal Puff, the traditional NFL rookie hazing drinking game.

  5. First of all, is this a joke someone played on Joe Sullivan? Does Joe realize how embarrased his sports staff must be at this inane and juvenile comment? How can Bedard, Shilize and Gaspar actually face the Patriot players? Is the paper going under and does Joe figure he might as let his true feelings toward the Patriots come out? This is the same sports editor that let Bob Ryan humiliate Al Skinner, literally kick him over and over again, in my view, after he was let go by BC, the same sports editor that allowed his staff, in my opinion, to belittle the Kraft family (god bless Myra) for years, the same sports editor that allowed a columnist to call a player a piece of junk form missing a bunt, the same sports editor that can’t keep a good national football writer on his staff for more tahn 30 seconds, it seems. Do any of you remember Leigh Montville, Bud Collins, Jerry Nason, Ray Fitzgerald, when the Globe was actually a paper, rather than a glorified PR organ for the Red Sox?. Leigh Montville must be hiding his head in shame.

    1. I am of a certain age that I most definitely remember when the Globe’s sports section actually was “must reading” instead of the fish wrap it has become. Unfortunately, to paraphrase a certain ex-Celtics coach, Montville, Collins, Nason, Ray Fitz (loved him), et al are not walking through that door.
      Instead, we have the immortal SMY and other single-A hack writers over there now who would not have even been deemed worthy — or talented — enough to have an unpaid internship back then. As a result, my almost 50-year habit of reading a daily newspaper ended earlier this year. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
      Thank god for writers like Reese and his team at ESPN Boston and a few others (Tom Curran). The Boston Globe, in all its formats, is yesterday’s news.

  6. Can somebody at Boston Sports Media Watch paleeeeze sent Bert Breer a copy of Joe’s tweet to show Breer how preposterous his statement was that the Sox are more popular than the Patriots. I mean you (The Red Sox) have to be thoroughly, decisively and unalterably beaten in terms of fan support by the Patriots to roll out a desperate and ill chosen Joe Sullivan with a comment that would be beneath contempt were it not so pitiful.

    1. I’m guessing here, but I think this statement of popularity will be pretty demonstrable in about, say, 48 hours. Post pre-season game #1, I’d be willing to bet that you go 75% Patriots and 25% Sox/other topics.

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