Both local winter entries were victorious last night as the Celtics defeated the Washington Wizards 88-76 at the TD Garden, behind 23 points from Avery Bradley. The Bruins wrapped up their California tour with a 3-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks.

Celtics have plenty left in reserve – Mark Murphy has Bradley and Greg Stiemsma playing big roles for the depleted Celtics.

How good can Avery Bradley be for Celtics? – Paul Flannery looks at the potential of the second-year guard. Steve Bulpett says that Bradley’s performance is not a shock to his teammates.

Tacoma has provided Boston fans with Lester — and Bradley – Christopher Smith notes that Bradley and Jon Lester both hail from Tacoma, Washington.

When the W stands for weird – Peter May seemingly wasn’t impressed with the win, and Wiz coach Randy Wittman was not impressed with Bradley, offering some sour grapes after the game.

Bruins and Turco rain on Ducks – Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins win last night behind Marty Turco.

Looking at the healthy scratch debate and whether that was Marty Turco’s last start – DJ Bean thinks that could be the last start Turco gets with the Bruins.

Jenny Dell made her long-awaited NESN debut over the weekend – on tape. The first segment was an “interview” with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy in which she talked about herself, and it almost seemed like she was interviewing for the job right then and there. She also had a segment with Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner. There may have been more, but that was all I stuck around for on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s a little puzzling to me how NESN has handled this transition. Dell has been getting well-placed raves for her professionalism and work in spring training, yet the network seemed hesitant to put her on the air. Lack on on-air experience was cited as a possible concern, but what better way to build that experience than by putting her on during some meaningless spring training games that aren’t drawing a large audience? Instead, they held her back, which had people wondering why she wasn’t on, and then made a fairly big deal of announcing when she would make her debut – upping the pressure, if the was feeling it – and then drew it out some more on Saturday.

I think once they start using her in the role she’s actually going to be doing, she’ll do fine. NESN could’ve just done a better job getting her on the air.

Debunking the power struggle and other spring Red Sox myths – Rob Bradford says there is no power struggle between Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherington. There’s nothing to see here, nothing to see here…

New position for undecided Matt Light – Ron Borges talks to Matt Light, who is pondering retirement.

If only all coaches were like Erhardt – Mark Farinella remembers the former Patriots coach, and how he once posed for Farinella’s newspaper, unlike the current coach who is “treated as if he was Zeus seated atop Mt. Olympus.”

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the outraged Tweets, blog posts and columns this week after Bill Belichick again skips the coaches breakfast at the NFL owner’s meetings.


6 thoughts on “Celtics Win At Home, Bruins Win On The Road, Dell Debuts

  1. Thought the same on the “Heidi Whatney replacement” strategy. They barely talked about it and when I’ve watched some of the NESN games, it seemed like Don/Jerry were talking about her every chance they got. Before? Not so much.

    And, when she did come on, I know she had prior experience elsewhere but maybe being nervous killed her voice? It was about 2 octaves too high..

    Is she going to be stuffing odd food creations in her mouth and telling us how they are? Or did that disappear along with Heidi?


  2. It would be so easy for me to start this post by saying Mark Farinella is a moron. If he can’t see why Bill Belichick would not have the time or inclination to help sell Attleboro Sun Times by posing for a picture for them then he should reread the next paragraph he wrote where he backhandedly while condescending compliments the Pats in free agency while not holding out any hope for the draft. I swear this guy does not know the Pats were 13-3 last year and went to the SB. However dumb his football comments (and I did not get into his dig on the NFL for not suspending BB for spygate) were his idea of an independent sports league for the catholic schools makes a lot of sense. Too bad the rest of his thinking is not as well thought out or as well argued.


    1. Doesn’t it make you think, at some points, that if the Pats won in the final seconds by a point, some people would still be like, “Well, it’s NOT ENOUGH!” ?


  3. My yes Mr. Farinella…if only all coaches were like Ron Erhardt, who had one of the most talented teams in the NFL when he was with the Pats and never won more than 10 games in a season, and never made the playoffs. May he rest in peace, but as an NFL head coach, Erhardt made a very good NFL offensive coordinator.

    Memo to Marky Mark Farinella: the fans DO NOT CARE if Belichick doesn’t kiss the media’s behinds; they only care if his teams win, period.


  4. It still amazes me that there are many writers who still act like a scorned teenage girl being ignored. These guys do know that no one outside their inner circle of media elitism that no one give flip if the media is being treated respectfully…right? It’s been several decades now since the advent of tabloid journalism into the mainstream of society, was the last time the media as a whole had a majority of respect from the populace. All of media is mostly regarded as self serving hatchet men for the corporations who sign their checks. Just glorified hatchet men to prop up one their corporate and or political interests or cut down their competition. And not because it’s the right journalistic thing to do but simply as a matter of dollars and cents and promoting ones ego and brand name. So every time you hear a reporter complain about this person or that company you can bet the house that it’s not motivated by the search for truth but simply out of agenda.


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