The Celtics announced today that Jeff Green has been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm148190220939046912, and will miss the 2011-2012 season. He is expected to make a full recovery and is expect to be ready to play next season.

Here’s some reaction to the news:

What Green’s loss means to C’s – Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston.

JEFF GREEN WILL MISS THE 2011-12 SEASON – Paul Flannery,

Green to have surgery for aortic aneurysm; out for year – A. Sherrod Blakely,

Jeff Green will miss entire season – Gary Washburn, Boston Globe.

ESPN’s Ric Bucher adds some thoughts on what the Celtics will do with Green’s contract:

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And then we have:

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Yeah. The aneurysm is totally on Danny. Totally. John Dennis is rapidly climbing the “Enemies List” for this week…

I mean, really? I think we have a candidate for stupidest tweet in the history of Twitter.  Jeff Green should be pissed because Danny’s hubris gave him an aortic aneurysm. Can he sue?

Of course, the big part of this is that this physical potentially saved Green’s life. That shouldn’t be overlooked.

With the Patriots, Adam Schefter reported this morning that the Patriots have agreed to a five-year contract extension with Jerod Mayo.

Rather than been viewed as a positive, some are viewing this as bad news for Wes Welker, whose contract is up at the end of the season.

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I don’t think Welker is going anywhere. Either the Patriots will tag him, or he’ll get a new deal. Many view Mayo as underwhelming, but his coaches and teammates rave about him, and he’s showing signs of becoming the playmaker his critics say he isn’t. It’s a great move to get him locked up through his prime.

18 thoughts on “Celtics Green Lost For Season, Mayo Locked Up With Pats For Five

  1. Thanks for the post, Bruce.

    You tweeted the obvious "franchise tag" for Wes? I was hoping they'd find some middle ground here, using the capspace that 85 would remove because it'd be hard to see him being released. It seems like he wants to stay?


  2. Sad news for Green. Unfortunately, this kills the Celtics season as he was their x-factor. The C's have little depth and now lack any young talent to compete with Chicago or Miami or even Orlando in the East.

    As for Mayo, he is most definitely underwhelming. Yes, he's finally making plays the last few weeks and yes, the contract is an excellent bargain on a good player. The problem with Mayo is he's a Top 10 pick that performs like a 3rd rounder. Until he makes an impact in the playoffs (which he's been invisible in), there's not much else to say.


  3. I am stuck on Bedard's assumption. Why in the world would Mayo's contract have any effect on Welker. It is an absurd assumption. Is Bedard, who I thought was doing good work lately, really suggesting that the Patriots are unable to fit both Welker and Mayo under the 2012 cap? I am running out of synonyms for the word absurd to explain how dumb that comment is. Signing Mayo makes good business sense. He finally looks recovered from the knee injury and he seems to be turning into more of a play maker than tackler. He does not play like a 3rd round pick. All of that is irrelevant. From a business perspective both Welker and Mayo need to be signed. Mayo accepted an offer. So far Welker hasn't. The Patriots always have had the option of the franchise tag. Nothing nefarious has happened to Welker because of the Mayo signing. Some times I think reporters make stuff up for no reason…not to cause problems but just because they want people to think they are smart. Not working in this case.

    As for Jeff Green…I think Bruce nailed it. the physical probably saved his life. Its just a game…not something worth dying over. The Celtics were not winning everything with Green and without a legitimate 5…Jermaine O is not cutting it and if they play KG at 5 then he is playing out of position and loses most of the advantages he has at 4. At the risk of stating the obvious…no one really is that excited about the NBA season this year. The lockout and the lack of real explanation about what has changed has led to apathy among the casual NBA fans. So making sure Jeff Green is healthy seems to me a better story than worrying about what the Celtics will do with his cap dollars.


    1. Speak for yourself about apathy. Plenty of interest in people I know. I have yet to have one hockey convo btw


      1. I think their is apathy about both sports but right now it is running higher with the NBA than NHL. We will know for sure once the games and TV ratings come out but based on what I am seeing and hearing I think the NBA will be way off.


    2. agree with LTD you on his Welker take. I know Bedard has gotten alot of props here and I'm not saying he's in the Borges or Shaugnessy class…HOWEVER, now and then he does come on like a shit stirrer. In my opinon he should have been on Bruce's BSMW ENEMIES LIST just for that column he wrote after the Pats beat the Jets the SECOND TIME. Where he basicly said the victory was no biggie cause winning the division doesn't mean much, the rest of the season will be "empty victories" against cream puffs and the season will end in an "inevitable loss" anyway……..he's been on my own personal ENEMIES LIST ever since he wrote that piece of crap.


  4. In today's Globe article by Bedard, he did say that there might be some cause for concern due to Welker's physical traits (5'8 @ 185 and turning 31). Maybe that's the reason? According to the always-informative Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt and, the franchise tag for WRs will be 9.4m, down from 11.4m.

    In other news, Ross Ventrone was released and resigned twice while I was typing this.


    1. I think that Bedard is making up any concerns. Welker has played for the Pats for 6 years now, his size has not changed during that time. I can see the Pats have some concern that he is turning 31 but receivers are usually productive till they are 34-35 especially non burners. I don't think the Pats are going to have issue with 3 years for Welker. I think the issue is going to be dollars because he has been underpaid compared to his production each and every year he has been in NE.

      But…I am sure Bedard knows more than us common fans because each comment on this topic he has made makes so much logical sense.


  5. And, yes, Danny SUCKS because he did NOT forsee Green having an issue with his heart that every other physical missed. I predict Celtic's Nation will turn the training facility into Vancouver! Honestly, who thought that even with Green improving we had a shot? I've yet to hear anyone putting us above a 3-4 seed that has an opinion worth mentioning.

    Legit question: Did the physical before the trade and the ones conducted @ OKC miss this? I know, not everyone looks for something like this, and we have the benefit here of having the best medicial technology available. Still…


  6. IMO John Dennis has some personal issue with Ainge. Used to call him "Danny Panic" back in 2007 consistently his criticism was over the top.


  7. Superb takedown of Ron Borges tonight by Tom E. Curran on CSNNE. Borges was his usual dour self. He refused to give the Patriots any credit for their victory against Denver. Borges claimed it was another victory against a bad team. A bad team that was 8-5 and had won seven of their last eight. Curran asked Borges what constitutes a great team. Borges answered the Packers to which Curran responded, they lost to the Chiefs. Curran went on to explain that the NFL is pretty diluted and any team can win on any given Sunday. Borges harped on the Patriots being gashed early on. Curran explained that they fixed it. In fact, to support Curran, according to Ian Rapoport Jerrod Mayo said that the Patriots scrapped the whole gameplan after the first quarter. Matt Patricia did all of the scheming from the second quarter on. Borges then said, "Well the Broncos scored in the fourth too." Curran looked at Borges like he had two heads and said, "Ron they won by 18".

    Speaking of Felger, maybe twenty percent of the Patriots talk was about the win. The other eighty percent, Wes Welker's contract, Chad Ochocinco, the defense and Tim Tebow. I'm shocked.


    1. It was about time. Curran looked like he had about had it and I don't blame him. Can't CSNNE find anyone other than Borges to go on the air?

      Just remember Borges looked like a kid on Christmas morning after the Giants loss and literally said "this is what happens when dynasties crumble." Must be REALLY hard for him right now…


  8. Did anyone watch SportsSunday with Felger on CSNNE? They always go live to someone, usually Mike and Tom, but instead had Borges. According to him, the Patriots SUCK. Letting Denver drive down the field in the 4th quarter means they SUCK. Did he and Mazz cozy up in a hotel room together and exchange notes? Oh, wait, exchange has a different context to Borges.

    Dear Ron, Mazz is going to sue you for copyright infringement.

    Seriously, CSNNE, why do you keep Borges on? There is criticism and learning when to shut your mouth when you have NOTHING to add in a discussion–making matters worse is that you're paid as some expert that we should consider. The reaction when he's basically dropping every negative, even after 41 points, was hilarious. I think he didn't even know how to save the segment.

    Can't wait for Mazz to hop on this tomorrow.

    Every team in the AFC has issues. Coin-flip as they say.


  9. I don't understand the criticism of Mayo by some people. He was a stud as a rookie (Defensive ROY). He had a step-back season due to a knee injury in 2009. Then he came back and led the NFL in tackles and was voted All-Pro in 2010 (not Pro Bowl, which tends to be meaningless, but All-Pro, which is more significant. He was also voted into the Top 60 or 70 on that "Top 100 Players of 2011" show that the NFL Network ran last spring and summer–and that poll did not involve fans; it was just players and coaches, who should know a thing or two about good football players. This year he started fast, injured his knee and missed a little time and then took a few weeks to regain his groove. But in the last few games he's been all over the field–at least to this untrained eye. Remember, also, that if his production this season was down a bit early on, not only was he hurt but he was also adjusting to life as a 4-3 MLB after spending three years as a 3-4 ILB. I just don't understand the "underwhelming" talk about him, or the complaining. He's a very, very good player when healthy.


  10. Spent most of my morning listening to Dale, in for JD on D+C. Was Sam Hurd (former Bears WR) conducting training the studio on the day they relegated Dale Arnold to nothing?

    I don't watch the pre/post commentary on NESN, don't listen to WEEI beyond the morning slot, so I'm really unfamiliar with him for more than 5-minute segments.

    What I loved about this morning:

    First, he involves the callers almost immediately. To me, the callers are a means to moving the show and discussion along and engaging them (by text, instead of just reading puns) and actually asking questions/listening. He didn't seem to rush to get the callers off the phone. Maybe different folks called in this morning? Normally, the morning callers on D+C can be pretty rough and you'd think it was a prison ward.

    Second, they do the weekly Boomer interview. Instead of asking loaded questions that I attribute more to Gerry where it's "lets load the question with some dumbass quarterback like TJ Yates and basically make the answer impossible to side with the Patriots". Now, Boomer is clearly a Brady fan and loves the Pats but isn't afraid to call out a bad performance. I listen to him on the air when I'm in the NYC area and the show is run the same way. Dale was asking questions to Boomer about this weekend's upsets in a manner that I normally only see Dan Patrick do. Excellent questions that required some thoughts from a good analyst (which he has on the phone). Instead of relegating a great analyst to "play homer with me so I can make sure a good analyst credits my team with praise".

    Third, Gerry seemed to yield authority in the same way that Gresh does when Breer is on. He wasn't as "lets pile on after JD piles on" but augmented conversations/discussions when Dale left it open–it was germane to how an insane QB can turn a WR/TE into a stud.

    I'm surprised since my dial normally fires between 3 stations in the morning, but I kept the show on instead the entire time.

    I went back and read:

    (I didn't know his complete history)

    I understand that SportsTalk might be targeted at the LCD, but isn't "good show" more of a denominator than "scream at the callers and berate" ?

    If this is the Dale Arnold that folks commented on the previous post as "always been this way", "consistent", etc, my plea to WEEI is that you made a mistake relegating him to fill-in duty. And, SportsHub, if you're looking to do some moves, I think you have a guy that would love his own show again.


  11. Oh my God!!! The Patriots got killed by the Chargers!! Oh wait, that was the Ravens. Oh my God!!! The Patriots lost to the Chiefs!! Oh wait, that was the 13-0 Packers.
    Oh my God!!! The Patriots lost at home to the Panthers!! Oh wait, that was the Texans. Oh my God!!! The Patriots got crushed by the Eagles!! Nope… it was the Jets.

    When will the Pats media mafia get some perspective?? No I don't see a championship-caliber defense. You know what else I DON'T see??? Perfect teams. Let's let this thing play out, already. Geez!!


  12. Remind me again how many games Perk played for OKC after the trade? (Answer: 17.) Remind me again how many points Perk scored for OKC after the trade? (Answer: 87.)
    Yeah, that was the deal-breaker.

    If I were John Dennis, I would go into hiding. #stupididiot


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