The internet was an ugly place during the first quarter of yesterday’s Patriots/Broncos game. As the second quarter began, the Patriots made adjustments on defense, with several players crediting Matt Patricia with making adjustments on-the-fly, adjustments that worked and turned the game around. (Funny, I just read on Friday from a Patriots beat writer that Matt Patricia is in over his head with the Patriots {1:21} .)

Tom Brady and the Patriots offense was magnificent all game, and the Patriots won going away, 41-23 over Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

Patriots fans should be 49ers fans tonight, as a San Francisco win over Pittsburgh would give the Patriots the inside track to the top seed in the AFC.

Patriots’ defense figured it out – Mike Reiss has the defense figuring things out after struggling early. More on the defense from Greg A. Bedard | Karen Guregian | Tim Britton | Tom E Curran

Here are Tom Curran and Ron Borges talking about the defense after the game. The best part of the video is watching Curran’s face as Borges goes on his insane rant.

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: Brady, Patriots prove Tebow, Broncos not ready for prime time – Christopher Price has the Patriots making a statement with the win. Michael Hurley also offers a number of thoughts on the win.

For the Gator glory, it’s Hernandez this time – Michael Whitmer has Aaron Hernandez outshining his college teammate, Tim Tebow yesterday. More on the big day by Hernandez from Chris Forsberg | Mary PaolettiTim Britton | Pat Rooney

Anderson piles up the sacks – With Andre Carter going down with an apparent season-ending injury, Chris Forsberg has Mark Anderson stepping in and coming up big.

Protect Brady and Lombardi Trophy is theirs – Bill Burt goes a little overboard.

When the going got tough, the Patriots got going – Tony Massarotti is desperately trying to claw his way off the top of the enemies list. (Though John Dennis may have already wrapped up the award for this week.)

Tom Brady center of attention again – Steve Buckley has Tom Brady quieting the hype on Tim Tebow.

Jeff Green’s condition puts it all in perspective for Celtics – Steve Bulpett has Celtics players very glad Green’s condition was found in time.

Celtics rookie Moore impresses in debut – A. Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics second round pick impressing his veteran teammates.

New CBA leaves minimal options – Mark Murphy says that the Celtics will get no relief from the NBA for losing Green. They can only sign players for veteran minimum contracts.


30 thoughts on “Awful Early, Patriots Rally and Dominate Tebow, Broncos

  1. Tebow is off the stage. Green Bay is yesterday's news. The Jets laid down and quit. New England looked dominant against a supposed elite defense. What is there to complain about? The 1st quarter? I wasn't aware 1 quarter determined the entire result of a game.

    Brady is the G.O.A.T. I say this every week, no matter what. As long as he's upright, the Pats have a chance to win the Super Bowl.


    1. The first quarter can determine the entire result of the game. Look at that playoff loss the Pats had against the Ravens, for example.


      1. Yeah, and often the first quarter DOESN'T determine the entire result of the game. Look at any number of games on a weekly basis where a team that quickly gets a lead loses the game.

        Why don't you just admit you're an annoying negative troll. Quit pretending. You're not fooling anyone.


        1. Why don't you admit that I'm right? The first quarter…like any other quarter…can determine the final outcome of a game.


          1. No, it doesn't. That's cool you're a contrarian and everything. Ask the Patriots about the 1st quarter when they were demolishing the Colts in the 2006 AFC Title game…and lost. It's too easy to get back into games these days.

            Troll on, brah.


          2. Okay, the fourth quarter of that particular game turned out to be the deciding one. In the Pats/Ravens playoff game, it was the first. Keep cherry-picking your facts there, bruh.


      2. Right on schedule, the douche that dwells on the insignificant. Lets focus on 25% of the game rather than 75%. The glass is always half empty in your eyes.


  2. Does CSNNE really think they're benefiting by paying for Ron Gorgeous to travel to Denver then come up with that scintillating video (making faces at Tom Curran) and insightful commentary (the Patriots are doomed)? I'll give him this: he's consistent. He really does not like Belichik.


  3. I clicked on the Bill Burt link and got the most appropriate message.

    404 – Page not found
    The requested page could not be found.

    It reminded me that no one should read Bill Burt. Thanks, Internet!


  4. BREAKING: Ross Ventrone released from practice squad.

    The Patriots SUCK. This post SUCKS. The defense SUCKS. Tebow SUCKED. Pats allowing Tebow to drive 89 yards down the field SUCKS.
    Signed, Ron "Mazz steals my notes–not the other way around" Borges.

    I ranted about this in my last post. I get that each writer has to get some edge/angle on another, but did Borges miss some production meeting and "freelance" on thoughts and talking points before they went live? Bomb-throwing sportstalk callers usually only get this latitude (when not cut off). I hate to pile on this but I normally like the CSNNE Sunday show, a lot, and make time to watch it. No show is perfect, and an hour with many analysts will leave everyone with something to desire, but when you take something that is normally done well and completely relegate it .. have to do the ESPN "C'mon Man".

    On the playoffs, if I did some of the math right, a 2nd seed, providing the Texans win their playoff game based on current seeding, would mean Texans in Foxboro vs. {wild card}. I know this is very fluid. I'd rather see the Texans than the Steelers. And, with the Ravens, who knows? Joe "Space Cadet" Flacco.. Let Ray Rice run? Nah, lets make sure we showcase Joe Flacco as a potential MVP. Oops.



    1. Physicists have just announced that they have been able to place Ross Ventrone into a state of quantum superposition, wherein he is both signed to and released from the practice squad at the same time. Per Belichick's uncertainty principle, Ventrone will not decay into a state of signed/unsigned until an attempt is made to observe whether he's signed or not.


      1. I know Mike Reiss and others have been tracking this but has Ross Ventrone broke some type of record with the release/resign yet? He has to be above 20 sign/resign cycles.


  5. "The internet was an ugly place during the first quarter of yesterday’s Patriots/Broncos game"…..made that mistake once, checked out internet during a commercial break…NEVER AGAIN, people go into panic mode way too early, most comments are moronic…speaking of which, I wouldn't click on that video for a $1,000 bucks. Just the sound of Borges's voice is enough to make my brain explode. I'll take your word for it that it was "inane rant"


  6. When manb97 pointed out the Borges/Curran interaction last night in another thread I thought for sure that Borges was being put up to that…there is no way he can be that dumb. But the more that I watch it the most I think Curran's reaction was genuine and that Borges is so blind with his agenda he is incapable of decent analysis.

    That was a glaring example of the lack of accountability in editorial/program directors offices that is rampant in Boston Media. Borges is entitled to have his petty agendas and anger driven "takes". What he should not be allowed to do is falsely analyze a game or event. it was clear he had no idea what he was talking about. He extrapolated the play of 1 quarter which was fixed at the beginning of the second quarter. He then attempts to assert that the play in the first quarter was more reflective than the play for the rest of the game. His proof of this was a 4th quarter drive when the Pats had an 18 point lead that resulted in a TD with 6 minutes left in the game. A TD the Pats then responded to with one of their own putting the game completely out of reach and giving the Pats an 18 point blow out. I don't understand why the powers to be at CSSNE think Borges opinion deserves air time when he clearly is doing no homework. It is questionable if he is even watching the game or knows what he is seeing. Tom Curran should not have to be Borges on-air Baby Sitter, give and take is fine….but forcing Curran to work with someone who is clueless should be unacceptable.

    It is maddening to listen to fans say…"well they have not won in the playoffs since 2007" and "they will fail when they play a good team in this years playoffs". It is infuriating to hear "professional" analysts spout this same nonsense as if it is fact. They don't know, I don't know, no one knows. What we as fans want after a game is a realistic recap and breakdown of what happened. On a day when Green Bay, Houston, the Jets, and the Ravens all lost games they should have won on paper, I would think the consensus among the writers is the Pats beat a good team (they were in first place in their division) and that they are setting themselves up to control their own destiny.


    1. Yeah, I'm not sure why it's allowed that Felger can rip the NBA and the Celtics, who are partly responsible for his salary. Equal amounts of people are indifferent to or hate hockey and don't rant about it.


    2. I'm willing to believe that back at the studio, the producer, director and Felger were high-fiving each other over that segment, crowing that they'd produced "raw, riveting, bare-knuckles television that viewers can't turn away from!" Wouldn't be surprised to see snippets of it in the Comcast promos in weeks to come.
      Sounds cynical, I know, but that's the arena.


    3. I've heard his rants before on it. He's done the same with Jacobs, no?

      I'd have to think that his wording has similar to a usual "shock jock" where you have freedom but can't make offensive/detrimental comments.

      Have Felgers comments been detrimental where someone from their front office is calling up Comcast?

      I'd understand why CSNNE's producers/management might tell him to tone down some of the comments he makes because of their interests here.


    4. Late, I agree with you 100% on Borges. I do not think for a second he believes anything he says on the Patriots. He still has a burr in his butt because Bill Belichick benched his binky, Drew Bledsoe who fed him everything on the team. He hates that Belichick will only answer real football questions. Last year Felger asked Borges if he had anything personal against Belichick. Borges said no but he did not like how Belichick treated people. Maybe I'm crazy but if you say you don't like the way someone treats people then you have something personal against them. My guess is the "people" Borges is talking about is the media.

      If you want to know why people like Borges are given a platform, it all goes back to the theory of the lowest common denominator. People like Borges, Ordway, Felger and Maz are the majority of those in the BSM who get exposure because they make noise. They usually make no sense when they speak and are wrong way more often than right. But station management, be it radio or television, think we crave this type of broadcasting. God forbid we see or listen to shows with people who have intelligent analysis. Station management thinks that would spell doom.

      Speaking of Felger, during his Sports Sunday show, notice how he waited with baited breath for Borges to explain why the Patriots had a bad game defensively, while ignoring Tom E. Curran who said it was as complete a game as he had seen all season. I know Felger had a famous argument with Borges last season about Moss, but Felger is really similar to Borges as all he wants to hear is the negative. If you follow Bruce on Twitter he summed up Felger's take on the Patriots perfectly.


      1. To be honest mandb I am tired of having to point out how biased and dumb Borges is. I understand ratings, I understand the lowest common denominator, what I don't understand is why constantly trot out a discredited plagiarist with an obvious agenda. It does not seem like good business to me but maybe I am wrong or missing something. I just can't believe someone else with a little more credibility can't fill his role.


        1. Ditto. I think there is a LCD and doesn't belond on TV. Certain people are amazing writers but horrible at public speaking or making points known without prepared remarks. Ever been to an industry conference?

          Why doesn't Rap appear more on TV?
          How about Mike Reiss? I know ESPN must restrict his hours on other networks.
          Curran? He seems to do more segments for the news program than SportsTonight.
          Mike Giardi? Seems like he does more for the news side than analyst side.
          How about Greg Bedard?

          There must be more here…


  7. I'll admit to being completely flabbergasted at the beginning of the game but at least I was actually watching it instead of checking on-line to know how I should be feeling. A typical Pats roller-coaster game.

    It isn't a great D and, it seems like every opposing team's opening drive is well scouted. That is frustrating as a fan.

    I love the clip with Curran and the other two – Curran appears as though he's put off by having to share tv time with a clearly inferior member of the media (he was). Not only has Borges lost his fastball, he's lost his mind.

    I know it's "cool" to hate announcers but I enjoy games Phil Simms calls – he likes and respects Belichick a lot but most times he's not afraid to call out the Pats when they deserve it. I'm glad he was calling it. I thought his insights to how Denver uses their current QB was good too.


    1. I like Phil Simms. He is better than most. I was all set to agree with you about his insights until I remembered that he said Tebows throwing mechanics are similar to Brady's. That was just stupid.


      1. Did he really say that? I don't remember it and obviously it's not true. I liked when he said that Tebow only looks to his first two options then runs, and it's by design. I've seen that with Tebow before and thought is was due to him panicking. It works for him I guess. It is insight like that that makes me enjoy good announcing.


  8. Borges should not have a job in this market, period. He made it abundantly clear when he was "between jobs" and still guesting on Felger's old radio show that he personally dislikes the Patriots' head coach, and even suggested that he would have beaten him up on the playground had the two of them attended public school together growing up. They let THAT guy cover the team coached by a guy he obviously hates–and makes no secret of it?


  9. Dear CSNNE,

    Another Fred Smerlas experience? Was he drinking the Borges Kool-aid?

    First, he postulates that the Patriots have been so successful (9 of 11 AFC East Titles) because they have spent wisely. Felger, immediately called that one, asking if he kinda missed the whole Brady/Hoodie thing. Now, no one would deny that dumping too much money into too few players harms you but I think he forgets that NFL contracts are not guaranteed. He persisted and battled with Felger. (No clip from this segment on has been posted, otherwise, I would link). Felger kept calling him to the point where he gives the same look on the air right before hanging up a caller, and, I think you could visibly see him restraining himself from laughing at what a joke the point was. Fred continued, "just look at the 0-13 Colts". Did you miss everything yesterday, Fred? I honeslty wonder if he watches the game or just reads a breakdown from Reiss/Rapsheet before going on.

    I hate to nitpick this stuff; it is beyond petty. Calling out minute details on things is beyond silly but I really wonder what some producers think if they're not even catching this stuff. I know that not every person in the NFL goes into media but this 'lets glue segments together with garbage analysis'. Maybe I am just expecting too much from something local because other networks can spoil you?

    Are other regional Comcast Sports Networks like this?


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