As the final minutes of yesterday’s 38-20 win by the Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles wound down, while the Eagles were piling up garbage yards and a garbage TD, talk among some Patriot media (looking at you, Chris Gasper) continued to be about draft busts Jermaine Cunningham and Taylor Price and why they couldn’t get on the field even at the end of another blowout win.

In a twist from last Tuesday, Gerry Callahan criticized Bill Belichick for taking Tom Brady out of the game too early, and asking in a mocking tone about the tiebreakers. So the Patriots put up 34 points on the Chiefs last week, and that was too many points, but 38 on the Eagles wasn’t enough? OK Gerry. Meanwhile, Gerry’s protegé, Jon Meterparel was crowing about the Patriots giving up 400 yards to Vince Young. Who was that last night complaining that Brady only completed passes to four receivers?

Just a couple of examples of some of the miserable media personalities we have in this town, who win not let fans enjoy any win.

Enough of them. Here’s some coverage from this morning:

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: After all these years, Deion Branch remains Tom Brady’s most reliable target – Christopher Price has Branch’s performance just one of the high points from yesterday. Ron Borges has the best and the worst from yesterday, and so does Mary Paoletti. Karen Guregian gives us the Play of the Game.

Bill Belichick salutes his team – Mike Reiss has the coach giving his team a rare in-season acknowledgment. Jim Donaldson reads waaaaaayyyy too much into Belichick’s words yesterday.

Better than one could’ve dreamed – Greg A Bedard gives the Patriots defense credit for improvement and making adjustments. Jay Greenberg has the defense making big plays at the critical moments. Michael Hurley says that this defense is taking the term “stats are for losers” to a new level.

Patriots offense hits its stride early – Tom E Curran has the offense doing pretty well too. Tim Britton has the offense tearing up the depleted Philly secondary.

Tom Brady quiets critics with big day – Karen Guregian has the Patriots QB answering questions about his health. Bob Ryan says this wasn’t one of Brady’s transcendent days, but it was impressive enough. Chris Forsberg looks at the surgical precision of Brady. Mary Paoletti has Brady always looking for improvement. Ron Borges has Brady reconnecting with his steady wideouts.

Comeback route is run – The Globe notebook had Deion Branch getting back into the passing rotation. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has the offensive line getting Brady time. The Patriots Journal has Julian Edelman with another strong all-around performance.

Veterans are up to speed – Gary Washburn says that putting together a bench will be Danny Ainge’s top job.

A drive down Route 66 – Peter May has six questions about the Celtics and the 66-game NBA season.

No worries from Ray Allen – Steve Bulpett has Ray Allen feeling good heading into the shortened season.

Open or shut: How Celtics can keep their window open – Paul Flannery looks at how the Celtics can keep their championship window open just a crack.

In working order – Mark Farniella has a good piece on Mansfield native Jen Royle, who has been working weekends at WEEI, while working during the week at MASN covering the Orioles. She is a candidate to replace Heidi Watney at NESN.

24 thoughts on “Porous Patriots Defense Allows 400 Yards to Vince Young, Still Manages Undeserved Blowout Win With Roster Full Of Belichick Draft Busts

  1. Great headline Bruce. I too have gotten tired of all the wet noodles in the local media so I've just decided to tune out – there's plenty of good media but it's mostly outside Boston.

    The difference between the two of us is that I can avoid the local sports scene (outside of Reiss) with no repercussions while you still have to research it for this site. I think I'm in a more relaxed state that you are these days…


  2. Exactly on point, Bruce. I tell you these media people will realize in 10 years when the Belichick/Brady era is over, how good we had it here. It's remarkable how there can be so much negativity over this team, who once again is overachieving with the players they have…


  3. Don't worry Bruce…after the 0-11 Colts present their "match-up" issues…the Denver Tebows are on the horizon. I am sure we will be whipped up into a frenzy because there will be no way the Pats can go into Denver and win. To be fair I think the radio voices are beating the negative drum more than the print voices…but that might have more to do with the medium and the need to fill time.

    I do disagree a bit with Lance. I think the media coverage in Boston is superior to anywhere else. At least there is passion here. Are their guys more stuck on schtick than substance sure…but show me a market with 4 guys covering a team as good as Curran, Reiss, Rap and Karen G (or Bedard…take your pick). Until you spend time living outside NE, like in St. Louis, you can't really appreciate how good we have it…warts and all.


  4. It'd be better if most of the reporters here refrained from their opinions and stuck to facts. There used to be a difference between a reporter and a columnist but times have changed and most of them seem to have huge egos and think they're getting paid to tell everyone what they think. In fact, no other market enables most every reporter to go on TV and become a "media figure" the way Boston has that I'm aware of.

    On the Jen Royle column, she is absolutely awful on the radio. One can only hope her reporting abilities are better than her hosting abilities.


  5. As another poster pointed out before, the same Jen Royale who basically claimed "sexual harassment" in order to boost her career and is disliked by the Baltimore media? Kinda funny she's working @ WEEI and NESN instead of SportsHub and CSNNE. While acknowledged about 7/8th into the article and burried as minutia, I've got to think that the competition will make sure it's not. Why would any serious market/serious media outlet want part of that?

    The WordPress blog found via the first link here is not working:

    Does NESN have talent retention problems?

    And, hate the media here, but imagine how bad it is in Philly? I've been switching around streams there and it's hilarious.


  6. It's sad that the Patriots radio network has such a horrendous pregame and postgame show.

    Every week I turn the postgame show on for 30 seconds only to be driven away by Gresh and Tanguay. Last night I heard Gresh proclaim next week "will be a disaster of epic proportions if the Patriots don't win by 4 touch downs."

    I'd rather hear Dakota and Eddie Andelman for 4 hours than 1 minute of Gresh.


    1. Anytime Tanguay is on, I turn off, for the same reasons here. When I first discovered the site, I noticed that George Cain and many other tenured members were here were always "harsh" on Gresh. Now, six months later, I'm seeing why.

      I forget the time, but, was anyone listening to the various Giants/non-Pats fans calling up trying to smoke G+Z today? In every market, you're going to have a mixture of fans. Some of those fans are going to always call in to talk smack, but it seems like when Gresh goes into homer mode, lately, he really gets the WEEI-level callers where the entire show just becomes unlistenable.

      Seems to be a bit of it but I've found myself tuning into something else because of it.


  7. He's not "out there" quite as much as some of the yahoos, but I hold a special, contempt-filled spot in my heart for Halloran. His talking-head sky-is-falling crap drives me absolutely nutso, I limit my exposure to him as much as possible.


  8. I just woke up from a nightmare… It involved the Pats winning by less than 20pts against the Colts this week. Trust me, Pats fans. You DO NOT want this to happen.
    The media will be calling for BB's immediate firing and will tell you how BB 'lucked' into Gronk & Hernandez.

    God, why couldn't I have been a Jets fan?? They are soooo much better to be a fan of than the Pats are. I mean, it's obvious, right?


  9. I've gotten to the point where I rarely read articles regarding the PATS. For this team, it has become Regular Season means nothing, talk to me in the playoffs. Do these talking-heads really want all of us to not call sports talk, listen, or contact writers at all from Sept-Jan regarding this team because it means nothing. Then they can complain how we lack passion. Its gotten to the point where we as "fans" aren't allowed to be positive regarding this team. I just don't get it, and it's also why I don't put much stock into what Borges/Gresh/ Felger/Mazz/Shank/SMY say. Reiss and Rap are good. I just want to enjoy watching this team each week, without hearing how dumb I am for thinking one way or another.


    1. I don't know why you're grouping Mazz with Gresh & Zo, who are actually fairly objective when it comes to talking about the Pats. I'm not huge fans of Gresh or Zo and when it's not football season their show is patently unlistenable, but they're fairly rational when it comes to assessing the team's strengths and weaknesses and have given the team a fair shake all season — unlike most other shows.

      The worst I heard today were Mazz (as usual) who even Felger said was being patently unfair (!), and Mutt & Merloni, who simply kept rehashing how many yards the D gave up yesterday.

      Mazz ought to do a show with Borges, the two of them can be miserable together that the team is 8-3 instead of 3-8.


      1. I actually didn't mention Zolak, as I think he is really accurate with his assessment of the Pats (unlike Smerlas). Gresh can just be "hard to please" similar to Mazz in the fact that they win against bad opponents and they should but they haven't proven it. My main point is that this team could go 16-0 against the best 16 teams recordwise in a year and it would be deemed not good enough because its not the playoffs. Its the fact that fans are subjected to criticism for enjoying regular season wins.


        1. On Mazz, he spent today talking about "if" the Eagles caught this pass, or did that, then the game wouldve been alot closer. He does not play the same "if" game with the Pats. The "what if" game can be played endlessly with every touch a player has. Felger has actually been objective lately (other than with Tebow) as far as the Pats are concerned. Mazz is hell-bent on who the Pats are playing. Is ti the Pats fault that when the schedule was created, the 2nd half looked dooming. Think back to preseason we had:
          Chiefs coming off a 13-3 season
          Colts (Mannings Status unsure, and no-one thought theyd be this bad)
          Eagles aka the Dream Team
          Jets, always tough
          Miami, division game along with Bufalo
          Denver and Wash might been the easiest games towards the end of the season. Go figure!


          1. Who would've ever thought Felger would be the "voice of reason" on that show, but that's when it's come down to! Mazz is the singular most useless host on Boston talk radio. He's mostly there to tag along for the ride and let Felger guide the show, and his only interjections and arguments are when he says something "sucks." I never thought Mazz was this lazy but apparently he must think he's making easy money and doesn't have to do any work….but one day it's going to catch up to him. They could easily just call it The Michael Felger Show which it basically is anyway and save some money but cutting him loose.


          2. Sadly, a lot of them play the "what if" game. For instance, all I've heard ever since the Giants game was how the Giants "still beat the Pats even though Nix and Bradshaw were out–THAT'S HOW BAD THIS DEFENSE IS!!!" Of course, they don't mention the fact that for 53 minutes that "Bad" defense had held the Giants to 10 points; that two defensive P.I. flags that could easily have NOT been thrown helped change the course of the game (both shaky calls IMO, though the second one on Brown was more legit); and that, oh yes, by the time the Giants scored the winning TD in the final seconds both Chung and Spikes had left the game with injuries. But the "what if" game rules, when it comes to key injuries, apparently do not apply when the Pats have guys hurt—that's merely and excuse for the media to point out the Pats' "lack of depth brought about by Belichick's poor drafts." The media is hopeless (save for a few shining lights out there).


  10. Why is Borges silent on all the trouble the Ball State Chiefs caused the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers?


    1. You mean the game in which the classy, grace-filled Steelers heroically permitted the Chiefs to remain competitive well into the 4th quarter? I think you have your answer, sir: true sportsmanship is its own proponent; it needs not the talents of journalistic champions.


  11. About 3:10pm, anyone listening to the Felger (and Mazz) torch of Costas? Almost as bad as the commentary on the D. Maybe 4 hours of radio doesn't allow you the time/resources to break down things like Reiss/Forsberg do on here:

    Loved the entry on the silent snap count. The references to the national media are nice because the coverage here can be horrible. Reiss's breakdown on a "lighter" 4-3 is also a refreshing read instead of the recycled "storylines" you get in the local media.

    On the D thing, they compared what we "didn't do" to what the Packers did on Thursday against the Lions, who I think we all have seen, are pretty suspect even on O. Now, even conceding the "D" being worse than the Packers setup, it's almost pathetic that this win reminds me of the loss to the Steelers a few weeks back. I heard a few intelligent callers try to defend against their points, being respectful and presenting stats, but it was futile. I had to turn the radio off at this point.


  12. Can't say I'm a huge Gresh "fan" However, during football season if I am going to listen to sports radio between 10 and 2 it would be Gresh & Zo…they might not be great but listening to Lou Merloni try to talk football is PAINFULL


    1. Mutt and Lou have to go. I know EEI had a ratings uptick but that 10-2 show is still simply dreadful, especially when they do "Patriots Monday" and have no idea what they're talking about. When the callers have a better grasp on the game than you do, it's not a good sign.

      Gresh & Zo are actually good when it comes to football talk…anything else, not so much.


  13. I can' t listen to any of these f'n clowns anymore.

    Even Fred Toucher insists on being an NFL expert. STFU about total yards and be funny Fred.


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