CSNNE’s Coverage Of The MLB Winter Meetings

Here is a look at CSNNE’s planned coverage of the MLB Winter Meetings:


Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam and Jessica Moran Reporting Live from Dallas
All Week for Chevrolet SportsNet Central and CSNNE.com

BURLINGTON, MA – The Red Sox continue to turn the page on a calamitous 2011 season, and Comcast SportsNet will have complete coverage as the team looks towards 2012 during the MLB Winter Meetings in Dallas, TX. Comcast SportsNet’s coverage begins Sunday, December 4, in Chevrolet SportsNet Central, Sports Tonight, special one-hour editions of The Baseball Show, and on CSNNE.com.

CSNNE.com Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam begins reporting from Dallas on Sunday. Reporter Jessica Moran will join McAdam on Monday, December 5.

Monday through Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m., The Baseball Show presented by Twin River Casino returns for special Winter Meeting editions. Lou Merloni, Bob Neumeier and others will give fans a chance to call, Tweet or chat with our experts each night on the day’s news.

During the 2010 Winter Meetings, the Red Sox signed outfielder Carl Crawford. As major news breaks and throughout the entire meetings, McAdam will have continuous updates on CSNNE.com.

Comcast SportsNet’s Winter Meetings coverage includes:

Sunday, December 4
10: 30 p.m. – Sean McAdam update from Dallas on Chevrolet SportsNet Central

Monday, December 5
6 p.m. – Sean McAdam and Jessica Moran reports live on Chevrolet SportsNet Central
6:30 p.m. – Sports Tonight special guest live from Dallas
7 p.m. – The Baseball Show with Lou Merloni and Bob Neumeier (live one-hour)
10 p.m. – Sports Tonight special guest from Dallas
10:30 p.m. – McAdam and Moran updates from Dallas
1 a.m. – McAdam and Moran updates from Dallas

Tuesday, December 6
6 p.m. – Sean McAdam and Jessica Moran reports live on Chevrolet SportsNet Central
6:30 p.m. – Sports Tonight special guest live from Dallas
7 p.m. – The Baseball Show with Lou Merloni and Bob Neumeier (live one-hour)
10 p.m. – Sports Tonight special guest from Dallas
10:30 p.m. – McAdam and Moran updates from Dallas
1 a.m. – McAdam and Moran Updates from Dallas

Wednesday, December 7
6 p.m. – Sean McAdam and Jessica Moran reports live on Chevrolet SportsNet Central
6:30 p.m. – Sports Tonight special guest live from Dallas
7 p.m. – The Baseball Show with Lou Merloni and Bob Neumeier (live one-hour)
10 p.m. – Sports Tonight special guest from Dallas
10:30 p.m. – McAdam and Moran updates from Dallas
1 a.m. – McAdam and Moran Updates from Dallas



Valentine’s Day Coming For Red Sox

The “Real Life” workload is high today, so just a few top links to get to.

Mike Lynch of WCVB Channel 5 had the news last night that Bobby Valentine would be the 45th manager of the Boston Red Sox, having been offered and accepted the job while he was in Japan. Dan Shaughnessy in his appearance with Gresh and Zo yesterday was incensed that Valentine was in Japan while still a candidate for the Red Sox job. I guess it worked out.

Bobby Valentine’s one of a kind – Toucher and Rich were making fun of this fawning Valentine piece from Tim Kurkjian on ESPN.com.

Major piece put in place – Nick Cafardo, who was one of the first to be out in front of the Red Sox interest in Valentine, says that now the Sox can get down to business.

Bobby Valentine will change Sox – Gordon Edes says this is a risky pick, but Valentine will certainly change things up.

If Celtics want Chris Paul, now is the time – The other big talk from last night was trade rumors involving Rajon Rondo. Paul Flannery says that if Danny Ainge truly wants Chris Paul, he needs to make his move now.  

Three cheers for this win – Greg A Bedard says that the Patriots played a very good all-around game in wiping out the Eagles on Sunday. Wait, Tony Mazz has been telling me all week that the Patriots still SUCK, and that they only won the game because the Eagles SUCK more and Vince Young SUCKS even worse. I’m so confused.

Patriots Grade Out, Red Sox Search Drags On

The grades for the Patriots win in Philadelphia are in, and the Red Sox approach December still not having named a manager. Meanwhile, how is Danny Ainge going to fill out the Celtics roster? And oh yeah, ho-hum, the Bruins are still red hot.

Making The Grades – Patriots at Eagles – Jeremy Gottlieb laughs at the notion some had just a few weeks ago that Bill Belichick is washed up.

Patriots report card – Ron Borges has The Who coming through once again despite a shaky start.

Patriots Report Card: Brady leads the way – Kirk Minihane notes the difference between Patriots receivers Wes Welker and Deion Branch and Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.

ESPNBoston.com Grades – The pass defense gets the toughest grades in this one.

Patriots Report Card: Tom Brady, Patriots Defense Prey on Vince Young, Eagles Mistakes – Jeff Howe says this is a report card to put on the refrigerator.

Patriots report card Game 11 – Put your stamp on the Boston.com report card.

Branch in midst of brilliant final act – Tom E Curran has the sunset of Deion Branch’s career looking pretty good.

Woeful Colts could be worst late-season opponent in Gillette Stadium history – Christopher Price notes that Indianapolis will be the worst December home opponent in a long time.

‘War Room’ offers inside look at Belichick’s Pats – Bill Reynolds reviews Michael Holley’s new book.

Whoever they pick, the Red Sox have butchered manager search – Ron Chimelis says that the Red Sox have committed a cardinal sin in this process. Dan Shaughnessy agrees.

Red Sox tangled in issues of trust – Gordon Edes says that how the Red Sox handle trust issues will be critical. Sean McAdam has a similar piece.

Source: ‘Serious interest’ in David Ortiz – The Boston Herald reports that the Sox DH will have his choice of destinations.

Free agents the Celtics might target – Only click this Boston.com slideshow if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Be prepared to click 46 times to get through it. (I’m not kidding.)

Pressure on GM’s mounts as free agency, training camp near – A Sherrod Blakely looks at the pressure to put a roster together in less than a month.

Sources: Leo Papile out of picture – Steve Bulpett reports that Papile is no longer with the Celtics.  

Claude Julien’s players have his back – Joe McDonald looks at how the Bruins coach pulled his team together in the last month.


What A Real Fan Thinks Of Belichick And The Patriots

This was posted by one of our newer members on the BSMW Messageboard  (“Claude45”). I thought it insightful:

I was just listening to Belichick on WEEI and a couple of questions and answers highlighted just how misrepresented or misunderstood he is by the media. At least in my opinion.

1.(Steve) DeOssie told a story of how Bill asked his opinion on something on the sideline. DeOssie thought he was joking because no coach had ever asked him what he thought would work before. Paraphrasing, Belichick’s answer was that no matter how pretty a game plan looks on paper, if the players don’t think it will work or think something else will work, then you need to listen and make changes to your plan. So the arrogant megalomaniac who does not want good players to mess with his perfect game plans allows the players to have feedback. This can’t be true, DeOssie and Belichick must be lying.

2. They were discussing the Welker TD play where he was wide open after discussing with Brady what to do on the fly. They asked Bill how often this happens and I thought his answer was an interesting look at how he hires coaches. He almost always promotes from within. Certainly part of it is the familiarity with the system but I think he gave a glimpse at another reason. He talked about how, for example, Brady or O’Brien will come to him and say this team is using the same type of game plan that the Redskins did in 2005 and here is how we beat it then. Bill said that this shared recall with Brady and now O’Brien puts them at an advantage when making adjustments. It may be just one play or an entire game plan. Belichick really seemed to value that continuity. So again, it may not be an arrogant megalomaniac who does not allow a dissenting voice in the room but a professional manager who finds value in that shared experience.

Granted, I am by the media’s low standards a Belichick fanboy. I am a 20 year season ticket holder and he has given me a lot of fun and enjoyment. I value that. I am a little young to clearly remember many details from the Fairbank’s era but this has to be the greatest stretch of Patriots success by any measure. I will miss it when it ends so I choose to enjoy every second of it now. I have no need to wring my hands over second round draft mistakes or fun press conferences. I am having too much fun watching the games.

Rumored Replacements For Heidi Watney at NESN

If NESN had any sense of PR, they’d be playing up the hunt for Heidi Watney’s replacement like one of their Red Sox-related reality shows.

I get constant questions about it, and looking at Chad Finn’s Twitter stream, he’s getting asked about it all the time as well. He also devoted some of his Friday media column to the subject, with info on the first three candidates below.

Here are three candidates that have been rumored (though it appears now that Sullivan is no longer in the running):

Hawksworth, the sister of Dodgers pitcher Blake Hawksworth (which will get her some inside MLB info right there) has a history in Boston, having spent three years at FOX 25. Chad Finn thinks she is the favorite for the job.  Of the candidates here, she’d be my pick as well.

I’m actually not sure Royle is even an official candidate. (Apparently she is, Finn says she interviewed today.) If we’re talking actual baseball reporting experience and history, she’s clearly the best for the job. However, that’s likely not all that NESN is looking for in this hire. She’s been doing weekend shows on WEEI, raising her profile in the local market. She’s from here, grew up following the local teams and she wants to come home.

Ken Fang reported this morning that Sullivan is no longer a candidate.

On November 19th, The Big Lead said that Sullivan was the top candidate to replace Watney. Her website gives her job history, which includes work with CBS Sports Network, Versus, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, Big Ten Network and ESPN.

Fang believes that Courtney Fallon should be a candidate, though I haven’t heard her mentioned anywhere:


Porous Patriots Defense Allows 400 Yards to Vince Young, Still Manages Undeserved Blowout Win With Roster Full Of Belichick Draft Busts

As the final minutes of yesterday’s 38-20 win by the Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles wound down, while the Eagles were piling up garbage yards and a garbage TD, talk among some Patriot media (looking at you, Chris Gasper) continued to be about draft busts Jermaine Cunningham and Taylor Price and why they couldn’t get on the field even at the end of another blowout win.

In a twist from last Tuesday, Gerry Callahan criticized Bill Belichick for taking Tom Brady out of the game too early, and asking in a mocking tone about the tiebreakers. So the Patriots put up 34 points on the Chiefs last week, and that was too many points, but 38 on the Eagles wasn’t enough? OK Gerry. Meanwhile, Gerry’s protegé, Jon Meterparel was crowing about the Patriots giving up 400 yards to Vince Young. Who was that last night complaining that Brady only completed passes to four receivers?

Just a couple of examples of some of the miserable media personalities we have in this town, who win not let fans enjoy any win.

Enough of them. Here’s some coverage from this morning:

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: After all these years, Deion Branch remains Tom Brady’s most reliable target – Christopher Price has Branch’s performance just one of the high points from yesterday. Ron Borges has the best and the worst from yesterday, and so does Mary Paoletti. Karen Guregian gives us the Play of the Game.

Bill Belichick salutes his team – Mike Reiss has the coach giving his team a rare in-season acknowledgment. Jim Donaldson reads waaaaaayyyy too much into Belichick’s words yesterday.

Better than one could’ve dreamed – Greg A Bedard gives the Patriots defense credit for improvement and making adjustments. Jay Greenberg has the defense making big plays at the critical moments. Michael Hurley says that this defense is taking the term “stats are for losers” to a new level.

Patriots offense hits its stride early – Tom E Curran has the offense doing pretty well too. Tim Britton has the offense tearing up the depleted Philly secondary.

Tom Brady quiets critics with big day – Karen Guregian has the Patriots QB answering questions about his health. Bob Ryan says this wasn’t one of Brady’s transcendent days, but it was impressive enough. Chris Forsberg looks at the surgical precision of Brady. Mary Paoletti has Brady always looking for improvement. Ron Borges has Brady reconnecting with his steady wideouts.

Comeback route is run – The Globe notebook had Deion Branch getting back into the passing rotation. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has the offensive line getting Brady time. The Patriots Journal has Julian Edelman with another strong all-around performance.

Veterans are up to speed – Gary Washburn says that putting together a bench will be Danny Ainge’s top job.

A drive down Route 66 – Peter May has six questions about the Celtics and the 66-game NBA season.

No worries from Ray Allen – Steve Bulpett has Ray Allen feeling good heading into the shortened season.

Open or shut: How Celtics can keep their window open – Paul Flannery looks at how the Celtics can keep their championship window open just a crack.

In working order – Mark Farniella has a good piece on Mansfield native Jen Royle, who has been working weekends at WEEI, while working during the week at MASN covering the Orioles. She is a candidate to replace Heidi Watney at NESN.

Some Black Friday Sports Media Links

I hope you survived the Black Friday experience if you went out today. If you decided to shop online, better to do that than wait outside in the cold where the temperatures dropped below freezing overnight. No fun.

Anyway, I’ll provide the links. The Weekend Viewing Picks are here.

To the linkage.


At USA Today, Michael Hiestand and Mike McCarthy debate whether it’s appropriate to mention religion and faith in sports television.

Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News writes that HBO will give viewers a 12 minute sneak peek on its new NHL-themed 24/7 series tonight.

Dan Fogarty of SportsGrid has the picture of Thanksgiving Day in which a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader got the start of her 15 minutes.

Tom Lorenzo at SportsGrid has a funny vidcap of a kid fast asleep during the Miami-Dallas game. Too much turkey, I guess.

Joe Favorito says hockey hopes to fill a void left by the NBA.

Sports Media Watch has the ratings for all NASCAR Sprint Cup races this season.

SMW notes that ESPN’s Monday Night Football saw a ratings increase for Chiefs-Pats.

SMW says NBC’s Sunday Night Football suffered a rare ratings and viewership drop in Week 11.

And SMW writes that last week’s Thursday Night Football gave NFL Network some early Thanksgiving treats.

Steve Lepore at Puck The Media has the ratings of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada to date.

The Awful Announcing staff lists the announcers it’s thankful for.

Overseas, BBC Sport, once a UK powerhouse, is now cutting back and it’s only doing half a schedule of one of its signature sports, Formula 1. It explains how it’s covering Formula 1 in 2012.

Owen Gibson of the London (UK) Guardian says BBC has won back the rights to the IAAF World Athletic Championships, an event it lost for the first time this year.

Former Comcast SportsNet anchor/reporter Jackie Pepper writes about a Kansas City Royals MLB.com beat reporter who received a life-saving transplant and then went to cover every single game this past season.

East and Mid-Atlantic

Chad Finn of the Boston Globe writes that NBC is looking to carve out a Thanksgiving niche for the NHL with a new Black Friday game.

Phil Mushnick of the New York Post actually gives praise today! Stop the presses!

Justin Terranova of the Post has 5 questions for Sirius XM college football analyst Eddie George.

Pete Dougherty of the Albany Times Union says ex-coaches don’t always make for the best broadcasters.

David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun thoroughly enjoyed NFL Network’s coverage of last night’s 49ers-Ravens game.

Jim Williams of the Washington Examiner talks with an NHL official about its new “Thanksgiving Showdown”.


David Barron of the Houston Chronicle waxes poetic about losing the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry.

Chris Baldwin at CultureMap Houston says ESPN reminded Texas A&M fans why the school’s rivalry with Texas is ending when it promoted the Longhorn Network.


Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that Ndamukong Suh’s stomp on Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith got plenty of play on Fox yesterday.

Paul Christian of the Rochester Post (MN) Bulletin also writes about the TV reaction to Suh’s stomp.

Dan Caesar from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says embattled Cardinals TV voice Dan McLaughlin might be returning next season after all despite two arrests for DWI.


The Salt Lake Tribune’s Brian T. Smith says the Utah Jazz’s glory days can be seen on TV as fill for the NBA Lockout.

John Maffei at the North County Times reports that the San Diego Padres still have yet to sign a TV deal for next season.

Jim Carlisle in the Ventura County Star notes that LSU is playing another big game today on CBS.

Bill Shaikin from the Los Angeles Times says Fox is asking a judge for the Dodgers to throw in the parking lots in the team’s sale price rather than try to boost it and block its bid for the team’s media rights.

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News looks at some of the most dubious moments in sports media this year.

Joshua Myers of the Seattle Times notes that NBC is tapping Sounders voice Arlo White to be its MLS announcer.


Bruce Dowbiggin at the Toronto Globe and Mail says a new TSN documentary on the 20th anniversary of the Argonauts winning the CFL Grey Cup shows how far the team has sunk.

The Canadian Sports Media Blog goes inside the numbers of TSN’s coverage of this Sunday’s Grey Cup.