The “Real Life” workload is high today, so just a few top links to get to.

Mike Lynch of WCVB Channel 5 had the news last night that Bobby Valentine would be the 45th manager of the Boston Red Sox, having been offered and accepted the job while he was in Japan. Dan Shaughnessy in his appearance with Gresh and Zo yesterday was incensed that Valentine was in Japan while still a candidate for the Red Sox job. I guess it worked out.

Bobby Valentine’s one of a kind – Toucher and Rich were making fun of this fawning Valentine piece from Tim Kurkjian on

Major piece put in place – Nick Cafardo, who was one of the first to be out in front of the Red Sox interest in Valentine, says that now the Sox can get down to business.

Bobby Valentine will change Sox – Gordon Edes says this is a risky pick, but Valentine will certainly change things up.

If Celtics want Chris Paul, now is the time – The other big talk from last night was trade rumors involving Rajon Rondo. Paul Flannery says that if Danny Ainge truly wants Chris Paul, he needs to make his move now.  

Three cheers for this win – Greg A Bedard says that the Patriots played a very good all-around game in wiping out the Eagles on Sunday. Wait, Tony Mazz has been telling me all week that the Patriots still SUCK, and that they only won the game because the Eagles SUCK more and Vince Young SUCKS even worse. I’m so confused.


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Coming For Red Sox

  1. Surprised someone local broke this, considering Valentine's ties to ESPN. Only reason to comment is that most of the local guys, after someone national (in MLB/NFL) breaks something, usually "break" it as their own but never give credit to the original source–I guess this is how it works.

    I actually thought it was Karl Ravech, though, because of these an hour before:

    karlravechespn karl ravech
    Valentine not yet offered job but appears imminent
    17 hours ago

    karlravechespn karl ravech
    Sources say gene Lamont no longer a candidate to be red sox manager
    17 hours ago!/karlravechespn/status/14164!/karlravechespn/status/14164


  2. Did anyone happen to drive past Fenway last night?

    I'm really curious as to whether Larry Lucchino was standing atop one of the light towers, cackling madly while he held Ben Cherington's ripped-off, still dripping balls.


  3. I'm stealing this right from SportsHub, who has spent a good 45 minutes thus far on the TimmyK article, but I'll requote because it is great:

    I think Mazz said it makes BobbyV look better/greater than the "Most Interesting Man In The World".

    A listener then texted in asking if they'd be drinking Dos Equis in the clubhouse?


  4. SportsHub is really going to town with the TimK article on BobbyV. You can follow all the carnage here:!/Marc_Bertrand

    Marc Bertrand (flash guy for F+M is RT'ing the good and clean ones)

    This has caused enough traffic that there is a #hashtag devoted to new BobbyV facts:!/search?q=%23BobbyVFacts

    And, to see the ones that did not make the cut or could not be read on the air:!/search/%40Marc_Bertrand


  5. Evil Tony is back! Felger and Squeaky are rolling out the Ordway playbook now. When Tony uses his "hysterical" slow boston accent to say something lame, Felger is forced to laugh as if it's the funniest line he has heard. Tony is in full character mode now—when this ship sinks, and it will eventually, Evil Tony will be thrown away. Tony will then wonder if being the predictable Evil Tony was worth it. He will lose all credibility with sports fans as well as with his peers who he lobs some shots at now while on top but will be joining within three years.


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