This was posted by one of our newer members on the BSMW Messageboard  (“Claude45”). I thought it insightful:

I was just listening to Belichick on WEEI and a couple of questions and answers highlighted just how misrepresented or misunderstood he is by the media. At least in my opinion.

1.(Steve) DeOssie told a story of how Bill asked his opinion on something on the sideline. DeOssie thought he was joking because no coach had ever asked him what he thought would work before. Paraphrasing, Belichick’s answer was that no matter how pretty a game plan looks on paper, if the players don’t think it will work or think something else will work, then you need to listen and make changes to your plan. So the arrogant megalomaniac who does not want good players to mess with his perfect game plans allows the players to have feedback. This can’t be true, DeOssie and Belichick must be lying.

2. They were discussing the Welker TD play where he was wide open after discussing with Brady what to do on the fly. They asked Bill how often this happens and I thought his answer was an interesting look at how he hires coaches. He almost always promotes from within. Certainly part of it is the familiarity with the system but I think he gave a glimpse at another reason. He talked about how, for example, Brady or O’Brien will come to him and say this team is using the same type of game plan that the Redskins did in 2005 and here is how we beat it then. Bill said that this shared recall with Brady and now O’Brien puts them at an advantage when making adjustments. It may be just one play or an entire game plan. Belichick really seemed to value that continuity. So again, it may not be an arrogant megalomaniac who does not allow a dissenting voice in the room but a professional manager who finds value in that shared experience.

Granted, I am by the media’s low standards a Belichick fanboy. I am a 20 year season ticket holder and he has given me a lot of fun and enjoyment. I value that. I am a little young to clearly remember many details from the Fairbank’s era but this has to be the greatest stretch of Patriots success by any measure. I will miss it when it ends so I choose to enjoy every second of it now. I have no need to wring my hands over second round draft mistakes or fun press conferences. I am having too much fun watching the games.


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  1. Belichick must be doing something right! His owner, his players and his fans love and respect Belichick – it's only the media that has problems with him. Surprised?

  2. Outstanding post.

    Somewhere along the line the media, and far too many fans in this town forgot just how hard it is to win a Super Bowl. Given the NFL's "one and done" playoff format, it just might be the hardest title to win in all of pro sports. For BB to be constantly roasted in the media for not winning a Super Bowl since 2004 shows just how irresponsible so many of them are. He deserves criticism for some of his moves over the last few years, but he deserves praise for many of them, too–seems as though the criticisms are all we get to hear, however. And to dismiss the fact that the Pats have never won fewer than 10 regular season games in every season since 2004 simply because they haven't won another Lombardi is extremely shortsighted and unfair.

  3. I too am a 20-yr season-ticket holder and I could not agree more.

    You don't have to be a 'fanboy' to realize that perspective has been lost by many in the media.

    Attention media:
    We want balance… not pom-poms.
    We want the whole picture… not just a laser-focus view on the few things that went wrong.

  4. 1) You're going to base your opinion of a guy based on one guy's (who's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer) anecdote from 20 years ago? Yeah, no.

    2) Can we stop with this "real" fan versus fraud thing? Here's the thing. You CAN be critical of the football team you root for and still be a fan.

    1. you are most certainly a fraud. worst of the worst. i come here everyday and all you do is spew hate and negativity against a team you supposedly are a fan of, thats not being critical thats being a fraud

      1. *Yawn*. I have plenty good to say about the team. What I don't like is people like you questioning my fan-dom because I'm not all puppy dogs and rainbows all the time when talking about the Pats.

        1. "Puppy dogs and rainbows all the time when talking about the Pats. "

          Try an original thought don't just regurgitate what Felger says

        2. Sorry, but I just don't see it. Most Pats fans are obviously optimistic and try to look at things more postively than people who aren't fans, but I vehemently disagree that they/we aren't critical.
          There are plenty of things that I, and friends of mine, have been critical about (the whole '06 season, the lack of adjustment in SB42, various draft picks, the Jets loss last year, that BB let something as dumb as 'spygate' damage their rep… and many others)
          The criticism that gets me upset is the kind that is either completely false (BB sucks at the draft) or a major generalization (the team is cheap). Bring facts and specifics, then I am fine… and I will agree…

        3. I love the red herrings douchebags like this throw out….."not allowed to be critical of the team"……by who? Maybe your criticism is stupid and you simply don't know it? You've already conceded "all the successes" the team has had above.

          You are not allowed to question BB? Go ahead, but if its idiotic or even marginal or debateable criticism, I'll tend to side with the guy who's coached for 40 years and has 5 rings over Dave from Marketing.

          You are not allowed to get frustrated after losses? Right, because none of us rose colored glasses folks on boards like this ever get upset about losses or take them hard. :rolleyes:

          You must always be happy with the final score, even when the Pats lose?…..this one is odd. I think it suggests sometimes the Pats don't win by "enough." "Even when the Pats lose"… mean sometimes you're not happy about wins?

          You must always look on the bright side? I'd suggest those who were looking on "the bright side" after the second straight loss to the Giants have been once again, as they have been repeatedly, proven correct by the team as they've rebounded. Is he claiming the doom and gloomers were correct?

          And he throws in there….."people need to relax"…..I'm sorry guy, but its shoe-pee'ers like you who are the ones who'll flip out if they only beat the Colts 30-10 this weekend rather than 73-0.

          "I'm still a huge fan"…..No you're not, but you are a tremendous, whiny dickhead.

          1. By who? Have you visited this site in the last two years plus? Every week during football season there seems to be a "the Pats aren't as bad as you think and Haters are gonna Hate" piece.

          2. So how "bad" do you think they are then?

            Only one losing season in 15 years not good enough? Or was it the 14-2 last year that frosted your apple? Maybe it's this year's 8-3 (probably heading for the #1 seed again) that's leaving a "real fan" like you all melancholy.

            I'm disappointed in the last 2 years' playoff exits too, and nobody is saying you can't mention them. Nobody's a bigger negative reactionary in the game threads than me. But perspective is completely lost on guys like you. You're just another less-impressive Steve from Fall River.

            Don't wear out your arms beating up those strawmen, K?

    2. I missed the part about "real" fans in Claude's post (which was in reply to media coverage of the team). Or in any of the comments that preceded yours. Curious as to why you interjected it there.

      1. To answer my own question, I now see that the term 'Real Fan' was used in the heading for the post. I take it as due credit to Claude, who has held tickets for 20 years. Sounds like a real fan to me.

        1. You can be a real fan without having season tickets…And shouldn't we be calling people who have had season tickets for 20 years fair-weather fans because they bought those tickets during the Bledsoe/Parcells era?

          1. How does calling Claude a real fan take anything away from anyone else? Where are you getting that from, aside from your own insecurities?

  5. Great job, Claude45. The media in this town (I'm looking at you Mazz) generally hates sports and just play the "look at me I'm controversial" game all day. It's sad and pathetic.

  6. Am I the only one who is amused that two years ago, all you would hear from Felger, Mazz., et. al. was about how well Indy drafted and how poorly the Patriots had drafted and this is why Indy was going to go back to the Super Bowl and easily beat the Saints while the Patriots were doomed to mediocrity because of the bad drafting that took place. Funny how no one is lauding Bill Polian for his quality drafts the week before the Indy game.

    1. Or how about one year ago where it was "The Jets have clearly passed you! FACT, not opinion!" talk. Haven't heard that one in a little while, either.

    2. GREAT point Gerhard. I was thinking about that this week, in terms of where the Colts are. This 0-11 (so far) season is a complete indictment on the 'Colts Way'. It's not like they should be competing for a 1-seed with Peyton out or anything, but WTF? Polian and Caldwell look real bad… or should look real bad, but the media are lazy and have spent the entire season saying 'Boy that Peyton Manning sure was important to that team'… like that's the ONLY problem.

  7. I could not get back to the site for a couple of days and wanted to clear a couple of things up. I never said anything about real fans. I am critical as well. Belichick is far from perfect.
    The point of my post was that I think the media has gotten extremely lazy and one sided in their coverage of Belichick and the Pats. I just don't enjoy the constant negative coverage and it has become a crutch for the media.If you do love the negative, then enjoy, this is your golden era. I also don't think how they cover some aspects of the Pats is accurate. I heard the interview and thought Belichick gave some insight that ran counter to the media on his coaching style and how he picks his coaches.

  8. To tl;138. I read the site to know what you about but I can't resist anyway to answer some of your noise.
    1. I would agree that I not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I would put my reading comprehension skills up against yours any day. There are no anecdotes from 20 years ago. Both points where from the day I posted. Maybe it is not your comprehension but you don't know what anecdote means. It was analysis of a radio interview and my feelings how Belichick is covered by the media. It is not really an anecdote anyway.
    2. Not that it matters in any way but I have had my season tickets for 2 years before Parcells. I used a round number for how long I have tickets. It does not make me any more or less of a fan that I have season tickets. A lot of people hate to go games down there. I just added it for context of my viewpoint.

    1. You're obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer considering I was talking about DeOssie and not you.

      1. I did admit that and I guess I have to take back the crack about reading comprehension as well. Never mind then, nothing to see here, move along.

    2. To be fair I think tl;138 meant DeOssie wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and his anecdote about Belichick was from 20 years ago. Nevertheless, its guy like tl who are pathetic. They're literally watching one of the best NFL runs by a franchise in a 10+ year stretch ever. And they're not happy. Someone said its not easy to win a Super Bowl. It really isn't. Its also not easy to be good every year so you even have a shot at it. Any team can get knock out by one bad game even if they're good and get in the playoffs. But try and get in and have favorable seeds every year and you should win some. The Pats have. Every year their a 11-14 win team. EVERY YEAR pretty much. They've gotten knocked out, sure. But its not easy to even be there.

      Stiffs like tl don't get it. They can't appreciate it. Meanwhile, a guy like Polian how has 20% the Super Bowl wins as Bill Belichick gets blown by the Boston media. "The Colts Way" is trumpeted….then they lose one guy and they go 0-11. Draft busts the last few years like Hughes, Brown, etc.? Never mentioned. The guy took a foolish approach in Carolina by building an old expansion team. It got them 2 playoff wins quick, then disaster long term. He lost in Buffalo because he could never get his defense acceptable against NFC competition despite great offense. And in Indy? He finally got one when a lot of things fell perfect, but underachieved a lot of the rest of the Peyton Manning-era.

      Yet he skates and Belichick gets ripped. And "fans" like tl play along obliviously.

  9. For the record, tl;138… I too bought my tickets during the Dick McPherson "error"… They went 2-14 my first season. So shove it.

    Oh, and have a great day.

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