Just a few links this morning while Ryan readies this week’s Sports Media Musings…

Baseball takes two from NFL – Chad Finn has the World Series taking two nights in the ratings war with the NFL, as baseball beat football on both Sunday and Monday night this week. Chad also reports that NESN has hired NH native Jamison Coyle ( @Jamison_Coyle )  to replace Jade McCarthy on NESN Daily.

Fox 25’s Kristine Leahy arrives with new, youthful outlook – Bill Doyle talks with the 25-year-old Leahy, (@KristineLeahy ) who has been a sports anchor at Fox since July after two years as the Celtics web and in-arena host. She had also previously hosted the Top 5 at WEEI.com.

Media Roundup – Cowher Talks Pats/Steelers – In my SBNation Boston Media column, I’ve got CBS’ Bill Cowher talking about the Patriots, a team he knows a thing or two about losing to.

The Best Sports Section in History – Grantland has a column this morning from Nell Scovell, who talks about being a young writer working with the likes of Will McDonough, Bob Ryan, Michael Madden, Lesley Visser, Peter Gammons, and Leigh Montville.


2 thoughts on “Friday Media Quicklinks

  1. Ryan, what are NESN's plan for the future? I'm a bit confused epecially seeing Comcast reeling off a whole lot of original programming(Siticks n Stones, Cold Hard football facts,etc.) I'm not sure if NESN has things in the works or whats going on.


  2. Honestly, Scovell's piece was fluffy and very self-centered. (I mean, it was obviously supposed to be, but it rubbed me the wrong way.)

    Chad Finn linked to a Sports Illustrated piece that was way better.


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