Here are the local sports media columns for today, as we get ready for Sports Media Musings coming up in a little bit.

Three is no crowd with Zolak – Chad Finn looks at the addition of Scott Zolak to the Patriots radio broadcasts, and what Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti think of having the former quarterback on their team.

Media Roundup: Has Red Sox Media Coverage Crossed A Line? – I think the headline of my SB Nation Boston column this week is a little misleading, while I don’t like the hysterics that have gone on, I don’t mention crossing lines, either. Instead, I’m looking at a few media members who have distinguished themselves for the good this month. Also, I’ve got a look at the Patriots TV ratings thus far this season:

A quick note on TV ratings for the Patriots. Sunday’s game against the Cowboys on FOX tied for the highest rating of the season for the Patriots, the  37.1 rating was equaled only by the season-opening broadcast against  Miami on Monday Night Football. The Dallas game received a higher  share of the audience than the Miami game, pulling in a 62 (a season  high) in comparison to the 56 share of the season opener. The Patriots are averaging a 33.6 rating and 59.5 HH over their first six games.

Tuning In: Antonio Tarver picks Edwin Rodriguez to beat Rosinsky – Bill Doyle talks to Showtime boxing analyst Antonio Tarver about this weekend’s fight between Worcester super middleweight Edwin Rodriguez and Will Rosinsky at Foxwoods.

Congratulations to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, who was named by the Pro Football Writers of America as a winner of a Dick Connor Writing Award for his Enterprise Feature “Roster overhaul key to Patriots’ success.” which appeared in the January 5th, 2011 edition of the Herald. (A full list of honorees can be found here.)



5 thoughts on “Friday Quick-Hit Media Links

  1. 2 quick Media thoughts today.

    – Gerry Callahan complaining on air that an intern lost the $20 Gerry gave him to go buy food, and then listening to John and Gerry discuss whether Gerry should eat the $20 or get the kid to pay him back…was a segment that embodied all that everyone hates about WEEI's morning show. Here is a guy who makes $500 K + complaining that a college kid lost $20. The college kid admits he did it and Gerry has to humiliate him on the radio. It was horrible and for those that complain that D & C are out of touch…a perfect example of why. I turned to 98.5 but they were boring me with fantasy football chat.

    – The Bob Kraft interview on D & C this morning was difficult…not because Kraft broke up a few times when he was talking about his wife, but because John Dennis sounded like this was an interview on par with 98.5's Henry sit down. He was at his pompous best trying to force something that wasn't there. WEEI pays for access by having Patriots Monday and Friday. It was a forced and difficult to listen to interview.


    1. Btw, was Callahan actually insisting that Khadaffi's first name was spelled Nomar, or was that a joke that too many people took seriously? I ran across the show late enough in the morning not to be able to tell.


    2. I don't have a clip of it but Kraft was in Bristol today for Mike and Mike. He appeared on the air about 9:35EDT, through two segments, and lasted until 9:54AM when they signoff before first-take. (This being if my clock is accurate on the DVR). From what I saw/heard of it, Greeny, who is a HUGE Jets fan, was very sensitive and understanding to the situation with MHK–which I think he handled very well.

      Is there a clip or transcript of the interview?


  2. I didn't know that about Zolak. I'm not a fan of his but anything's better than Gino (although, I still like Gil)…Thanks for the memories and all that but, really, it's time to retire.


  3. That was a good article on Zolak. He's added a lot to the broadcast, and I really appreciate him. (Gino's aged about 10 years in the past 2. It's really stark. I still appreciate Santos, but they really really need better ways to use their spotters.)

    Bruce — Edes has been great through this, yes. Though I'd've liked the "this is not the end of the world" stuff a little sooner. Giving context about what is and is not done in clubhouses as a general rule is, well, useful.


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