Reports this morning are that the Cubs and Red Sox are close to finalizing compensation for Theo Epstein, and that the Cubs could officially hire Epstein in the next day or two. That would close out one bit of drama, in this nightmare of October, hopefully other items will follow and we can get on with our lives.

Theo Epstein deal near – Scott Lauber’s notebook in the Herald says that an announcement is possible tomorrow. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham also reports that a deal could come tomorrow, an off-day for the World Series.

Cubs prospect Trey McNutt tries to make sense of Red Sox rumors – Alex Speier looks at the Chicago prospect that has been rumored in the Epstein compensation.

Apparently in-game beer drinking is common in baseball, but since it happened in Boston, it is the end of the world as we know it. Peter Abraham though, says that the practice is dwindling in the game.

Powder keg tapping out – Gordon Edes says that slowly but surely, the beer story is fizzing out around here. He’s got some little shots in there at his former employer, the Globe, as well.

Adrian Gonzalez looks for answers – Scott Lauber has the first baseman explaining how he feels the leadership structure of a team should be built, and says he’ll feel more comfortable taking a bigger role next year.

Red Sox could have a surprise up their sleeve – Christopher Smith looks at the rumored managerial candidates.

Forget crying, the Red Sox proved why there should be no captains in baseball – Rob Bradford has Jason Varitek’s ineffectiveness as an example.

Patriots rookie progress report – Chris Forsberg evaluates the rookies at the bye week.

Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez cause problems – Karen Guregian looks at the matchup nightmare that is the second-year duo.

Belichick lightens up on Inside the NFL – Jimmy Toscano has the Patriots coach opening up a bit on the Showtime series.

Bye week a time for the Pats to heal – Tim Whelan Jr has the Patriots looking to rest up a bit and get healthy.

It’s all good from scrimmage work– Ian Rapoport’s notebook looks at the purpose of a rare in-season scrimmage this week. The Globe notebook from Shalise Manza Young has more on the bye week plans.

The Patriots/Cowboys game will be featured on tonight’s episode of NFL Turning Point, which airs on VERSUS at 10:00pm. Particularly in focus will be the final drive, which won the game for New England. The hour-long program, hosted by Football Night in America’s Dan Patrick, airs weekly throughout the NFL regular season and focuses on the crucial ‘turning point’ moment in several games for football fans each week in a more in-depth way than ever before by utilizing NFL Films’ unmatched cinematography and sideline and on-field audio.

Kessel, Leafs should motivate struggling B’s – Mick Colageo says that the sight of their former teammate might give the Bruins a spark tonight. Joe Haggerty notes that the former Bruin is on fire to start the season.

Slumping Boston Bruins expected to use new lineup against Toronto Maple Leafs – Mike Loftus looks at a lineup shift.

Bruins need to find a cure – Stephen Harris says that the Bruins need to shake their hangover.


13 thoughts on “One Drama May Be Coming To A Conclusion, At Least

  1. Yesterday I traded some emails with a person who's opinion on sports and sports media I respect greatly. While I cannot get enough of the Sox story, he wants it dead and buried so he can move on to "real" sports stories. It dawned on me during the exchange that he was not a fan of Professional Wrestling while I grew up loving it. I was/am predisposed to being sucked in by the male soap opera that surrounds the sport whereas my friend seemed put off by it as it takes away from his enjoyment of the sport.

    To me this story screams WWE (well really an old WWF but they lost the right to call it that to the World Wildlife Foundation years ago) story line. But more importantly for the first time in a long time kayfabe (an old carny term that defines the code of silence that those inside the con/carny/wrestling used when they did not want secrets spilled) was pierced redarding the Sox. There were "heals"…those three pitchers drinking and eating during games, "faces"…Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Elsbury, heel turns Jason Varitek and his statement of respecting his elders but not saying he respected the man. Evil bosses giving "shoot" interviews…John Henry who is death on the stick (mic talk in wrestling jargon), while Larry Lucchino "works" the Cubs for greater Theo compensation. You have two nameless, faceless employees (jobbers) corroborating Joe Angostino's story that the players were drinking on the bench as early as 2009, while the team denies this vehemently. We had a run-in when Mike Felger and Heidi Watney were trading blows and Joe Hags got involved and we have had Federation on Federation crime…see Gordon Eads story today where he takes a not so veiled forearm to the Globe. There is much more but you get the drift.

    The writers at the WWE could not write this script. It is too unbelievable. There is an old wrestling saying "if it is on TV, it is a work"…which means if you see it then it was scripted and approved. The stuff with the Sox…is a "shoot"…none of it is scripted (well other than John Henry's "surprise" appearance at 98.5)…which is remarkable in this day and age of such closely guarded PR images.

    I understand why my friend has not hung on every word of this story. The male soap opera doesn't appeal to him. But to those of us raised on Wrasslin' (one internet dollar to Ted Turner) this has been…wait for it…wait for it…AWESOME.


    1. The second after this happened, I was waiting for an ESPN 30for30 to be done, even though they had already finished the second installment of videos and now shut the department down. I'd be willing to bet that you need to let a story like this finish itself out, percolate and sit a few years for a comprehensive and historical perspective to be penned.


    2. I had a great appreciation for the "male soap opera" of wrestling growing up, but I fail to see how this story is unbelievable in any way. We've heard all of these things before in other organizations. Maybe not always at the same time, but it's hardly a first in the world of sports. We've even had scandals in this area involving cocaine and the sexual harassment of a female reporter. Here we have a dysfunctional relationship between the ownership and management, along with entitled players who drank and goofed off while a playoff spot slipped away. Disappointing and enraging for the fans, sure, but hardly the stuff of a wrestling storyline.


  2. The drama must be over, because is back to hard-hitting reporting such as "What Patriot are you?" I already know that — I'm Dumbledore. Duh!


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