The NFL returns tonight as the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints kick off the regular season.

The local papers have their NFL preview issues, with plenty of good material (mostly).

Here is the Boston Herald 2011 Patriots Preview.

Here is the Boston Globe 2011 NFL Preview.

There is some really good stuff in both sections, but if I’m a Globe NFL/Patriots writer, I’m pissed off that they allowed Dan Shaughnessy to participate in the picks page. Not only participate, but go first. Shaughnessy predicts a 16-0 season with a home playoff loss to the Steelers in their first playoff game, and the Jets to win it all.

The rest of the writers worked hard in putting together this section, and then the editors allow Shaughnessy  to come in and casually spend 30 seconds coming up with the scenario that will piss the most people off, and put it in the predictions page. It taints the entire Globe NFL preview. Shaughnessy thinks he’s edgy and controversial. In this case, he’s pathetic.

Yes, Shaughnessy has been tainting the entire Globe sports section for many years, but to allow him to insert himself into this is just dumb.

There was an advanced screening of the NFL Films Bill Belichick documentary last night and here are a few reviews (and spoilers):

Star billing – Chad Finn

Spoiler Alert: A few tidbits learned while watching an advance screening of NFL Films’ Belichick documentary – Ian Rapoport.

Belichick documentary thoughts – Mike Reiss

Bullpen blows Wakefield’s 200th, Sox lose 11-10 – Sean McAdam leads off the CSNNE game story from last night, in which the bullpen couldn’t hold a lead for Tim Wakefield.

Remember My Friend, Brad McCrimmon, When He Played For The Whalers – Jeff Jacobs remembers the former Bruins and Whalers defenseman who was killed in the Russian plane crash.

I’m stoked that Chad Finn was able to report on the WEEI FM simulcast before the station themselves could announce it….



13 thoughts on “The NFL Returns Tonight, No 200 For Wake. Again.

  1. Shank is a joke….The only reason I know anything of what he writes is if you mention it here. Frankly Bruce I think you should treat the guy as if he's dead. That's his WHOLE GAME, to annoy and antagonize people. I try to avoid the guy at all costs


  2. Shank's piece is even less credible when you consider that it would be a cold day in Hades before the Steelers ever top the Pats in a playoff game. The Pats have owned that team for 10 years–even last year the Pats and their below-average defense still swarmed all over the eventual AFC champs in their own stadium. It's a bad matchup for the Steelers and their style of play whenever they face the Pats. Other teams coming in to Foxboro and beating the Pats in a first round playoff game is a more plausible scenario, but not Pittsburgh. And yes, the CHB wrote that just to aggravate people. A true journalist, is he.


  3. I am done blaming Shank for being a hack. Its clear to all of us what he is and who he is. No I put the blame on the Globe editors who allow his childish antics to continue to sully what was once one of the best sports sections in the country but today can almost not be read. Bruce was right on when he said Shank's "look at me" journalism reflects badly on the work the legitimate beat guys did in putting together the preview piece and predictions. But what does that say about the editors at the Globe who think this is good for business? If I am Greg Bedard, trying to establish myself as a serious player on the Pats beat on par with Rap, Curran and Reiss how can I expect to be taken seriously when clearly the paper I work for has zero respect for the assignment they gave me, the team I cover or its fans.

    Its systemic at the Globe. Since Bob Kraft has owned the team their sports editorial board has had no respect for the Patriots or its fans. They have allowed voices like Shank, Mazz, Borges, Will McD, and Nick Cafardo to continually negatively portray the Pats organization. This attitude is so pervasive at the Globe that a whole new generation of writers are falling lock step in line (Gasper, Breer, and Young). It is amazing to me Mike Reiss was able to stay above/out of it during his tenure there. We will see what happens to Greg Bedard.


    1. I don't think the Globe sports editors have ever gotten over the fact that the Patriots' Super Bowl win over the Rams was voted by the fans as the most important, or best sports moment in Boston history–even greater than the Sox breaking the curse in 2004. And to add insult to injury, the result came through the Globe's own poll. I distinctly remember some of the Globies (like Shank) throwing out accusations of "ballot box stuffing" by Patriots fans in the wake of that poll result, in fact. It was like they simply couldn't believe that anyone would even consider anything other than the Sox winning the World Series as the number one sports moment. Of course, the Globe already had a pretty "tense" relationship with the Pats before that poll was taken–not to mention the fact that, at the time, the Globe's parent company owned 17 percent of the Red Sox, and the Pats represented direct "competition" to them, if you will.


      1. All good points Tony. Also don't forget it was the Globe that was at the forefront of making sure the Pats did not get the Southie land for a new stadium or for that matter any public dollars. People blame the Krafts for considering CT…I blame the Globe.


        1. Yes, that was bad. They really made Kraft look bad in one article, in particular, where they spun his words to make it sound like he said the people in Southie were "not educated." He had actually said that they weren't educated about the stadium/land issue because no one in power was willing to let the Pats really make their case and be heard; but the Globe made it sound like he was insulting the intelligence of the residents. The Southie pols grandstanded that stadium issue for all it was worth, and the Globe was behind them all the way.


  4. I think by this late hour in Shaughnessy's career, if you genuinely get angry about stuff like this, it says more about you than it does about him. He is what he is, execrable as that may be, and he's been that little turd in the punchbowl for decades now.


  5. CHB isn't worth any more strokes on the keyboard.

    Side note: I know this should be put on the previous post but I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle. Did anyone hear the WEEI announcement this morning. D&C (especially C) were giddy over the concept of having an FM station. Granted I'm sure they are and should be excited about this, as it could bring more listeners, or keep listeners longer. However, the tenor for which they proclaimed this news was dreadful. They were acting like they were the first to have an FM station. Callahan constantly boasting about how strong and powerful theyre signal is. They were acting like first to the parade. It's this arrogance that I cannot stand. Hello Gerry you dink, listeners have been screaming for FM for years and now you finally act like you are granting a wish. No, you ignored our gripes until ratings proved we could no longer be ignored. That and 98.5 came knocking with said FM signal. Sorry Gerry, fashionably late to this dance isn't hip, just plain old tardy!


    1. Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the announcement in general, but how they hyped it up and kept droning. I know this news was broken last night.


  6. Why are you stoked? Shouldn't youeally be impartial? What would you say if a Patriots beat reporter Tweeted that they were "stoked" about something along these lines?


  7. Shaughnessy has to improve a whole lot to become 'pathetic.' Happily, he's a member of a profession that comprises amoeba-like people without much talent or smarts. I do feel sorry for his family that he puts them through this.


  8. It's all about the clicks. The Globe knows that Shank will write something idiotic and stupid that will rile up the fans enough for them to write comments about what a fool CHB is for picking the Steelers over the Patriots, blah, blah. The more hits, the more money the Globe can charge their advertisers. You don't think for one moment that the Globe editors believe that Shank has the most football acumen therefore he should lead the prediction parade? C'mon man!


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