From Charlie on the messageboard:

What is it with the local media asking Thomas after his good games whether he thinks he has answered his critics (them)? Every time he’s like “are you kidding me with this again?” Its like they think themselves and talk show callers are equivalent to teammates and coaches being critical. Do they think he spends a moment incorporating their critiques into his preparation or his playmaking?


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  1. Because we ink-stained wretches, scribes, and broadcasters are the representatives of the fans. We speak for them. They speak through us. If it wasn't for us expressing their concerns and giving articulation to their hopes, dreams, and fears, the simpleton paying customer would be bereft. We do it for YOU, oh noble savages of our reading/viewing audiences. And we are proud to serve.


    [ fill in the blank. there's far too many who think this is true ]


  2. Fred, how about we fill in your blank with 'The Strawman'? Felger began yet another one of his sports debates/timefillers today saying he couldn't believe B's fans don't appreciate David Krejci's play. Not sure I've ever heard anyone I know ever say that.


    1. This is the best response I can think of, from the BSMW forums:

      It's Buckleyesque to create an argument that no one made and then rail against it
      . — Kevin 1/3/08

      "I guess this means 162-0 is out"
      – Shaughnessy channeling Buckley 4/2/11


  3. Does any pro sports player or coach in the Boston area incorporate sports talk radio callers and media-types critiques into their preparation or playmaking?


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