The Bruins evened the Stanley Cup Finals at two games apiece with a rousing 4-0 shutout of the Vancouver Canucks last night at the Garden. Tim Thomas was again magnificent in goal, and the Bruins again smothered the vaunted Canuck offense and power play. Get all the links over at

Tied up neatly – Fluto Shinzawa says that the Bruins have not just evened the series, they’ve grabbed the Stanley Cup Finals by the throat. More gamers from Steve Conroy | Paul Kenyon | Danny Picard | (video) | NESN Video | Mike Loftus | Mick Colageo

Bruins’ Thomas Pulling Out All The Stops – Jeff Jacobs has the Bruins netminder once again dazzling in goal. More on Thomas from Jackie MacMullan ( who has the Canucks still doubting Thomas) | Stephen Harris | DJ Bean ( with four other thoughts on the game) | Matt Kalman | Scott McLaughlin

Peverley fills the void with Horton out – Eric McHugh has midseason acquisition Rich Peverley stepping up to the first line and netting two goals. More on Peverley from Amanda Bruno | Ron Borges | Michael Whitmer | Jeff Hamrick | Joe Haggerty | Mike Petraglia | Matt Kalman | Jesse Connolly | Chris Forsberg

Bruins have found new identity – Joe McDonald says that a new and improved version of the Boston Bruins has been born this spring. Kevin Paul Dupont says that as lost as the Canucks looked last night, the Bruins were found.

Visitors mostly invisible – Bob Ryan looks at the disappearing act of the Canucks. Bill Burt wonders if the Canucks are just paper lions.

Defense has been taking care of twins – Barbara Matson has the Bruins silencing the Sedin twins on the ice. Off the ice, they’re still complaining about Tim Thomas’ play.

Michael Ryder’s good on both ends – Steve Conroy’s notebook has the winger showing some surprising defensive work last night. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has Tyler Seguin understanding his coach’s decisions on moving him in and out of the lineup. The Bruins Journal says that ice conditions were not a factor last night. The notes from Danny Picard and Joe Haggerty have Nathan Horton making a surprise visit to the locker room after the game. The Patriot Ledger notebook from Mike Loftus has Jordan Caron ready to go if needed.

The Red Sox posted another victory over the Yankees last night, to claim first place all to themselves last night, beating New York 11-6. Get all the coverage at

Red-hot Sox look set to run away – John Tomase says that now is the time for the Red Sox to run away with the division.

Ortiz blasting his way into Sox’ future – Sean McAdam has Big Papi making himself irreplaceable to the Red Sox. Michael Silverman says that it is looking like the Red Sox will need to find a way to pony up and keep both Ortiz and Jonathan Papelbon after the season. Gordon Edes says that the home runs just keep coming for Ortiz.

Pedroia to have right knee examined – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the Sox second baseman returning to Boston to have his knee examined. If surgery is needed, he would miss a month. The CSNNE notes from Sean McAdam have Jason Varitek pleased after catching  a Tim Wakefield start for the first time in years. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has more on Pedroia.

Guess I hit a nerve:

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Is it possible to be both thin-skinned AND clueless? I guess the answer is yes. I bash Felger perhaps more than any other media person in town. (um, hello? Anyone?) The difference is, he can take it, and it doesn’t bother him. In fact, I think he encourages it.

What prompted this? Yesterday Michael Holley took a vacation day. WEEI didn’t replace him, but just moved Adams over. Yes, they did have Jack Edwards in studio for a long stretch, but I tweeted that I’d love to see the one-day ratings between Ordway/Adams and Felger/Mazz on a day in which the Bruins were playing a Stanley Cup Finals game. I guess that equals kissing Felger’s rear end.


23 thoughts on “Bruins Even Finals With Rousing Game Four Victory

  1. Oy Bruce…I feel for you. When self important Boston Media Personalities like Mike Adams are following your tweets and responding to them sarcastically you know you have exposed another emperor as being naked. The funny thing is 15 years ago, without the internet Mike Adams would never ever respond to a critic directly. He might take a shot at them, veiled of course, on air, but not directly and certainly not a "little person". These people do not get it. The world is a smaller place, yet that does not mean they do not get to be unprofessional…it means they have to be more cognizant of how they are perceived by the fans, general public and the people paying for advertising. If I was a corporate customer of WEEI and I found out their Evening host was sending swarmy, self indulgent tweets to an independent blogger, because the host feared the results of a seemingly rhetorical question….I would seriously be questioning why I was doing business with this radio station…and certainly I would not be advertising on his show regardless of the ratings. I have known many people in radio and TV. It has never ever ceases to amaze me the bubble they live in. The sense of entitlement that arises because they are recognized as "celebrities" and occasionally they get free tickets or free food; how that translates to being above constructive criticism and beyond reproach…its mind boggling.

  2. You hit the nail right on the head, Bruce. Funny how the two sports radio stations in town are mirroring the two Stanley Cup finalists. EEI’s whines over the non-inclusion of Providence listeners, texts from anonymous producers and now thin-skinned tweets are all right out of the Canucks’ playbook of finger bites and cheap shot penalties. Any chance Mr. Wolfe and Coach Vigneault are related?

  3. Lately I do not think I have listened to five total minutes of the Big Show, so I decided to give it an honest effort on Tuesday to see if there has been any improvement. Unfortunately, the show is the same. The chickens have come home to roost for Ordway because of the many years the Big Show paid no attention to hockey at all. Ordway will give an opinion, will be challenged on it, and cannot explain why he took that opinion. Adams has been a complete annoyance on the show. He shows just about zero knowledge of sports today and his act consists of being a clown. Holley, who I felt was so good with Dale Arnold, has been an afterthought. Holley goes long stretches without saying a word because Ordway will interrupt him or will tell him, " Let me finish." and continue bloviating about a subject ad nauseum.

    1. I caught some of the whiner line last night. In reference to a Rep Weiner's wife, they of course referenced how hot she was. Mikey followed that with, "Someone once told me, No matter how hot she is, some guy somewhere is sick of her…". Big O of course laughed like it was the first time he heard that joke. Absolutely brutal. I guess it is good to see Mikey didn't go to his default "I banged her" response.

  4. Wow, talk about childish, and clueless. Felger takes a beating (deservedly so in most cases) on this site, and from most of us. Adams needs to get out more.

    1. Could not agree with you more Tony. Felger, justifiably, gets lambasted on this site but he does not take it personally which is actually pretty admirable. Felger has actually mentioned that he enjoys this site.

  5. The Mikey Adams I know is zany, fun-loving, wacky, madcap, bizzaro, and good natured. That's a very mean spirited tweet. I bet his account got hacked by the same cyber-criminal that hacked Congressman Wiener's.

    1. "The Mikey Adams I know is zany, fun-loving, wacky, madcap, bizzaro, and good natured."

      That's his radio personality. His real life personality is probably a lot closer to that Tweet.

      1. The best description of Mike Adams I ever heard came from a friend of mine who is a radio "insider". he described real life Mikey as "that drunk uncle at the wedding who is fun for 5 minutes but when you take a step back you realize he is immature, unreliable, thin skinned, selfish, mean and not someone you really want to associate with… but you kind of have to because he is your mother's brother."

        I have never met the guy but this seems pretty accurate based on what I have heard from others.

        1. I'll vouch for that LTD, having met Adams a couple of times. Your friend's description is pretty much right on the money.

        2. Not to claim I know the man, but I met Mikey Adams once back in the day at the Silhouette Lounge in Brighton. He was with the weather guy, Tim from NECN.. Both great guys to hang out with and we threw a game of darts, Mike and Tim vs. me and my buddy. Great Times. Radio-wise, I like Mikey on late-night sports talk when there's really nothing big going on (and when it does, Ryder supplies the information). Planet Mikey on EEI between 6 and 10 on non-game nights is great stuff and fun listening. Mikey Adams 6-10 pm is much more entertaining than the DA show in my opinion. Unfortunately, Mikey's current placement within the Big Show is awkward and uncomfortable – just not the right mix. I do really like Mike Holley on the radio, he needs a better match though. How about this for a fantasy sports radio show duo: Michael Smith and Michael Holley. Set it up. I’ll Listen.

  6. Mike Adams is one of the most annoying radio personalities I've ever heard and I refuse to listen to him regardless of the forum. He's a no talent hack who makes his living with foolish jokes and pot laden references. I was no fan of the Meat-Man but having this guy in to fill his spot seems like complete mis-management to me. I for one have not and will not listen to the Big Blow(hards) of EEI any longer.
    Than you Sports Hub for putting these arrogant jerks in their place. 20yrs is enough. Bye Bye!

    1. Holly's not that big of a guy. That's why he got into sport reporting rather than playing sports.

    2. Putting him on the night show was the big mistake. They are just trying to get a bigger bang for their buck by making him work 4 more hours a day.

  7. Based on some of Mikey’s other recent tweets, methinks EEI management will be shutting down his twitter account any minute now. You stay classy, Mr. Planet.

  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again, listening to Mike Adams and the Planet Mikey show is like listening to Dr. Demento.

  9. Remember the time when wacky Mike Adams barricaded himself in the studio and refused to come out until Jason Wolfe gave him the FT night gig? Milk still comes out of my nose every time I hear that story.

  10. Is it possible to work in sports radio and not know anything about sports? Mike Adams has done it.

    His rap sheet: talks about hating the Yankees, hates Manny, Peyton Manning is a booger eater, calls the interns hot, alludes to smoking weed, has never talked in depth about Basketball (outside of "Lebron is a ass" or "Kobe raped some chick, right?"), Hockey, or Football (which is amazing if you think about it).

    His act now is to chime in every 5 minutes or so with some wackity smackity comment about poop or tinkle. Ordway and Holley predicatibly overlaugh. Rinse, repeat.

    I wish I sucked at my job as badly as he does and be rewarded for it.

  11. Mike Adams is a clown – an immature, bumbling idiot that nobody takes seriously when it comes to his acumen of sports. He is caught in a time-warp from the 80's too. 'Nuff said. Bruce needs to include him in the Like – Don't Like test. Any bets on what the majority would be?

    1. Actually, given the Felger vote, I would bet the majority would vote Approve.

      That said, Mikey's schtick got old for me awhile back. He's still more fun than Ted Sarandis, though…

  12. Could somebody at 98.5 tell Tony Massarotti that the name of the first baseman for the Boston Red Sox is Adrian Gonzalez and not Alex Gonzalez. Maz called him Alex for the entire one hour of The Baseball Writers Show.

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