A Norwood native, Mike Giardi joined NECN in 2000 as a sports reporter and host of the weekend edition of Sports LateNight. When NECN was absorbed into Comcast SportsNet, Giardi came along, and has been very visible as an anchor/reporter, especially during the Bruins playoff run.

Giardi is very active on Twitter, (@MikeGiardi) particularly during Bruins and Patriots games. Giardi holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Boston University.

He began his broadcast career at WIVT-TV in Binghamton, New York.


23 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Mike Giardi

  1. Knowledgeable, passionate, well-spoken & professional. Doesn't make himself part of the story. Whole-heartedly approve.

  2. A consummate professional with a genuine passion for sports. Was glad to see Mike finally move off of NECN where his talents were buried on a news channel that few watched for sports. If he wasn’t so busy with his TV duties he’d make a terrific sports radio host.

    The real deal on the air and off – wholeheartedly approve!

  3. I like him…but seriously…he screams for the apathetic button Bruce won't give me. He really has not added anything to sports conversation in Boston yet. 10 years from now if he continues to go as he is going perhaps he will become part of the landscape. At this point…I doubt you could find 100 people who do not read this website regularly who are at the next Bruins game who would know who he was or recognize his picture. Not a knock on his talent…only on his impact on the Boston sports scene so far.

    1. Late, by not voting you are choosing apathy. The fewer votes a person gets would seem to lead to either people not knowing a lot about the personality or not caring about them.

      1. Except I am actively apathetic…I want to vote that I don't care…as opposed to not voting…this way there will be an actual count of those having no opinion. Besides its fun asking Lord Bruce for things sometimes he says yes…not this time…but he can be quite magnanimous.

        1. Again, doesn't care but feels the need to tell us that he doesn't care. At least you consistently don't care. I "Approve" that latetodinner find another media site where he is not so apathetic for every host. If you hate the Boston Media Scene, please leave and don't feel like you need to comment. We really can live without the Apathy, as shocked as you may be.

          1. I care about the Boston Media Scene. I can't believe that every media person in the market gives you a positive or negative vibe. The fact is and what I am trying to point out to Bruce and others is that a lot of the media people in the market are just JAGs (just another guy in Parcells' speak). Filler, background noise nondescript, interchangeable…pick a word. Its not that I approve or disapprove of someone its that I don't give them enough thought because they have no influence (or in some cases no personality) on the Boston Sports Media Scene. I think that if there was an "apathy" or more politically correct "no opinion" button, you would be surprised at how many people do not have an opinion on a certain person.

          2. I understand where you're coming from, LTD. If you're not either loud, ubiquitous or polarizing, it's easy to become a 'JAG' in the oversaturated Boston sports media market. In a way it's too bad, because there are some folks that are good at what they do but don't bring attention to themselves and unfortunately get lost in the shuffle.

  4. Giardi's take down of Felger after Game seven of the Eastern Conference finals gets a definate approve. He has also nicely sparred with Haggarty. Haggarty was ripping the coaching staff for the lack of Bruins powerplay. Giardi stepped in and said the players need take some of the blame. He noted the lack of want in the corners and the ridiculous Tomas Kaberle refusing to shoot. Approved

    Bruce, one thing I have to disapprove of is the Friendly's pop-up ad that keeps coming up and blocks the home link. If you go over it an annoying loud ad starts up.

  5. I really don't have strong feelings one way or another on Girardi so I guess I approve. I'm really only seconding the disapproval of the Friendly's ad. I've sworn off Supermelts based on my annoyance with this ad. Disapprove ad – approve Girardi.

  6. I don't have a problem with Giardi although some of the questions he asks when interviewing players are pretty lame but for the most part he's pretty good at his job.

  7. If you haven't heard of him, you're not watching the only station that does sports right. Giardi made a formidable duo with Curran during Pats season and really understands the game, and now he's doing the same thing with the Bruins and Haggerty. I mean, they're whooping NESN's ass and it's not even their team. Just listen to him do highlights. Not another one like him in the market. 2 thumbs up.

  8. Approve…even though once in a while he comes up with some seriously bizarre statements (like during the recent draft when he asked if the Patriots cared about winning this season).

    1. That's dumb. Haggerty is a fan boy. Giardi's the one that keeps him honest. Ditto for closet fan boy Felger.

  9. There's is not a better sportscaster in the city. Knows the Patriots and Bruins like no one else, yet can do the Red Sox and the Celtics like he's there every day. Find his interview with Theo Epstein this spring, or Jacoby Ellsbury. Plus, that takedown of Felger was pretty awesome especially when Felger really is a fanboy.

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