As the Bruins get ready for tonight’s game four at the Garden, the Red Sox are in New York for a series with the Yankees. Last night, Boston beat the New York 6-4, with Jacoby Ellsbury and David Ortiz hitting home runs, and Jon Lester picking up his 8th win of the season. Get all the coverage at  

Red Sox OK from start – Scott Lauber says that Lester wasn’t great, but he wasn’t Freddy Garcia, either.

Sox Making It Uncomfortable For Yanks – Jeff Jacobs has the Red Sox putting the heat on the Yankees.

David Ortiz’ quest to make the designated hitter cool again – Rob Bradford raises the possibility of the Yankees making a run at Ortiz following the season.

Jonathan Papelbon bags 200th save quicker than Mariano Rivera – Michael Silverman has the Sox closer reaching a milestone in front of his idol. With Papelbon also receiving a three-game suspension from the league yesterday, Gordon Edes looks at an eventful day for the Red Sox closer.

Injury doesn’t worry Jenks – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the Sox reliever not too concerned after having to leave the game last night with a back spasm. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has Joe Girardi seething after Ortiz flipped his bat after hitting a home run last night. The notes from Sean McAdam has more on Papelbon and Ortiz. The Red Sox Journal has Marco Scutaro getting right back into the lineup off the DL.

How Bruins will replace Horton – Joe Haggerty looks at what the Bruins will do to try and replace Nathan Horton on their top line. Mick Colageo says that Horton was one player the Bruins could not afford to lose. James Murphy says that the Bruins will rely on their depth at forward.

Bruins must keep playing with fire – Stephen Harris says that the Bruins must keep their emotions high tonight. Joe McDonald concurs. Steve Conroy also says that the Bruins must repeat their effort of game three.

Teammates defend Rome – Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the Canucks lining up to defend the hit on Horton. Shira Springer looks at the NHL conundrum, where big hits are celebrated, yet punished.

Debunking Horton hit conspiracy theories – I have no idea what Haggerty is trying to say in this notebook. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa looks at the Bruins success in killing penalties. The Bruins Notebook from Conroy has more on the Bruins decision tonight. The Bruins Journal looks at the what hot temperature might do to the ice tonight.

Twenty-five years ago, the Celtics capped off incredible season – Jim Fenton remembers the great Celtics squad of 1985-86 and also has a piece on how Bill Walton’s career was revived that year.

Ageless Ray Allen not done – Steve Bulpett with a look at the Celtics guard exercising his option to return to the Celtics next season.

Donte Stallworth Makes More Sense for Patriots Than Plaxico Burress and 19 Other NFL Thoughts – Jeff Howe with his weekly take on the NFL.

NFL lockout hits practice squadders hard – Tom E Curran with a piece on how the lockout is impacting practice squad veterans like Darnell Jenkins.


10 thoughts on “Sox Take Down Yankees In Bronx

  1. Anyone know why D&C and others are interviewing a Vancouver blogger and some fans who are ripping of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

    And since when do they call Nathan Horton, "Horty"? They haven't all year and now that he's hurt, he's "Horty"?


  2. Horribly blatant homerism here, but I think that '86 Celtics team was, for one season, the best the NBA has ever seen. They were an absolute wrecking machine. The only bittersweet part of that season was not getting a chance to crush the Lakers in the Finals (LA lost to Houston in the West Finals, but the C's had creamed them twice during the regular season, once in LA without an injured Kevin McHale). Of course, on June 19, just 11 days after the title was won, the beginning of the end occurred when Len Bias partied himself to death. But man, it was GREAT to be a Celtics fan for most of that month of June 1986.


    1. Totally agree Tony, beating LA is what made both the '84 and '08 championships so much more satisfying. The way I felt the moment after the C's drafted Bias was similar to how I felt just before SB XLII – as a fan, I didn't just want the victories and championships but also the history and dynasties that lied ahead, or so I thought.


      1. Jason, I'll always believe that the Lakers sort of knew they had no shot to beat the C's that year, and as a result didn't bust their butts as hard as they normally would against the Rockets in the West Finals. Of course, Sampson and Akeen simply dominated LA inside in that series, too, and the Lakers looked like "yesterday's" team when the series ended. That Sampson never played another fully healthy season in the NBA after 1986 denied us the chance to see if Houston could have continued to dominate the West, or if LA would have been able to overcome them in the years that followed. That's an underreported fact about LA's back-to-back titles that followed the C's title in 1986: the '86 Rockets were never able to put the same team on the court again and therefore never challenged the Lakers again during that decade.


  3. The radio is polluted today with people wanting to literally maimed and kill Canuck players. And hockey fans wonder why they're sport is considered 4th string.


    1. we get it "Classless" you don't like hockey. What do you want? a medal for it or something? jeeze, talk about beating a dead horse. Go watch the Red Sox, enjoy yourself.


      1. Can we both get medals? I want one that's not too flashy but says to the world "Look! He's wearing a medal"


  4. It was Felger who intimated that Thornton's running of Burrows in Thornton's first shift that led to Rome hitting Horton. That was what Haggerty was referring to in his column.
    Just Felger's way of taking a shot at Julian even though Felger grudingly gave credit to Julian for playing Thornton.


    1. Gary, Felger actually got his information from Don Cherry's, Coaches Corner on the CBC. I watched the segment a couple of nights ago and put it on a post yesterday. Felger also mentioned it on his show as well. It wasn't just the running of Burrows by Thornton, it was also Thornton chirping at Rome at the Vancouver bench just before Rome's shift which he took out Horton.


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