The Bruins played valiantly last night, battling the favored Vancouver Canucks to a scoreless tie until just 18 seconds remained in the third period. Boston was still in the game largely due to the play of Tim Thomas, who was once again magnificent in goal for the Bruins, but really had no chance on the winning goal, and the Canucks took game one of the Stanley Cup Finals 1-0 last night. The Bruins had their chances, especially with a 5 on 3 opportunity in the second, but could not convert.

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Unbearable – Fluto Shinzawa has the appropriate headline for last night’s loss. Steve Conroy looks at the devastating last second loss.

B’s prove they’ve got the right plan – Joe Haggerty says that despite the loss, the Bruins still achieved much of what they set out to do last night. Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins can take some solace in how they played. Ron Borges has Thomas and the Bruins remaining positive. Former Bruin Bob Sweeney says that the Bruins showed that they belong in this series. Mick Colageo says that the Bruins need to look at the positives in this one.

Five things we learned: Bruins can lose 5-on-5, Burrows pulls a Ference – DJ Bean runs down the major storylines from last night.

Goalies steal the show – Joe McDonald looks at a tremendous night for both goaltenders. Cam Tucker has Thomas trying to describe what happened on the winning goal. Stephen Harris has Roberto Luongo taking the first round of the goaltending duel.

Rick Bowness glad to see former team – Stephen Harris has the former Bruins head coach, now the associate coach of the Canucks happy for the success of his former team.

Boychuk’s mistake costs Bruins – Haggerty’s notes have the defenseman well aware of his mistake on the winning goal. The Herald notebook from Steve Conroy has the power play once again unable to score. On the flip side, the Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins penalty killing unit perfect on the night.

NBC, Versus will cash in on Bruins in Stanley Cup Finals – Bill Doyle’s media column has the networks benefiting from the Bruins presence in the finals.

Feeling Bruins Fans’ Pain: A Bostonian’s Guide to Proper Fan Righteousness – Fenway Pastoral has some tips for dealing with the bandwagoners.

Red Sox Game 56 (CWS 7, @Sox 4) Reloaded – Jon Couture runs down the stories on another Red Sox loss, which resulted in a three-game sweep at the hands of the White Sox.

Running on empty — getting nowhere – Gordon Edes reviews the homestand and looks at the Red Sox getting a badly needed day off today. Mike Fine has the Red Sox feeling that the off day will be a big help.

Sox head into Monday’s draft with 4 of first 40 picks – Tim Britton looks at the Red Sox draft situation. Scott Lauber notes that after this year the Red Sox may not be able to gather additional picks as has been their custom.

Beyond Daisuke: What options do Sox have if he’s unavailable in 2011? – With Daisuke Matsuzaka reportedly looking at Tommy John surgery, Alex Speier examines the Red Sox options to fill his place in the rotation.

Tom Brady gathers troops – Ian Rapoport has more than 40 Patriots gathering at Boston College to work out with the NFL MVP. Shalise Manza Young also reports.

Shaq announces retirement – Julian Benbow has the big fella calling it a career via Twitter after an injury-plagued season with the Celtics.

11 thoughts on “Bruins Drop A Heartbreaker In Game One

  1. I'm a little confused as to why Bruins fans are so apologetic about their team after they lose. It seems every game it's simply "well, if this shot goes in or that save is made or that turnover doesn't happen, we win easily." Can't that be applied to every sport? And why doesn't happen with the Celtcs or Red Sox? Seems like a defensive stance to take with a team.


    1. Well, they're are a lot of new people on the bandwagon. They want to be reassuring and not scare them off.


      1. Don't fret boys, won't be long before your Red Sox have center stage again. 24/7 talk about the Battin' Awwduh' and what a dog JD Drew is, comin' soon!


  2. Lets see. Game 1 started at about 8:00 PM, around 11:00 PM somebody scored a goal. In the meantime there was 3 hours of failure. Somebody please tell me why this isn't soccer on skates. NASCAR is more interesting.


  3. A few thoughts:

    1) A good article by Chad Finn, who wrote about Channel 5 not sending a crew to Vancouver for the Stanley Cup Finals. Mike Lynch is not very pleased about it. I know the costs are high but I am surprised that a local news network would not send a crew to cover a local team in the finals. The big item in the article though was the smallest. Jeff Brown has been brought in to "assist" Julie Kahn as VP and marketing manager. I think the April books that had WEEI getting smoked by WBZ sent some red flags to upper management at Entercom. If the quarter numbers match the April numbers, there might be serious changes at WEEI.

    2) Bruce, I am so glad you picked up on Felger and Tanguay's ridiculous conversation on Brady yesterday. I could only shake my head. It is as though the Patriots went 6-10 last season. As Bruce mentioned, Felger's problem is agenda driven. He has been closed out by the Patriots organization, so he takes every chance to bash the organization, both players and management. Tanguay, more disturbingly, is just plain ignorant. He seems to open his mouth without ever thinking. A while ago, I said there is no one stealing more money than Gary Tanguay. It looks like that still remains true. I highly recommend reading Bruce's article in SBNation. It tells you everything that is wrong with the sports media.

    3) What the hell happened to Greg Dickerson's face? He looks like he got in a brawl with a poison ivy plant and the plant won by technical knockout.


  4. Tanguay tonight now is crying about how the Patriots would not let the media see their practice. In the same breath, he is saying that Brady is having the team practice for show only. If that were true, then wouldn't the media be allowed to see the practice? He then said the only reason why Brady is having the practice is because of his "Best Buddies Touch Football Game". Yeah, Brady was in town so he thought it would be a good time for the team to get together. What is the problem Gary? Tanguay is like a lot of the BSM. They look foolish when they are wrong, so they downplay what actually is happening. We saw this with Tomase. First Massarotti decides to go after the fans for ridiculing one of his colleagues for being monumentally wrong on a story. Felger joins in with his ridiculous, "the Patriots had people spying on the Rams practice but not actually filming." Really? How did you know that Mike?


  5. Felger and D.A. are acting like complete tools talking about Shaquille O'Neal. Both were mocking O'Neal's retirement press conference. Felger and D.A. with the same old he did not try to get healthy. Felger's own colleague Nick Cattles ripped him to shreds on Saturday. Cattles talked about Steve Bulpett's article in the Herald. O'Neal took five cortisone shots and took so many anti-inflammatories that he was defecating blood. But Felger, who always talks about admitting when he's wrong, did exactly the opposite and said the same tired thing, he did not try to get healthy. D.A. is yelling, "Shaq went to Florida. How does that make him a good teammate?" Of course, he says this without any knowledge on whether the team said it was ok. Neither one can grasp that a guy who is 7'1", 340 lbs. and 39 years old will have issues with their body breaking down and the recovery time. They also do not get that O'Neal played very well early in the season but played too much. Remember Perkins, Erden, and J. O'Neal all had injury problems and missed a lot of games. This forced O'Neal to play many more minutes than planned.

    One more thing when it comes to D.A., I used to be his biggest honk but it seems like he is starting to become Felger Junior. He makes crazy statements without any backing of what he is saying. D.A. used to be one of the more well thought people on sports radio. Unfortunately, I think he has taken a turn for the worst because he was getting beat by Adams on a regular basis. I know the Bruins have helped 98.5 a lot but I get the feeling Cha-Chi Loprete has asked D.A. to be like Mike, Felger that is. He wants him to have stupid conspiracy theories without anything to back it up. It's a shame


  6. Always good stuff, mandb – a read of all your posts suggests you follow the Boston sports media about as much as I do. With regards to D.A., I actually thought he more than held his own vs. Felger when the two were debating the Bruins and Felger was trying to bait him by asking what Claude Julien's ideal winning score was. I can see what you're saying about some of D.A.'s antics on his own show, but it's hard to totally blame him when he's driving in to work listening to Felger rant every afternoon. I still tend to think D.A. does more right than wrong, and if you think about it he's the first true out-of-towner to break into Boston sports talk and find success (Felger was in Boston for several years prior to his sportsradio debut).


    1. Thanks Jason, D.A. did do a good job defending himself with regards to the Bruins. But it seems like he is starting to sound much more like Felger than I want. What made D.A. so good when he first arrived was he was his own man. He seems to be starting to morph into every other blowhard in the BSM. He needs to be himself and not Felger Jr.


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