Understandably, most people are focused on something other than sports today. Normally this would be a huge sports talk day, with the Celtics and Bruins playoff games this weekend, the Patriots draft, and Carl Crawford giving the Red Sox a walk-off win yesterday at Fenway. But none of that is too important today. Therefore, I’ll keep things brief.

I don’t know if it was rust from a week’s layoff, or if the Celtics just didn’t come ready to play yesterday. They made a couple runs during the course of the game, but never seriously challenged the Miami Heat in losing game one 99-90 down in South Florida. Get the complete coverage at CelticsLinks.com.

After Game 1 loss, Celtics face toughest test – Paul Flannery says we’ll find out what this Celtics team is really made of this week.

Paul Pierce should know better – Jackie MacMullan chides Paul Pierce for losing his cool and getting ejected from yesterday’s game. Can you imagine how hard she’d be on him if he did something like get in a bar fight during the playoffs and injure himself to the point that his shooting would be messed up for the remainder of the playoffs? Oh right.

Red Sox Game 27 (@Sox 3, Sea 2) Reloaded – I’m pleased that Jon Couture has been able to continue this feature on his blog, which is simply the most complete game wrap-up you’re going to find online anywhere.

Crawford hit signals a fresh start – Sean McAdam has Carl Crawford hoping that a new month means a fresh start.

Lucic ready to break through vs. Flyers – Joe Haggerty has the big forward hoping he’s close to breaking his scoreless playoffs thus far.

Boxed in by power play – Kevin Paul Dupont says that there is simply no attack in the Bruins power play.

Expect Philly to fight back – Stephen Harris has the Bruins expecting to have their hands full tonight.

The Patriots draft has received decidedly mixed reviews.

Love Pats’ picks, just wanted more of them – At least one local reporter loves the Patriots picks. Hector Longo just wishes there were more of them.

Don’t expect much shuffle – Greg A Bedard says that the AFC East will once again come down to the Patriots and Jets.

Analyzing 2011 Patriots roster – Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots depth charts following the draft.


15 thoughts on “Celtics Meltdown In Miami Heat

  1. you know why atrocious NBA officiating is still around in the NBA? Because National writers like MacMullen still make excuses for it. Did Pierce set himself up for a possible ejection? Yes. But the actual ejection itself was corrupt and frankly a look-at-me moment by Ed Malloy. He directly affected a playoff game with his discretion based on BAD LANGUAGE between 2 heated rivals.

    Why is this acceptable?


  2. Is it me or are the National and to some extent Local guys afraid of analyzing the Patriots draft. Here is a team that was last in 3rd down defense last year and if I am not mistaken last in QB pressures. The team goes out and revamps the running game in this draft while moving two picks into next years draft. I am not saying the Pats had a good or bad draft…three years will tell us the answer to that. I just find it utterly amazing how the national guys from Charlie Casserly to Peter King and all in between with a days time to evaluate and then announce their love for what the Patriots did. I am sure some guys will be contrarians and "hate it" but for the most part its a love fest. My simple question is "Is it real love or fear"?


    1. Mel Kiper repeated that they passed on Clay Matthews 513 times. For some reason, he neglected to mention that the Pats also passed on Sergio Kindle or one of the other 100 pass rusher busts Kiper thought they should have picked in previous drafts.


    2. I don't think it's you — I think they are, to an extent, afraid to analyze the draft. But I think it's that way for every team and every city, because all serious football writers (and fans) know that the draft is 40% preparation and 60% luck at best. Guys who have all the athletic talent in the world and who no reasonable person think could possibly fail, fail. Sometimes it's injury, sometimes it's that they don't fit the system, sometimes it's that they've never been challenged by equivalent athletes in their lives, and don't respond well, sometimes it's something you'd never reasonably predict (like an enlarged heart or a newly-developed cocaine habit or family troubles). And, on the flipside, "inexplicable" reaches or low-round nobodies turn out to be Pro Bowlers.

      It's too much of a crapshoot to go out on a limb and say "yes, this team drafted well" — because their A-1 defensive end who's going to terrorize the NFL for years to come could have his knee explode on the second day of training camp. And nothing remains buried anymore. Five years later, when there's one marginal special teamer from that draft still on the roster, you (the person who said "yeah, great draft") look like a fool, because anyone can easily pull up your old article on the interwebs. At least in the old days, someone had to really have a bug up their ass to go to the library and research back issues of your paper on microfilm if they wanted to call you out on your lousy work.

      So they just don't do it anymore.


  3. Bruce are you going to do a piece on the constant, and IMO mostly unwarranted, "discussion" of Jack Edwards' announcing? From Bradford's Saturday morning EEI interview to being talked about endlessly today on the Big Show, this is a non-story that some apparently jealous broadcasters in this market are trying to turn into something.

    IMO Edwards IS over the top at times — but at least he's often amusing when he does it. And not only that, but when he wants to call a straight game (and work on a national level as he and Brick have done in the past on Versus), he is certainly a capable enough hockey announcer to do that.

    Personally I enjoy it when he goes a little daffy — but I find it hilarious to hear these inept guys like whoever broadcasts with Bradford on Saturday (can't even give you his name) throw Edwards under the bus….I mean, are FANS really crying foul or is it just the "me too" other broadcasters in this town who want to make a name for themselves by trashing Edwards' play by play style?


  4. Just found out it was Kirk Minihane who told Jack Edwards that if he were running NESN that he would fire him. Edwards' reply, that it was unlikely that Minihane would ever get into that position, was actually pretty classic.

    I don't know about you but hearing "media on media" crime from know-nothings like EEI's "secondary personalities" is pretty tough to take in this market.


  5. I agree with ya, Doc. I once liked Minihane when he occasionally co-hosted some of Mutnansky's old weekend shows. But now that he's on the air every Saturday morning (plus some nights he guests on Adams' show) he is being exposed for being another loudmouth who blathers before he thinks. Although I'm not exactly crazy about Edwards' forced shtick (Grande has the same problem sometimes on the C's broadcasts with his pre-scripted material), I would never browbeat the guy on the air for nearly twenty minutes. Just goes to show you how desperate EEI must be to try and retain their audience. Minihane's potentially rising stock has fallen tremendously in my book, and I'll surprised if he isn't given an on-air sabbatical.


  6. Minihane et al. continue to gripe about how Edwards is making himself the story and not the Bruins. No you idiots, YOU are making him the story by continuing to beat this dead horse of a complete non-issue. Are WEEI listeners lighting up the phone lines to talk about this? Is any other sports outlet in town pounding this "controversy" into the gound? No.

    Minihane, Bradford and others at the station are unable to hold an intelligent conversation about hockey and thus resort to bashing media colleagues to generate a buzz for their god-awful Sports Saturday show. This is nothing new from Minihane as he's gone after other national media figures (particularly at ESPN) in his column before. Apparently someone's a little jealous that they're stuck as WEEI's "fantasy expert". Either that or he's just too lazy to do any kind of thoughtful analysis. Guess what, if I was Kirk's boss, I'd fire HIS ass. Unfortunately that's unlikely to happen as Bradford, his old buddy from the Lowell Sun, was probably the one who hooked him up with the job.

    As an aside, that empty suit Perrault (who's also on EEI's Saturday show) has got to be the worst sports radio host I've ever heard. He's an even more grating version of Mutnansky — talks like he's earned total respect within the Boston sports media scene although 90% of listeners couldn't pick him out of a lineup.

    Okay, rant over.


    1. Well said….could not agree more.

      That interview is one of the saddest things I've ever heard on EEI (and that says something).


    2. I'd say it's more like 99% couldn't pick him out of a lineup. I certainly hope WEEI is saving a lot of maney by hiring these nobodies from nowhwere…………Muttnansky, Minihane, and Perrault. I agree that Perrault is the worst of the three. I disliked him almost instantly and it turned to hatred the longer I listened. I think they should scrap the Saturday show and start all over again. How about Buckley and Bradford talking baseball? Or, (shudder) just put the Catfish and the Commie back on.

      By the way these yo-yos are posting on SoSH trying to make nice with a hot bed of WEEI haters. It's amusing. Too bad Bradford has gotten sucked into this.


        1. WOW! I googled him as you suggested. The guy is despised wherever he goes. Little Wolfie must think that if an a**hole like Felger can make it, he’s going to search the country for A**holes. This guy makes Felger sound like a good guy.

          I think WEEI better cut their losses on this one. I seriously doubt that a weekend guy has any kind of contract. Let him go the way of Jermaine and Everett.


    1. They've got to do something with Dale, right? How many more years do they have to pay him on his contract? Yet, they outright fired Sheppard and paid him off.

      Yesterday, Felger and Mazz interspersed Bruins/Celtics/Sox talk with bin Laden talk. Ordway re-ran the Jack Edwards interview. Go Glen Go!

      Harvard Business School should write a case study about WEEI and how a powerhouse radio station was run into the ground in a very short amount of time.


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